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Family Secrets
08-07-2014, 02:28 AM
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Family Secrets

Haresh moved his hips faster, slamming his condom covered 8 inch Lund into the hot wet choot of Priya, the 42 year old housemaid.

It was a routine he had began years ago, when he had discovered that for Rupees 200 a pop, Priya would hike her sari up to her hips, unbutton her blouse, lie down on his bed, with her legs open and let him fuck her, bushy wet cunt.

His friends had suggested it, as they were also paying willing servants for sex.

The fact that Priya was old enough to be his mother didn't bother Haresh. In fact, that was the whole hot turn on. She could be his mother. Fuck knows; he would love his mother Nandhi to change places, with Priya and let his Lund fill her hot fuck box with his seed.

Then there was his very sexy, very tempting sister Simran… What a piece of ass! 20 years old and a cock tease if ever there was one. How the guys at her college suffered, he could well imagine.

As Haresh, felt his balls shoot their precious cargo, along the barrel of his prick. He gave a final thrust of his hips and buried his sheathed Lund deep in Priya's choot.

She sighed as she felt his boiling hot seed fill his condom in her. That a 22 year old, handsome. 6 ft man like Haresh would even want her, was sometimes reward enough to Priya. Mostly the six to eight hundred Rupees extra she earned from him a week was all the reward she needed.

Haresh pulled his Lund out, careful not to let the condom come off as he did so; pulling the condom off, he tied it and tossed it into the bedside waste paper basket, on the floor. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow; someone at his window…by the time he turned his head the shadow had gone.

"Fuck it" He thought giving his cock a shake to dislodge any drops of spunk still on it.

He then walked, naked from the waist down into his bathroom, stripped his t-shirt off and stood under a warm shower, generously soaping and washing his balls and cock.

After Priya had straightened her clothing and the bed, she picked the waste paper basket and the left the room.

As Haresh soaped and lathered his now semi hard Lund, he thought again of his mother Nandhi. Her well filled out body and glorious heavy breasts had always tormented his horny dreams. The sound of his father Prakash calling out "Nandhi! Simran!" jolted him out of his daydream.

Simran, Haresh's 20 year old sister was also jolted back to reality by her father's call.

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08-07-2014, 02:29 AM
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She hurriedly pulled her cum smeared fingers from her panties and rushed to her bathroom to wash her hands and change her black, wet panties.

She had been peeping on Haresh as he had fucked Priya. Her vantage point at his bedroom window giving her a clear side long view of Haresh's long fat Lund slamming into Priya's bushy choot. The real thrill had come as Haresh had stood up and turning to towards the window, had pulled the spunk filled condom off his softening man meat. The sight of his semen smeared cock and hairy balls had made Simran's fingers dig a little faster into her kunwari choot (virgin cunt). Then as he had walked semi naked into the bathroom, Simran had stared with lust filled eyes as his Lund lolled from side to side.

Rushing silently and quickly indoors and into her room, she had flung herself onto her bed and opened her legs wide as her fingers had again pushed under her black panties to toy savagely with her sparsely haired choot. Her fingers had pressed and rubbed the hard nub of her clit as her free hand had squeezed and pressed her breasts.

"Oh Bhaiyaa, chodo mujhe" (Oh brother fuck me) she had whimpered as her had pussy throbbed and itched for relief.

"Zor say Bhaiyaa! Aur Zor say" (Harder brother! Harder!) She had whispered as she had squeezed her eyes closed and saw Haresh slamming his Lund into Priya, NO! Into her young hot pussy...

Prakash, a 50 year old, wealthy Businessman in Mumbai, called his 40 year old wife Nandhi, and 20 year old daughter Simran into the family sitting room of his palatial bungalow.

"Sit! Sit!" He said with a happy smile, on his youthful looking clean shaven face. The smile danced in his warm brown eyes as he looked at his wife and daughter.

The women sat on the sofa opposite him.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a velvet covered, slim blue, box and was just about to open it when he stopped and said.

"Simran, come and stand in front of me and close your eyes.

Simran did as she was told, closing her eyes with a giggle. As she tugged the front of her short dress down a little.

Prakash eyed his daughter's mini skirted red, low necked dress, with an un-fatherly eye

The dress clung to her 38, 28, 40. Figure sinfully; His Lund hardened in approval.

Opening the box and taking out a gold chain and diamond solitaire pendent necklace,

He said "Bend down a little behta" (Term of affection), as she did so he was given a clear view of her beautiful 38c breasts, tucked nicely in a lacy transparent pink bra, thanks to the shameless low cut of the neck line.

His eyes lingered on the full buds of delicious fair flesh and he licked his lips nervously as he clasped the chain around Simran's neck. Simran helpfully held her pony tailed shoulder length hair up as she "cooed "and "aaaahhed' over the latest addition to her jewellery box.

She excitedly kissed her father's face, the scent of rose petals came off her, flooding his nostrils, adding to the pressure he felt in his rising Lund.

He shifted slightly, his hand adjusting the angle of his cock in his loose business suit trousers. "Fuck! What a hot little bitch". He thought as Simran alternated between looking at her chain and happily kissing her Papa.

"Let me see Simi behta" Nandhi, her mother asked from behind her.

Suddenly turning around and bending forward to show her mother the chain, her nice well padded gaand (ass) came up in kissing distance of her father, Prakash.

Prakash stared at the juicy butt of his daughter jiggling excitedly before his lust filled eyes. He resisted the urge to pinch her gaand ;He watched almost breathlessly as the hemline of her dress teasingly rose and fell as she hopped with joy, Her pink panties flashed into sight, sending a jot of pure sexual energy through his balls and up his 8 inch shaft.

Turning back towards her father, Simran, her face lit up with joy, sat on his lap, and wiggled her ass against his him as she hugged and kissed him in gratitude.

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08-07-2014, 02:30 AM
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Beads of sweat broke out on Prakash's forehead as his hands came to rest on Simran's thigh and hip. It was torture. He felt like squeezing her ass and pushing his hand up her mini skirted dress into her pink panties and fingering her choot as he ravished her tits with his mouth.

Only his self control stopped him, from raping her then and there on the Persian rug…

That night as Prakash mounted his wife Nandhi, and rammed and slammed his 8 inch prick into Nandhi's fuck box; as his hands squeezed, slapped and pulled at her well rounded full ass, his mind was filled with thoughts of Simran and that teasing hemline and pink panties…

As he imagined bending his 20 year old daughter over the back of his arm chair, pulling that beautifully short dress up above her hips and ripping those pink panties off, his pace increased; bringing groans and moans from Nandhi as she took his sexual assault with equal lust. He shot, his boiling load into Nandhi just as his imaginary Lund pierced the imaginary cunt hole of his daughter…..

As Prakash had rolled off his sweat cover wife and walked to the bathroom to piss and shower, Nandhi quickly grabbed a fistful of Kleenex tissues and pressed it against her overflowing well fucked cunt hole.

The combined juices of Prakash's and her cum were trickling out of her filled fuck box, smearing her buttocks.

Nandhi sighed in pleasure. Prakash had really given her the workout she needed. All day she had felt the heat in her choot building. She had felt the wetness of her pussy as she had walked around thinking of…. Haresh.

It had all begun several years earlier, on a family holiday to Goa's famous beaches.

As she and Prakash had sat under a beach umbrella, watching semi clad foreigners trot by, she had wandered ridiculously what their parents would think, especially of the girls with nothing but a thread between their buttocks and a small triangular bit of cloth over their pussies and two other triangles with strings pretending to be bras., covering their small tits.

Tut tutting to herself she had just commented to Prakash (busy leering at the girls) that a man might window shop, even handle the merchandise but a decent man would not buy the goods with a wedding ring... when Haresh had appeared strolling along the beach in a pair of cotton Bermuda shorts. His muscular chest naked and the sea breeze pressing the front of his shorts hard against his full groin.

Nandhi had caught her breath... How handsome her son was. Six foot broad shouldered with a slim waist and well muscled arms and legs. Her choot had instantly flooded her panties with cum juice and she found her eyes staring at the obviously full package in his shorts.

Seeing the enticing looks he drew from the girls passing him, Nandhi felt a sudden stab of jealousy and cursed the "Beysharam Furangi Rundia:" (Shameless foreign whores) with venom filled eyes.

Since that day, her not-so-motherly eyes had watched Haresh, studying him in his jeans and t-shirts, his tennis gear, his kurta pyjama (Loose, short muslin shirt with cotton trousers) and ached to touch him.

The family hugs on special occasions were the only opportunity she got to embrace him and feel his young strong body against her. Sometimes she thought she felt his Lund throb as he held her and saw heat in his eyes... but how could her handsome son lust for her?

As she stood up and surveyed her body in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door; she noted her full 40 c breasts, wide hips, and large buttocks with approval. The slight flabbiness on her tummy and slight heaviness on her thighs didn't make her repulsive or unattractive. In fact, the fullness of her 4o year old body added to her sexiness.

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08-07-2014, 02:31 AM
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Stroking her clean shaven choot, she fantasised Haresh standing naked before her, his Lund erect and demanding in front of him, pull her into his arms and kiss her….

"Ok Nandhi Jaan" Prakash said, coming out of the bathroom, "You can have a shower now..."

Nandhi walked in to the bathroom and having pissed, she stood under the shower and thought about Haresh…

As Nandhi had walked to the bathroom, Haresh had reluctantly, pushed his cock back into his shorts and tip toed back to his room.

He had been thirsty and had gone to drink from the kitchen when passing his parents bedroom door he had heard his mother groan and call out "YES! Do it fast ….Ohhhh"

He had stopped and gingerly tried the bedroom door, finding it unlocked he had opened it slightly and seen his father between his mother's raised legs, pulling, slapping and squeezing her full ass as his hips, had slammed his manhood into his wife's cunt.

Haresh had tugged his hard cook out and pulled up and down on its red hot shaft as his parents had fucked…

As father had walked to the bathroom, Haresh had appraised his father's Lund with the interest of a competitor for Nandhi's choot. Not bad, he had concluded and then watched breathless as Nandhi had posed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that as she studied her body.

Haresh had bit his lips to stop from Cumming. There before him had been the body that he so slyly explored with his hands on the occasions when his mother hugged him. There was that lovely ass that hid from his lusty eyes and hands under the folds of her sari. There were the breasts that his baby lips had sucked at, topped by the dark brown nipples that he had sucked between his lips.

But more then all of that, there was the soft full "v" of her choot, clean shaved and inviting between the full columns of her plump thighs….

Now lying naked on the cool white bed sheets of his bed, Haresh imagined his mother walking in and finding him there like this.

She would smile and walk over to his bed, get astride his hard on and aim his cock head at her wet hole and slowly insert his cock into her. Then sit her full ass on him, burying his 8 inch lund to the hilt, her shaven choot pressed down on his hairy groin and then, she would say "Chodo mujhe Jaan! Ammi ki choot ko Pardo Ammi ko chodo Haresh zor say" (Fuck me Darling! Screw your mommy's cunt! Bust you mum's pussy wide open")

And Haresh would send his hips up and down, banging his Lund hard into his mother as she rode him as if he was a wild horse. Her breasts shaking and bouncing; her breath ragged and gasping, as he held her hips with his hands and fucked the life out of her sexy very fuckable body.

Simran meanwhile lay in bed, the waist length t-shirt she wore to bed, up on her tummy as her delicate fingers teased the slit of her pussy. Thoughts of the day's events flashed in her mind. Sitting on her father's lap she had felt the hard column of his manhood press against her bare thighs. Even through his trousers, she had felt the heat of his Lund.

Her hands moved to her thighs running her fingers over the spot her father had touched. Yes, he had touched her bare skin; his fingers had teased there way under the short hemline of her dress and touched the elastic of her pink panties, as they dug into her thigh. She was sure of it. Although it had been done so softly and 'accidentally" ... she had seen something in his eyes, a heat that made her stomach flutter and her choot get wet, Thank goodness he hadn't risked a hand on her panty covered crotch. Had he done so, he would have found it wet and she would have certainly gasped in horniness...

As she had gotten up from his lap and kissed him one final time, she had noticed how hard he stared at her breasts and how sweaty his face looked….

Walking out of the room, she had deliberately added a sexy swing to her hips and turning her head had seen her father lick his lips as his eyes followed her gaand.

There was no doubt about it, her handsome father, wanted her….badly.

Haresh woke at his usual time for his morning jog. He slipped into his jock strap and running shorts, pulled his favourite t-shirt over his head, and tied his state of the art running shoes. Checking his appearance in the mirror (You never know what babe would be checking you out), satisfied that he looked cool enough, he stepped into the hall way and walked towards the front door.

As he passed Simran's room, he suddenly had the urge to play a joke on her and wake her up.

Simran kept the curtains drawn, so the room was bathed in a hazy light as he opened the door.

Tip toeing over to her bed, he saw that she was laying still on her back, with her hair over her face. As Haresh looked down at her, again noting how hot and sexy his sister was. The thought of her being humped by a boyfriend fired his mind up as his Lund grew hard and long in his shorts. Her t-shirt she was wearing just managed to reach the top of her thighs, barely covering her choot...

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08-07-2014, 02:32 AM
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Haresh stroked the smooth thighs of his sleeping sister, very gently. Bending he tried to catch a glimpse of her box between her legs. Ever so gently, he eased her legs apart and inched her T-shirt up to her waist. He watched her face carefully for any sign that she was waking up...

Mission accomplished, he stared at the white lacy panty V, covering Simran's pussy. He could make out the small curls of her pubic hair beneath and noticed the few that poked out at her waist band and leg band. Licking his lips, Haresh leaned down and sniffed, he thought he could make out the sexy aroma of hot choot and stroked his rod lustfully.

She stirred and turns over onto her side, her back to Haresh as he felt his cock harden and lengthen in his jock-strap.

Haresh could now see the cute tight ass of his sister. His breath caught as he saw that her panties had ridden up into her butt crack, a white cotton line between two round, brown hillocks.

Simran shifted again on to her back and this time opened her eyes to see Haresh, now standing, staring down at her. She stretched and yawned, she smiled at him, she had been dreaming about him…

Simran saw the impressive 8 inch Lund in his hand and saw him pulling on it; reaching out she took hold of it, moving the foreskin up and down over the head of his cock as she gently stroked the shaft with her fingers...

Haresh stared at her and then pushed his shorts and Jock strap down to his knees...

Simran sat up and knelt on the bed, and leaned forwards to take the tip of Haresh's cock in her mouth, her tongue darting out to lick the crystal dew drop of pre-cum from the tip.

Haresh watched open mouthed as Simran took the hard throbbing shaft and sank her mouth down on it, his Lund bathed in the hot wetness of his sister's mouth.

Taking her head in his hands, the handsome brother began to move his Lund in and out of Simran's mouth. He watched the black haired head of his sister bob up and down on his Lund. Her fingers now playing with the hairy balls dangling beneath his Lund.....

He came much too quickly, his spunk hitting the back of Simran's throat as she swallowed it all.

After he had finished Cumming, he released her head and saw her face smile at him and says "Good morning Bhaiyaa. Thanks for the hot drink"

Haresh, kicked his shoes off, pulled his t-shirt , shorts and jock strap off… he pushed Simran back down on to her bed and moved his naked body between her legs, his stomach pressed against her white panty cover choot as he pushed her t-shirt up and took both her full round breast in his hands and squeezed them. His mouth sucking and licking at each brown hard, erect nipple in turn…

Moving up her body, he fixed his mouth to hers and for the first time in his life tasted his seed mixed with her saliva.

Simran pushed him away "let me brush first:'

Haresh released her and watched as she walked to the bathroom, her full round butt shaking as she moved. He saw her fingers adjust her panties, pulling them out of her butt crack.

Haresh quickly checked the door and then flung himself back on the bed and waited, his mind already planning what he and Simran would do next.

Simran emerged naked from the bathroom, her panties, and t-shirt gone: Haresh looked at the perfect 38, 28, 40 figure of his sister and licked his lips. This was a dream come true. Surely this girl has been fucked before. Images of some guy humping and grunting on top of Simran's panting body, flashed in his mind and vanished as he looked at her full breasts, firm and high and the sparse black hair between her legs.

As Simran lay down beside him, he got up, over and between her legs, pressing the red hot poker of his prick against the hairy V of her choot.

"I've dreamed about this "Simran said "Bhaiyaa, fuck me. Chodo mujhe. Meri Choot Pardo! Meri choot Mei, Abke Lund dallo "(Fuck me! Bust my pussy! Put your dick in my box)

Haresh went to work again on her boobs, pressing and squeezing them as he suckled at her nipples.

"You want your brother's cock?" He asked hotly "Kya meh tumari gaand be Pardo? Meh tumari choot mai upna munni dallo? (Should I bust your anus too? Fill your cunt with my sperm?)

"YES YES! ' Simran gasped, her legs wrapping around his slim waist and her feet beating his buttocks as she moaned "Bhaiyaa! Do me hard! Take me fast and fill me up with your seed."

They rolled and seethed in lustful passion, Simran's fingers scratching his back as she moved her choot against the hot shaft of his cock

"Put it in!" she pleaded

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