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Rabia A Family Slut
08-07-2014, 09:52 AM
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really don’t



from the day one I met Rabia I was attracted towards her so much. She is actually real sister of my wife,
3-4 years elder to her and almost same of my age, living alone in the same
town as her husband is working overseas and comes to pakistan twice or maximum thrice a year.

First day when I met Rabia, the day I got fixed with my wife I was really very impressed with her simple and down to earth nature, certainly it was not physical attraction as I can say that Rabia is not at all in good shape to attract a male in a first glance. On the formal meet with a concern of marriage we spoke to each other casually for long; she asked me lot of things about my work and all as it was a matter of her sister’s life and told me about her family etc.

From her gesture I could make out that Rabia is well educated, and rich female as her husband was earning very high but the best part was that money never got reflected in her style, moreover even after
having really good hand in English she use to speak real good Urdu and his mother tongue language giving no impression of high class mind set.

Though I was fixed to marry her sister but I can say, that day some kind of fire was lit in my mind, as I was really very impressed with her nature and casual gesture. To give detail her physical appearance if I had to define her in words then I will say that Rabia is not at all slender, certainly she is a good looking female, fair in color with curly hairs and expressive eyes with a very pleasant smile, bit short in height and can sexy in fleshier way, having good flesh over her sexual assets, thick fleshy thighs, nice big and luscious breasts of the size of average watermelon and perfectly round ass with lot of flesh over her buttocks with bit of prominent belly.

As after her marriage she was living in the same town in which I was settled from the time I was born, so after my marriage both the sister (Rabia and my wife Raheelah) got together and my interaction with her went on increasing. Although we were of same age even then from the beginning I use to address her Didi (sister) like my wife use to,

and never called her from her name even when she insisted me to do so and similarly to give me respect
Rabia use to put “JI” after my name and to be more precise she use to address me Sonu Ji. Couple of times when she told me not to address her Didi as we are of same age in response I told her not to put
“Ji” after my name and told her to address me directly with just my name but none of us changed and kept on addressing each other like we felt comfortable.
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08-07-2014, 09:53 AM
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Many times on certain weekends she stayed at my place in the night and numerous times I too stayed at her place with my wife, many times we saw movies together and had good time and all these things kept on increasing my attraction for her. As far as her perspective towards me was concern I always found her casual,

though she always seemed impressed with my work ability and always listened to me with a keen interest whenever conversation about my profession came but as such she never reflected any physical attraction towards me except once; actually that day she was staying at our place and somewhere just before diner I came out of the bathroom after a quick shower with a towel tugged
around my waist and bare chest,

accidently she was just there in our bedroom to speak to my wife and for a fraction I thought that she was staring at my broad torso but later I did not bothered about that, assuming that it is me who
always think about her in dirty way and it is nothing except my perception that she is lonely and starved for physical love.

Exactly when this incident happened more than one year was passed, I and Rabia were quite free with each other but I cannot say that we were close enough to talk to each other on any subject, specifically sex, there was a distance between we two which was unintentionally maintained because of some sort of hesitation,

moreover we never got any chance to sit together in solitude for long, so we never had any casual chit
chat about our personal life until when we travelled together in a train for a long journey of around 36 hours to attend a marriage to kpk. Actually things which bought us closer sexually started happening on its own, as such none of us planned anything.

My wife was six months pregnant; Rabia was staying with us in continuation to look after her sister with a break of one or two days. I cannot say anything about her intentions for me but at my end I was somewhat getting more and more attracted towards her because now I use to see her in her nightwear regularly and to add on another fact for my lust for Rabia,

I can say I was not in contact with my wife sexually from last six months, from the time she was declared pregnant. Truly speaking lack of sex in my married life does not mean that I was desperate to fuck Rabia, I never thought about approaching her that way, what I could do maximum was I use to masturbate in shower while fantasizing about her.

Finally things happened which made my fantasy real and I had sex with Rabia. Actually more or less in my wife’s sixth month of pregnancy my mother- in-law’s arrival was also scheduled and as she reached to us, one marriage invitation also reached to us. it was my wife’s maternal cousin sister’s marriage,
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08-07-2014, 09:53 AM
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my wife was not in condition to travel and because of that even my mother in law could not attend that occasion and she desperately wanted me to attend that marriage, as it was her sister’s daughter’s marriage but I was not ready to go alone, without my wife. Rabia was also not willing to go that far to attend a marriage.

Somehow my mother in law managed to agree Rabia and in that continuation Rabia tried to convince me. I don’t know why when Rabia spoke to me about this I started reacting positively, can say it was my attraction for her which agreed me and finally I said yes to it.

Initially Rabia wanted to travel by Air as by train it was very long journey but here I disagreed and told her to go by air and decided to reserve my ticket for train, certainly I could not afford the expense of air travelling. Sensing my mind set Rabia too got her reservation done in the train with me.

Anyway we boarded the train and took our seats, it was 2nd AC, we sat opposite to each other on the side berths and except we two there were 4 more people in the cabin and fortunately we were having
side upper and side lower berths, so we were some what isolated from other four. Everything was casual but still there was something which was tingling in my stomach,

I don’t know why I was happy as I was travelling with her, truly speaking I did not had anything in my mind like I will be able to confront with her on bed in any circumstances, I was just happy that I am alone with her. After getting settled in the train Rabi started reading some book and I opened my laptop to play some game and listen some music.

In between gaming unintentionally my sight was going to Rabi again and again and couple of times leaving reading I found her looking at me too and we both smiled casually whenever our eyes met. I did not wanted to think about her in that perspective but I was failing, Rabi was wearing typical pakistani outfit, Kurta on upper half and tight Lycra leggings on lower half.

said Rabi was little plump for her height and in that outfit, especially tight leggings I could make out the amount of flesh she was having on her thighs and that is the thing which arouse me most in female’s body and slowly I was getting harder and harder in my pants. After some time Dinner got served, we spoke to each other casually while having food and now I was suppose to climb on upper berth to sleep, but none of we two were feeling like sleeping at that time so once again we settled down
on the same berth but now after unfolding the lower berth and sat down opposite to each other with our legs fully stretched, I was sitting and busy with my laptop and Rabi continued reading for some time and finally started to get comfortable a bit by lying down bit more and touched me with her feet somewhere around my thighs couple of times to settle down with a new posture, I tried to get aside and looked at her with an unasked question if she wants to sleep but Rabi denied for that and told me to sit comfortable as now she was settled and she again continued reading her book.

was little conscious as in that posture Rabis toes were somewhat stuck between side of my bottom and the wall and I was trying to get away from that touch.

or two Rabi sensed that I am not comfortable and going more and more away from the berth to avoid touching her, she looked up at me and spoke in somewhat sarcastic tone “Sonu Ji mujhe touch karne se aapko current nahi lagega…..” I smiled on her words and went back to my posture in which her feet were touching my bottom sideways and continued playing on laptop.

After sometime Rabi got up and asked me for laptop, she too wanted to play the game. I simply passed the laptop and verbally told her what keys she has to use and what all she has to do play the game. Rabi played the game for a while but got bored and asked me if I have some movie in laptop. I replied positively and asked her for the laptop to show her the folder of the movies but her words while giving me laptop left me in shock, she said “mujhe Porn movie nahi dekhni” (means- I don’t want to see porn movie).

For a second I could not believe whatever she said, I looked into her eyes with a hesitant gesture and she giggled on my condition. “obviously….I don’t have porn movies and even I don’t see such things” I replied and tried to be casual, “ok” she just replied with one word and did not uttered anything after that.
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08-07-2014, 09:53 AM
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really difficult

for me to understand how she said that, once again I asked her “by the way mujhe samajh nahi aaya why you said that” “Kuch nahi…I was just teasing you…” “waise for your kind
information I very well know ki you watch all that with Raheela (my wife)” Rabi replied in two parts and I could see bit of smile on her face. I was little shocked, certainly it was my wife who told her that, “I can’t believe this…..” I murmured in a low voice but Rabi could hear that, I was searching the folder in which Bollywood movies were saved

“We are not sisters (Rabi and my wife),….we are friends… aur friends apas mein sab baaten share karte hain” Rabi replied as she saw that I am
feeling bit uncomfortable, “moreover porn movies sab dekhte hain….main bhi dekhti hun….

so embarrass hone ki koi baat nahi hai…..” Rabi spoke again and tried to be casual. I was in strange mind set, I did not wanted to get into this matter more so I asked her which movie she wants me to play and I started taking their names. “Forget about movie……first tell me aapne meri baat ko mind to nahi kiya na ?” Rabi asked me again while looking into my eyes.

I smiled a bit on her simple and straight forward gesture and moved my head in no, and asked her again about which movie to play. Rabi spoke one comedy movie’s name and I played that. Somehow we both saw that movies, even though it was really very difficult for us to see that movie together while sitting on that berth. I could make out that Rabi was not much interested in watching, may be because like me she had already seen that movie and in between initially she was talking to me casually about the movie but later we both started chitchatting as we both were least interested in the movie I packed the laptop.

Initially for few minutes it was casual chit chat from her side and the point where I got bit attention it was when she casually said that she is feeling good while being with me and her exact words in Urdu were “Achha lag raha hai aapke saath travelling karne mein….I really like your company” “Aisa kya hai….? I mean why you like my company….main to jokes bhi nahi sunata” I asked her back with bit of smile on a tiny humor, actually I wanted to know more about her perspective for me and she replied very positively by saying, “I don’t know why….? But from very first day I am bit hypnotized from you…..” “fir bhi…..kuch to hoga?” I asked her again to explore her thoughts for me, “what can I say……. I like your nature….reserved and calm,…..I like your life style and I really like your profession…

it’s very creative.” Rabi replied with a long statement in few breaks, now it was my time to speak and admit my feeling for her and I did
that by saying “Waise tell you frankly I have a same feeling for you… …even I am influenced by your nature… are very simple….no style at all” I spoke that while looking into her eyes and saw her blushing a bit and finally she uttered with bit of smile “Wow achha lag raha hai sunkar….Thanks for the compliment”

She was really very happy getting appraised; I could see that from her facial expressions. “I am really happy that we are travelling by train and not by air….we will get more time with each other” once again Rabi spoke casually which left me in bit of tingling in my stomach. Gradually our conversation moved on and I found myself getting more and more attracted towards Rabi, as the time was passing she was looking more and more sexy in sleepy gesture but I could make out that she did not wanted to sleep, she wanted to talk to me as much as possible immaterial what, we just kept on chit chatting and listened to each other. Sometimes conversation went to our school days, collage days, the way life changed after marriage and all. Things went on going like this for hours and when conversation came to my wife, about her pregnancy I asked her something casually, the question which was floating in my mind from very long that why she never planned a baby and I saw Rabis expressions changing,

she went bit silent and that was enough for me to realize that I have gone too personal, I could make out that she was not willing to reply for that, she even did not wanted to give an excuse like I was getting from my wife when I asked her about that. Finally after a minute I apologized by saying, “agar aapko bura lagga to I am really sorry…maine to bus
aise hi puchh liya” “no it’s ok….”

Rabi went silent after that but then spoke again “actually… has told me not to discuss my personal life with you…..but still I want to share it with you….because I want to be your friend…..” whatever she spoke was mostly in Hindi I have just translated that into English her exact words were “mummy ne mujhe manna kiya hai apse aapni personal life discuss karne ke liye….fir bhi main karna chaahi hun…because I want to be your Friend”

Rabi was little deprived now and it was really strange situation for me, I just replied with “ok” Rabi looked into my eyes for a fraction and then spoke again “actually medically I am not fit for that….I am not fertile” I was shocked, in past I think me and my wife 2-3 times discussed this, that why they (Rabi and her Husband) never planned a baby in six years of their marriage, even when her husband was here, but she(my wife) never told me this fact of her life and as such I could not guess any reason for hiding this detail from me. I stared into Rabi’s eyes for few seconds to sense her mind set but at that time it was an impossible task for me, just to relax her and to take her out of that sadness I suggested her to adopt a child but as excepted it was a not a new idea which could give her happiness, she reacted sarcastically on that and spoke in same fashion, “It’s not that easy… husband is not ready for that….” “But what is the harm in that?”

I asked her back in questioning tone “I don’t
know… mujhe to ye bhi nahi patta ki iss mein meri kya galti hai….why he is angry with me?” (Means I don’t know….I don’t even know what is my fault in this…

why he is angry

with me?”) “Angry?” I asked her back again in same curious tone, “haan….humara reletion bahut achha nahi hai….and day by day it’s going bad” Rabi spoke again and I found her in bit of crying state, though it was not proper crying, it was just that water was floating in her eyes and she cleaned that as she realized that it is noticeable. “Don’t worry…time ke saath sab kuch theek ho jaayega” I spoke and told her not to worry; everything will be alright with time. As I said that Rabi looked into my eyes for a fraction and then spoke again “kuch theek nahi hoga….he is involved with someone else” “what?” her words left me in shock and asked her again whatever she said, and this time Rabi clearly told me that her husband is having an extramarital affair, “how do you know?” I asked her again “I just know….?” “fir bhi…there must be some reason”
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08-07-2014, 09:53 AM
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I asked her back, “mujhe unke hand bag mein se Condoms mille hain” finally Rabi uttered and gave me the detail that how she know that her husband is having sex outside.

was speechless for few seconds, it was strange mind frame mine as well as Rabi’s “I think you should talk to him about this…”

replied whatever I felt like saying, “he has admitted that…as such nothing is unsaid between us” Rabi replied casually and then detailed me about her argument held with her husband and for a person like me it was really very amazing when she told me that her husband has said that he does not want any interference from her side, and even she can do whatever she wants to do, he is also not bothered about what she does.

After bit of conversation about this Rabi tried to avoid getting deeper into this conversation by saying “forget it….”


can’t believe this…what is wrong with him…..I mean this is not the way…

problem should be tackled, avoid karne se kya hoga?”

I replied back

“That’s why I said that I like your nature, in this time span Dedi ne jo kuch bhi aapke baare mein mujhe bataya hai, I can make out that you are a wonderful person.”

Rabi praised me for my nature, I blushed a bit on that and casually replied

“aisa kuch nahi hai… am very much normal…in fact your husband is bit abnormal”


Rabi replied casually and after that more or less we decided to sleep and I took my berth. I don’t know about Rabi, for how long she was awake, but I was awake for really long and could not think anything except Rabi's life.
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