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09-07-2014, 12:05 AM
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chalo ab mujhe dikhao tum kEse kar'tee ho. aur Esa kah'te kah'te us'ne mera haath ap'nee panty men Dal'va liya. mujhe kuchh aT'paTa lag raha tha kyon'ki ghar kee saaree Oraten As'paas hee maujood thee. meree anguliyon ne us'kee jhanT sapha kar rakhee choot ko chhuva aur mere saare badan men ek san'sanee phEl gaee. yah mera pah'la mauka tha jab mEn'ne kisee javaan choot ka sparsh kiya tha. She opened a film magazine and asked me to look in there and let hand do its job.

We were so engrossed in reading magazine and chatting about it but
inside the quilt my fingers were caressing outside labia. I was using two fingers to gently squeeze them. I will start trailing from the base of her clit and go even beyond her cunt. I was using tip of my fingers and slowly I increased the pressure and when I felt wetness suddenly I gabbed her cunt in my palm and started rubbing it hard with base of my palm grinding against the clit. Till now I have not inserted any finger but after rubbing with palm for some time when I could feel that she is becoming hot I slowly stopped the grind and started my caressing with two fingers but this time they were teasing inner side of labia with force and authority. Neelu didi admitted yes I had learned something but meanwhile mami entered the room and admonished us.

Hey tum dono kya gadbad kar rahi ho. Neelu didi teased her,

aare gadbad to aap kar rahi hain tin tin nandoiyon ke sath. However
unlike her, she did not respond and was looking perturbed. Without
stopping my fingers I asked mami ji any trouble and she said nothing I was thinking about sleeping arrangement tonight. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind and I suggested mami ji there is a room on the roof and it is presently vacant, I Neelu didi and Cheenu can sleep there and you can use this room for Mausa ji or whomsoever you may like. She felt relived but again quizzed but there is no cot there. Neelu didi this time came to rescue and said,

aare main aur Ragni milakar vo badi vali spare cot ko upar le jasakte
hain. She was feeling happy and was back in her true colour and said,

ok but you will be all alone there kisi boy friend ko to nahin bulana
hai and as she turned her back. I pinched at Neelu didi cunt and with
drew my fingers. Neelu didi was really happy and said yes it was good. But tell me if you did it with Cheenu too. I said no I did try many times but she closes her thighs and even when I put my hands over her boobs she removes it. Neelu didi told ok it means I will have to train her but you are also learning so that we may have to train her togather. I said yes Guru ji with genuine respect.

She started narrating her experience of boys how she goes out to movies with them and do dating and how they kiss her on neck and fondle but she has not permitted anybody to touch under the garments. I asked innocently why guru ji and she laughed you will not understand when a boy touches you what ever a girl may say man nahi karta ki vah hath hataye and if touches over your boobs directly it is hard to maintain the control and once you loose control, very soon you lose your cherry too.

She said that she has no objection to that too but as it is a once in a
lifetime experience she wants to do with somebody special and in such a surroundings that she will savor it most. I said hey didi but I have been told ki bahhot dard hota hai and she laughed and squeezed my boobs saying banno pain is half of the joy and that makes it memorable.

Meanwhile mami ji came and Said I know you girls are doing some dirty chatting. You two promised to shift the cot and vacate this room, what happened but here you are rubbing each other under the quilt, and saying that she up turned the quilt. But much before that like good girlz we were reclining properly. We shifted the cot and prepared room on the roof. It was really remote and one could close the door to roof and one has to walk some distance on the roof to approach room. It has an attached toilet and bathroom too.

We shifted our things and brought Cheenu’s things too. When Chhenu
came, Neelu didi hugged her in her inimitable style squeezing her boobs too and whisperings some dangerous things. She did laugh but was feeling apprehensive about sleeping with us. She did discus with Mausi ji if she can sleep with others but was advised against it (and slowly I realized it was not so much about space as it was to keep these growing teens away from nocturnal activity) It was early dinner and I teased,
mami ji aaj kisko jaldi bhukh lagi hai and she laughed understanding my innuendo and said,

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09-07-2014, 12:07 AM
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tumhari mummy aur mausiyon ko. Cheenu was wearing a shlawar covering her legs and it made Neelu didi and me giggle. When we went up I innocently asked my chhoTee Mausi and Cheenu’s mom ,

‘mausi kya ham sidhi ka darwaja band kar len uparse’ she nooded yes and even said ki tomorrow is holiday so everybody will get up late so we can take our time .

I bolted the door from our side and stopped for a minute and listened
mausi bolting door from their side too. I told Mausi yes we have brought our cloths here only and we will come down after getting ready. She was going down the stairs and said thek hai aaram se aana. I was overjoyed not because I knew about activity down the stairs but because it will give time for me and Neelu didi to enjoy us and train Cheenu may be much against her wishes. It was hard for me to tackle her alone but with the strength of Neelu Didi she was no match.

Neelu deedee kee choot ko sah'la kar Aj mujhe vichitr anubhooti huee
thee. mere man men vaas'na kee tarngen uTh rahee thee. sare ghar vaalon se door chhat par hamaara kam'ra tha. ham teenon javaan hotee chhoriyan is kam're men akelee raat bitaane vaalee thee. jind'gee ke pah'le lesbian anubhav ke baare men soch soch kar mera man balliyon uchhal raha tha. us'par yah ki mEn Neelu deedee ke saath mil'kar cheenu ko seduce kar'ne vaalee thee.

jese hee ham ap'ne is raat ke Ashiyan men Aye mEn'ne aur Neelu didi ne jhaT paT night dress badal lee. lekin cheenu abhee bhee shalwar suit men thee. use hamaare saath adjust kar'ne men kuchh asuvidha ho rahee thee. men'ne neelu didi se kaha kee chhat ka dar'vaaja donon or se bnd ho chuka hai. us'ke hoThon par ek sharaarat bharee muskaan Aee. us'ne light ka switch bnd kar'te hue kaha ki ab hamen so jaana chahiye. aur ham teenon us baRe cot men kambal ke neeche dubak gaye. I could feel that Cheenu is uncomfortable and as to comfort her I put my hands on her boobs, but she pulled it away. I changed my sides and pretended to be asleep when nothing happened for 10-15 minutes she felt reassured and tried to sleep.

I turned and slowly grabbed string of her shalwar. She tried to resist
but before she could do anything her hands were tightly held by Neelu
didi. I did not show any hurry in opening her shalwar. Teasingly slowly I opened it and pulled it down but under it she was wearing a panty, which was more like a nicker. This was the turn for Neelu didi who kept on holding her hands with her one hand and she pushed her panty down. Now Cheenu was expecting our hands to invade her thigh land but it were not to be. My hands went inside her top and grabbed her breasts. And Neelu didi had taken the lower front. She was very softly rubbing her labia with her both fingers and I was tweaking Cheenu’s tits . She responded slowly but there was a very strong mental resistance. I started cupping her small pert young boobs softly while now Neelu didi was applying pressure on her clit. Her body became warmer, resistance was now nil and she has started showing some response. However suddenly Neelu didi called me and said,

Cheenu ko shayad maja nahin aa raha hai chal ham dono karte hain. I got out of bed and she too stood up and embraced me showing it Cheenu. Hey you are feeling so shy in a year or two when you will get married,

roj rat bhar taange uthaaye padi rahegi aur abhi choonchi pakd'vaane
main bhi nakh're dikha rahi hai. She told me,

ok Ragni tu Chinu ban ja aur main ban jati uska lover. We were still
clad in our night gown. Neelu didi held me in her arms and started
caressing. She was holding my head and her fingers were playing with my long lustrous black tresses and her smoldering lips were inches away from my lips. Suddenly she held my head with both her hands strongly and kissed me on my lips. I almost got singed. But I responded boldly and kissed her back. Our eyes were laughing and dancing and we were inebriated. Neelu didi’s one hand opened strings of my gown and it slipped over my shoulders showing my boobs which were hardening. Her both hands were still holding my hands and her kisses have become bolder, longer. Now our tongues were playing with each other. I too opened Neelu didi’s nightgown and for second we parted to let the gown slip on ground and we came out of it.

Cheenu was transfixed looking at us but we were taking no notice. Now both of us held each other’s back and started grinding slowly. Her boobs (which were slightly heavier than mine) started crushing mine and she started moaning,

Cheenu please kitana achchha lag raha hai and I too joined and said yes yes. Neelu didi again started kissing me but this time they were fast and small kisses like a butterfly fleeting from one flower to another.

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09-07-2014, 12:10 AM
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She will kiss on my eye and when I will expect next one to be on my
check she will bite my ear lobes. Her one hand was holding me but other has started caressing and squeezing my firm young ass. I was almost melting under this attack. Neelu didi held me in her arms and said,

Cheenu let us move to bed and I said non-coherently han mere sajan, and we moved to bed. I lied very close to Cheenu as our bodies were rubbing each other and now she was fully drawn to our lust. Now like a cloud hovering over green pastures, Neelu didi bent over me. She came between my spread thighs but no part of her body was touching mine. She took a fleeting kiss of my eyelids and playfully when I shifted my face to avoid my lips she not only kissed mere gore gore gall but bit it hard. Now her kisses were strong and demanding. She came to nap of my neck and kissed me there. Her tongue traveled down but teasingly she left my tits and went directly to base of my now fully hard tennis ball size teen boobs. Her tongue, like flames of passion engulfed my breasts and I was moaning. With every kiss she was calling me Cheenu and I could feel that in this heat, resistance and resolve of our sis who was looking at us very intensely was melting down.

Suddenly, like a kite swooping down on its prey, Neelu didi grabbed my both teen boobs and started squeezing them, but even now her palm was not touching my tits that had become fully erect now. She was cupping, squeezing and crushing with full force. Her lips had arrested my lips and her tongue was deep inside my mouth. This continued for some time and then very slowly she touched my luv lips with her luv lips and only they were touching our thighs were just inches apart. It put fire in my portals of luv and now I could no longer resist. I raised my hips and she smilingly came down and started grinding my cunt with her cunt. Now Neelu didi had move to the main course and her nimble fingers had grabbed my one passion filed hard tit and were puling it stretching it hard and her lips captured other tit.

When I turned my face, I saw Cheenu very close and her face was aglow with desire her boobs were hard and tits were fully aroused. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I held her small hard breast and squeezed it softly. Her smile becomes broader and as if she pushed her boobs in my hand. I cupped them more firmly and my hand started replicating what Neelu didi’s hand was doing to my boobs. My long nail started journey upwards pressing hard and after reachchheeng at tits pinched it slowly. And she moaned. In the first time my life I heard my sis Cheenu moaning. It gladdened me and I continued pulling her tit pinching it and I could here her voice yes Ragni yes please keep on …

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09-07-2014, 12:11 AM
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Meanwhile Neelu Didi had put full focus on rubbing my cunt with her
cunt. She was holding my slender waist with both her hands and with force she was doing ragdai ghisai of my cunt with her cunt. Our thighs were entwined, my one hand was scratching Neelu didi’s back and my hips were high answering every pressure of Neelu didi. When I again look at Cheenu’s face while squeezing her boobs hard she was looking at my breast which were bearing marks of nails and teeth of Neelu didi. I gently held her hand and brought it to my boobs and pressed it against it. Feeling was so good and soon she learned the trick .As my hand was pressing squeezing her breast she was doing same to me. We lost our senses. Neelu didi had located my clit and now her one hand was playing with it rubbing, pressing.

I was on the verge of orgasm. When Neelu didi looked at me I smiled and indicated toward Cheenu who was cupping my boobs hard while her boobs were being pressed by me. She also moved her one hand between Cheenu’s thighs and cupped her mound. Now Cheenu didi came with aloud moan and started pressing her cunt in Neelu didi’s hand. It further aroused her and Neelu started doing ghisai of my cunt in full frenzy and in no time I came. Neelu didi left me and went to the side of Cheenu and lied down. We were all very exhausted but soon all of sudden we started giggling.

Both of us hugged Cheenu who was still holding my boobs as I was
cupping hers. I kissed her on earlobes while Neelu Didi kissed her on her swell of boobs. I complained to Neelu didi,

apne meri to itti jam kar ragdai ki par ye Cheenu rani bachee hui hain. Hugging Cheenu she asked,

Kyon Cheenu ho jaye teri bhi and she nodded her head very slowly. When Neelu didi sat between thighs of Cheenu this time without even touching her choot she spread her thighs. I smiled to Neelu didi and we started our joint plan. I took care of top and she of bottom. I began fondling and caressing her now very hard young boobs but teasingly my fingers will stop short of her tits that were very erect now and began demanding attention. Neelu didi too was rubbing her labia and trying to locate her clit, and as soon she discovered and found it is already hot and responding started pressing it. Chhenu was responding, she was raising her hips but Neelu didi kept her cunt barely touching her flutering cunt lips. Now Cheenu has no recourse left but ask for it.

Neelu didi please karo na. But as if she is not listening Neelu didi
pressed her thumb and started rotating it on her clit. Chhenu lost all

please Neelu didi karo na jaise Ragni ke sath kar rahi thi. Neelu didi

kya aur khul kar bolo na . I grabbed her boobs and pressed hard. She
said love making and I smiled and pulled her tit and said,

arre Cheenu be more frank. She was in flames but she said,

mujhe sharm lag rahi hai. When she felt there was no way out she said ok fuck me fuck me. But Neelu didi was not to bow and she said,

arre daily ghar main sunte hain hindi main bolo na and Neelu didi
started rubbing her clit in a frenzy and now she was beyond anything and she blurted out ohhh oohhh moaning very loudly please please,

chodo mujhe apni choot meri choot par ragdo meri choonchi kas ke dabao. And that was the signal we were looking for. Now Neelu didi pressed her cunt on Cheenu’s cunt and started fucking her wildly. I too started pulling her tits pinching rolling and leaving my nail marks. Cheenu was moaning wildly, her hips were moving in unison with Neelu didi and it continued for some time But Neelu didi’s timing was superb. She will realize when Cheenu is on the verge of cumming she will stop suddenly and indicate me too. Cheenu will beg for release and she will make her promise that henceforth she will use only those words and she was made to say Lund Bur choot chudai many times and only then she will start. With her expertise in 4-5 minutes she will again bring her close to brink and this will be my turn to extract promise that she will never say no to my fingers and soon she was exclaiming and demanding,

Ragni please meri choonchi ko khub kas kar ke ragdo Neelu didi please meri choot main han yes aise hi and then we realized that her initiation has begun and Neelu didi brought her to release. However this time Neelu didi too got exhausted. For a long time all three of us kept lying down hugging each other softly. After some time when tiredness reduced, Neelu didi came back in josh and in her inimitable style held my boob and Cheenu’s boob and squeezed very hard. She said ,

"Saaliyon, chhinaaron tum dono ki choot to maine ragad di par meri is
bur ka kya hoga socha hai tum donone." Cheenu laughed and said,

‘didi as you know I’m new but may be Ragni didi should do something
about, and she was ever trying to enter into my skirt.’ I too laughed and said,

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09-07-2014, 12:11 AM
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Guru ji may be I should give some head to it and came between Neelu
didi’s well spread thighs. I kissed her deep navel and my tongue without breaking, started licking her but avoided direct contact with her cunt. It was making a line with her outer lips. And I pushed a pillow under her hips nay chootar and continued licking right up to crack of her ass. My hands were very slowly teasingly caressing her inner thighs and my tongue came up and started caressing the other labia. I was not only licking but my tongue was stroking, pressing and it made a full circle.

I could listen to didi’s moans. And Cheenu was not sitting idle. She
has joined the gang in right earnest and she was pressing, cupping Neelu didi’s boobs. This double assault had made Neelu didi raise her chootar and she was demanding more. Who was I to deny and in one swoop I opened my mouth and captured her whole muff. I did not kiss or suck but let it leave like that. Slowly, I started rubbing it and I could feel some juice. I raised my face and then with my fingers I parted her pussy wide and began rubbing inner side of labia which was now wet. Neelu didi had almost closed her eyes and given her to joy. I inserted one finger while my tongue was probing for her clit. And as it touched the clit, it started tickling vibrating it. My fingers were moving softly trying to press inner parts without going deep.

After some time when I knew that her clit has become fully hard and
swollen I withdrew my tongue and out came my finger too. But very slowly tongue went inside and I started licking inside her juicy pussy. I was fucking didi’s cunt with my tongue, running my tongue between the inner and outer lips on one side, while holding the two together with my lips, in and out, around and around. My fingers were not idle they were trying to locate her meatus, the opening for her urethra, her pee hole and as I found tips of my fingers pressed her there. Didi started moaning very hard loudly. I looked at Cheenu and understanding the message, she pinched her hard erect tits real hard. Didi was almost on the climax but I withdrew the tongue from her cunt and raised my face and she was raising her hips frantically.

Slowly as she cooled down I again started but this time my tongue
directly went to her clit and I started flicking it. My fingers were inside
her soaked cunt sliding. Slowly her clit was again fully aroused and
didi was moaning very loudly. I raised my face and looked at Cheenu who was looking at me greedily. I touched my lips with my tongue and indicated towards didi’s tit and she got the massage. She devoured didi’s tits in one gulp and I grabbed her clit between my lips and started sucking hungrily. My lips were pressing it, my mouth was sucking and my tongue was flirting with it. With my both hands I had held didi’s slender waist forcefully. And she did not come, she exploded but neither Cheenu nor I left her. We only slowed our tempo and as soon she subsided we again started in full frenzy and it came wave after wave. And only when she almost collapsed we left her. She could not speak but her glimmering eyes were saying very good sis. Both of us hugged our guruji. We must have lied down for an hour, holding Neelu didi between us. Neelu didi got up and said,

Ragni man gaye, you really know how to suck and Cheenu you lost so much by refusing to her. Cheenu nodded. I smiled at Cheenu and said you also want me to suck the way I was sucking Neelu didi and she said,

han bahoot man kar raha hai But Neelu didi was not to give in and she commanded no,

pahle jaise maine kaha tha vasie bolo. This time Cheenu did not require any goading and said,

han Ragni please meri choot khub jam kar chooso jaise Neelu didi ki
choosi thi. I went between her thighs but Neelu didi said,

‘Nahin Cheenu ko bhi to choot chatna sikhana chaahiye . Ise sath sath
meri choot chatni ho gi aur main ise pakki choot chatori bana dongi.’ I
started licking Cheenu;s choot and Neelu didi went over her face. She
rubbed her soaked dripping choot on Cheenu’s face, which she was made to lick, hard. This time we did it very slowly extending our pleasure for more than and hour. We tried to sleep but it was not coming. Neelu didi told her experience and some adult jokes. And then she got an idea and she asked us to close our eyes for some time and she brought a drink, which was loking like coke but it, ws not when we drank it. It brought fire and we asked what type of cola it is. She smilead and said,Ramola. Mix of cola and Rum and it will bring back energy to us. Neelu didi made us to finger fuck her and then she asked us to fuck ourselves and describe and before we were on the verge of climax she made us stop and told us to swap fingers and I finger fucked Cheenu who in turned shoved her fingers inside my cunt and soon we came together again. It kept on and on. And suddenly when I looked at clock it was 5 am . ohh we spent entire night let us sleep we all exclaimed together. We slept till 9 and when I got up I knew we all are going to be fired for sleeping so late. I woke them and we got ready only thing was that we took bath together and Neelu didi made us all clean our golden brown young hair nay jhants (she made us say that).

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