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Hide N Seek - rajbr1981 - 15-07-2014 03:03 AM

Hide N Seek Ch. 01

"Vicky," she called out, leaning against the balustrade.

"Yes, ma?" he shouted from his room.

"Come down here a minute, will you?"

She waited till she heard his door open and looked up the staircase when he emerged.

"What is it, ma? You know that Rick and me are busy with the books. We got our exams next week, damn it."

"Don't swear," she admonished. "I wouldn't want to interrupt you. Your dad called from the office and he wants you to help him with his PC. Apparently, it's gone down."

"Oh god, ma! Can't he have someone do it for him?"

"You are the geek, sonny. We all know how quickly you fix up these things. He said it wouldn't take an hour if you help him out. Says it would take at least three hours for somebody else to visit, leave alone fix it up."

"Aw, ma, okay, okay," the youngster, replied, swelling up with pride. "But what about Rick?"

"Tell him to continue with his studies. Ask him if he wants me to fix up some coffee for him."

"Gee, thanks, ma."

Vicky disappeared and she walked back to the chair to continue watching the TV.

A minute later, and Vicky was rushing out of the door. "Rick says thanks, but he doesn't want any coffee. See ya, ma. I'm taking your car."

She knew she wouldn't be able to say no.

Besides, she was in as much a hurry to see him go as he was.

* * * * * *

RE: Hide N Seek - rajbr1981 - 15-07-2014 03:04 AM

Dan pushed back the chair and stared at the monitor. He had already instructed Eva to send Vicky down to the office, so when his son barged into the office, he merely grunted.

"Hi dad! Ma tells me you are having a problem with the PC."

"Yeah. The thing just blinked off. Take a look will you?"

While he was busy unscrewing the panel of the CPU, Dan asked, "What were you doing anyway?"

"Cramming for the exams."

"Oops. Sorry if I disturbed you."

"That's okay, Dad."

"Rick's with you?"

"Yeah. He has a day off today."

"That I know. He works for the same store that your mom does and she told me that the store's closed for the week. They are having their yearly audit."

"Yeah. Poor Rick. He's got to work to pay for his college. His dad was a creep. Rick tells me that his Dad used to drink his breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's when I feel I'm so lucky."

"Thank your ma for helping Rick get a job at the store," Dan replied.

"You two are great, dad. Aw, this chip here is missing, dad."

"So what do we do?"

"Got to get a new one and these are available only at the supermarket down town. Now, where could it have possibly gone?"

"Forget it. Getting it from the market would take you no more than an hour or two."

"Yeah. Why don't you tell your maintenance guy to get the chip? He could buy it and just slip it in here," the boy said, indicating the circuit board.

"That guy's on leave, sonny. Tell you what. I'll ask Rena to accompany you to the market, ok? She will give the check. Besides, she's got to get some other stuff for the office. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, dad. Anything for you."

"Thanks, sonny. Get that pizza you like while you are there. That's on me, ok?'

"Gee, thanks."

When Vicky disappeared from the cabin, Dan punched a button on the intercom.

"Yes sir?"

"Get my car ready."

"You need the driver, sir?"

"No. I think I will drive myself."

"Yes sir."

He pulled out the chip from his pocket and casually slipped it into the drawer of his desk.

* * * * * *

RE: Hide N Seek - rajbr1981 - 15-07-2014 03:04 AM

As soon as he heard Vicky drive away, Rick slammed the book shut and rose from the chair. Without wasting any time, he burst out of the room, and taking two steps at a time, rushed down the stairs.

As he had expected, Eve was sitting on the chair, the top of her gown pulled down and the bottom pushed up her legs. Her knees were spread wide apart, and with one hand fondling one of her own huge and naked tits, she had her other hand between her legs. His eyes lit up when he noticed that she was playing with her cunt. She had a sultry smile on her lips.

"Oh wow, Mrs. Wilson! What a break! What a surprise!" He stood a couple of feet away from her and unzipped his jeans.

"Isn't it, Rick? I was so horny that I had to peep through the door and watch you. Do you have a hard on when you are studying?"

He laughed, pulling his cock out of his jeans. "That's because I was constantly thinking of you moving around the house in that gown. Like when I rang the bell and Vicky opened the door, I couldn't control myself. That gown you are wearing is so flimsy, your nipples and that mound between your legs were plain visible. I've been sitting there for the past hour or so with this hard on and praying that I could somehow find a way to get you alone."

Her gown, bunched around her waist, she slowly put a finger inside her pussy, a lewd smile creasing her face.

"If Dan hadn't called, I was thinking of sending Vicky out on an errand so that we could have a quickie. I've been feeling horny for the last hour too. Come here, baby, and make ma happy!"

He took two steps and then knelt on the floor between her legs. She shivered when she felt his hot and sweaty hands grab the top of her hips. As he lowered his head, she slid her body towards him.

"Aahhhh," she moaned when she felt his mouth on her wet cunt. She slipped her finger out of her pussy and grabbed the back of his head, pulling his head deeper between her legs.

He grunted, letting his tongue glide up and down her slit. His hands groped up her body and she let her own hand fall away so that he could hold her large tits in his hands.

"Ugghhh, oh my god, oh yes, Ricky, lick my cunt, oh yes, play with my tits, oh god yes, yes, ah, your tongue feels so good and hot."

Her hips lifted off the chair and she gripped the back of his head with both her hands. As he began to now lick her aroused clit, she raised her thighs and wrapped them around his neck.

He had always thought that she had a wonderful cunt. The tiny patch of her downy brown pubic triangle was in sharp contrast to the pale un-tanned flesh of her inner thighs. The fragrance of her secretions drove him wilder and he lowered his other hand from her tit and used his fingers to part her slick folds exposing the pink wetness of her cunt.

As he sucked on her stiff clit, he realized that it was as big as the end of his pinky finger, almost as if it was a miniature cock.

No wonder this woman was always horny, he thought.

"Finger fuck me as you lick my pussy, Ricky," she instructed.

Her body reacted sharply when he swiftly shoved two fingers inside her cunt.

"Oh my god, yessss! Ah, yes, fuck it, fuck it harder, baby, oh yes, suck on my clit, honey, oh shit, oh god, oh yes...I'm cumming already, baby, I am cumming," she screeched, her body arching up.

He increased the pace of his fingers sawing in and out of her cunt and sucked hard on her engorged clit. He squeezed her tit hard, as though he wanted to wrench it off her body.

He continued to suck her clit and finger fuck her wet hole as he felt her spasms. As she raised her body up and off the chair, he slipped his hand from her tit and let it glide down her body till he was cupping her ass and pressing her closer against his mouth.

"Oh god, oh dear god," she gasped, breathing raggedly. Her amazingly large and soft tits heaved as she breathed through her open mouth.

He pulled out his fingers and slipped the tip of his tongue inside her cunt: that was the way she liked it.

Slowly, she fell back on the chair, her legs still spread wide apart, allowing his tongue to lick and lap her juices off.

"Oh my god, Ricky! That was heavenly! I needed that, oh god, you really are something, stud!"

She pushed his head away from her pussy and looked down into his eyes. Her eyes drifted down his front and noticed his erect cock poking out of his jeans, dangling out, the tip touching the cold floor tiles.

She cupped his chin and pulled his head up. Then, leaning down, she whispered hoarsely,

"Open your mouth, baby. Ma wants to taste herself on you."

He opened his mouth and shuddered when he felt the woman's lips settle against his. He felt her tongue shove inside, licking his teeth and the roof of his mouth. He grasped her tits and began to knead them as they kissed passionately.

Her hand wandered down over his hips and he groaned when her fist wrapped around his hard cock. She pulled her mouth away from his, licking her lips and her eyes, as big as saucers, stared at his cock.

Slowly, she brought her other down. She gripped his cock with both hands now.

"Oh god, I want this thing to split me wide open!" she breathed.

She pumped his dick slowly. Up and down, up and down, staring at it as if hypnotized.

"Oh god, yes," he said, "I'm too close to shooting right now. Make me come and we will fuck after that, please!"

He leaned back, his palms on the floor behind him as she unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them off. He was not wearing any underwear and his cock sprang out.

RE: Hide N Seek - rajbr1981 - 15-07-2014 03:04 AM

She slid down from the chair, crouching in front of him. He pushed himself away from the chair to allow her more room. She rested her ass on her heels and leaned down.

She milked a drop of his pre-cum out of the slit of his cock and moving her head close, stuck her tongue out. He shuddered when the tip of her tongue touched the drop and retreated to her mouth, followed by the shiny wet string.

"Hmmm, so sweet, as always," she cooed, flicking her tongue over her lips again and looking up at him. His body was tensed up and his eyes seemed to be hooded as he watched the woman drop one hand down to caress his swollen balls and continue to masturbate his cock.

"Please, Mrs. Wilson, suck my cock," he pleaded, thrusting his hips up towards her face.

She smiled. "How many times have I told you that I am Eve when we are alone and like this, not Mrs. Wilson," she admonished him.

"Oh please, Eve, suck my cock! I want to shoot my come; I'm on the edge, oh god, I want to feel your lips wrap around my cock, please."

"Why don't I just jerk you off?" she asked mischievously.

"Because I want to feel your hot mouth around my dick, Eve."

"And where do you want to spill out your come?" she pulled on his cock, gently squeezing his balls. Her lips were a mere inch away from his throbbing cock and when he arched his hips up, the tip brushed her chin.

"Wherever you want me to, Eve, oh my god, please hurry, please take me in your mouth."

She bent down suddenly then, opening her mouth wide. She placed the cock head inside her mouth and closed her lips over the shaft. He bucked, groaning and thrusting up at her.

She began to suck him now, taking more of his length inside her mouth. Her hands clutched his ass cheeks and urged him to pump his hips back and forth.

He did that eagerly, now, almost sitting up on the floor. He grabbed her tits and palmed them roughly.

"Oh god, yes, yes, suck me, suck me," he chanted.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Not like that stud. Remember what I told you? Treat me like a bitch. Talk to me."

"Lick my cock, you little whore," he rasped, pinching her nipples.

She immediately began to lick up and down the length of his shaft, lapping at the pre-cum oozing out of his cock slit.

"Play with my balls, you bitch."

She toyed with his balls, knowing all too well just how to squeeze them without bringing any pain.

"Pump my cock with your hands now," he instructed her.

She began to pump his cock while she continued to lick his flesh.

"Oh god, yes, yes, you big slut. Now take my cock inside your fucking mouth!" he rasped out.

RE: Hide N Seek - rajbr1981 - 15-07-2014 03:04 AM

She finally opened her mouth. She let his cock slip between her lips and into her wide-open mouth. He grunted as a tingle ran up his body. He felt like he was getting his first blowjob; she always made him feel like that when she sucked his cock.

She allowed her tongue to tentatively explore his shaft and then, slowly, her head was bobbing up and down.

His head was spinning now and his senses reeling. Holding her bobbing head in position and without interrupting her blowjob, he rose till he was kneeling on the floor.

"Suck on my cock, ma, suck, suck it harder," he grunted, beginning to move his hips to and fro.

She was a pro. Every time his hips rammed forward, she moved her face towards it, as if begging for more of his cock. When he drew back, she too did the same.

He could clearly hear the slurping sounds she was making as she worked on him. He looked down at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her lips locked around the width. He felt the familiar spasm escaping from deep within his body and knew that he was going to come.

"Oh my god, Eve, oh my god, you bitch, I am going to shoot, oh shit, I am going to blast now," he cried out.

He felt the cum race up his swollen cock and jerked his cock out of her mouth. He saw the first burst explode from the tip. Her face was close to his cock, too close and so he pushed his hips further back.

The burst hit her on her forehead and squealing with delight she pumped his cock harder to watch the next burst, and the next and the next...

She was enjoying watching his cock twist and jerk with every burst. By the time that the juice was only just trickling from his cock, he was aware that he had anointed her with it at all the places she loved to get wet. There was stuff on her cheeks, on her arms, on her shoulders, on her chin and he watched as it began to slide down from her face and drip onto her heaving tits.

His hands held her shoulders as she spread his sperm over her skin, rubbing her wet fingers over her lips and her tits. She turned her head slightly and clamped her lips sideways onto his jerking cock.

"Ummmm..."she sighed, smacking her lips like a kid would after taking a bite on a ice cream. "That's so sweet, baby. You really know how to make your ma happy, hah? Mmmm, you taste so good; I wish you kept cumming and cumming till I drown in you."

He felt his legs go weak and slowly slid down onto the floor, lying on his back. She giggled and still rubbing his semen over her tits, leaned down and kissed his mouth.

He tasted himself on her lips and on her tongue. She raised her head and licked his lips just as she had licked his cock and it felt very erotic for him.
"Look," she told him, shaking her tits at his face, "you have cum all over me. God, you really shoot a bucket full, huh?"

He knew she was exaggerating, but that was the way she was. He had come extravagantly all right, but by no means could it be 'by the bucket'.

"Luckily you didn't wet the ceiling and the walls," she laughed, sliding down on the floor beside him.

* * * * * *