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jab mEn bathroom se tEyar hokar baahar Aee to soch rahee thee ki Aj to DanT paRegee, lekin jab mEn 'ne dekha ki bahut se to abhee so hee rahe hEn aur kuchh ungh rahe hEn to pooree Ashvast ho gaee. mani rasoee men chaa'y bana rahee thee. mEn'ne rasoee ke kaam men mami kee madad kar'nee chahee to mami ne jhaT mujhe panchu hal'vaee kee dukaan se samose laane ke liye kah diya. mEn is panchu ke bachche se hamEsha kat'raatee thee kyonki is'kee nazar meree uTh'tee javaanee par jyada rah'tee thee. mami ne meree duvidha ko samajh'te hue kaha,

tabhi to tumhe bhej rahi hun . un becharon ki bhi good morning ho
jayegi and you will get it fast. As I turned to go she pulled out my chunni and said,

now it looks nice laughingly. After night’s teachchheengs with Neelu
didi I too have become bold and went out. When I reached at the shop suddenly there was a silence. I without bothering about everybody gaze at my boobs went to him and asked Samose. Looking at me leering his tongue over his lips he said,

han samose to acche hain bade bhi hain. I crossed my hands below my breast and pushing them further out.

Lekin mujhe jaldi chahiye and before waiting queue could protest he
gave me and I came back. Neelu didi had convinced mausi ji and Mausa ji that we would be permitted to go for a movie. But chhoTee mausi further suggested that may be we can have dinner also out side,

akhir itte din baad tino bahne mili hain kuchh ghum len mauj masti kar len. And mummy gave me money for our outing. Neelu didi guided us how to dress.

I wore a shalwar kurta, which was real tight, but Cheenu was made to
wear a frock. And when I put my breast massager under my bra I found even Cheenu had put hers. She smiled sheepishly and indicated towards her bra. As soon we came out, Neelu didi pulled away Cheenu’s dupata and I caged it in my bag, and with that went her past and we stepped into our mast jawani. We watched movies and spent some time in love lane, famous spot in gunj (and in those days it was really narrow) which led that first time a few boys while moving fondled our breast and our guruji rather encouraged it. When we came back it was Cheenu who stripped first and we repeated last night acts with more passion and joy.

Aj kee raat men nasha jyaada tha. kuchh to picture kee mastee thee,
kuchh laR'kon kee chheR chhaaR aur phir kal raat ke anubhav ke baad
khulaapan. hamen yah pata tha ki neeche ghar ke adults ap'na hee maja le rahe hEn aur hamen koee disturb kar'ne vaala naheen hai.

dekh'te hee dekh'te ham teenon bahanen mother jaat nangee ho gaee. hamaare tan par vastra naam kee koee bhee cheej naheen thee. halanki hamaare kisee ke pas lund naheen tha par har kisee ke saam'ne do do javaan chhok'ree ka nanga badan jaroor tha. jin angon ko mEn kabhee chhoone se bhee kat'raate thee ve hee ang ab mujhe param pavitra lag rahe the. ab meree samajh men A raha tha ki kyon in angon ke prati javaan hote laR'ke aur mard it'ne laalaayit rah'te hEn. kuchh hee der men ham teenon bahanen ek doos're kee choot, ganD, choochiyon par TooT paRee aur apnee jeebh, naak, angulee ek doos're men Daal'ne lagee.

And it went on and on. Neelu didi taught us many things so my mausi ji. One day when my mom and mausi ji were playing cards with mami ji and all ribald jokes, lewdest songs were going on all three of us also were backing one or other player, I blurted out to Badi, Mausi ji,

" Mausi ji aab aap Neelu didi ki shadi karva dijiye." Badi Mausi
responded strongly,

" Kyon tumhara kya phayda ho jayega , usko to licence mil jayega’.
chhoTee mausi came in my support,

" kyon sabse chhoTee salli hai sabse pahle to maja vahi legi chhoTee
salli ka jija par poora hak hai." And badi mausi immediately changed her stand and said, yes and she dragged me to her lap and kissing me fully on cheeks and squeezing my boobs said,

"Ragni teri to badi musibat hai pahle tujhe Neelu ka husband thokega aur phir Cheenu ka". chhoTee mausi again retorted and said,

"ismne musibat ki kya baat hai ye to jija salli ka hak hai akhir
tumhari mummy ne pahle bade mausa se maja liya aur phir chhoTe mausa ji se. dono se khub chudvaaya.’ Realizing that things becoming hot I decided to stand up and said,

accaha main chal'tee Hun but mami pulled me down. Now it was turn of mummy to interject. She said,

‘aare main sabse chhoTee thi to maine do- do jija ke sath maja liya aur meri beti sabse chhoti hai to ye bhi apne dono jija ke sath maja legi. Isme hairani ki kya baat hai’, and everybody started laughing including Neelu and Cheenu. Mami stopped laughing and very seriously asked Neelu didi,

sun Neelu agar Ragni tere mard se chudvaye to tujhe to koi aitraj nahi
hoga., aur Cheenu tujhe and both of them said in unison KOI NAHIN. And now badi mausi laughing told me,

chal Ragni to main 6-7 mahine main Neelu ki shaadi kar dungi aur tu apni saf suf kar ke rakh apne Jija se chudvane ko. And chhotee mausi said,

aur uske baad Cheenu ke mard se , par Ragni tere mard ko to… chudi
chudai and mami laughingly said,

aare aisa kuch nahin hai akhir experience bhi to koi cheez hai.


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09-07-2014, 12:14 AM
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But it was not to be. It was not that I was not willing, as it was a
contract between three of us too that we will share. I was rather more
than wiling and looking forward to it and I especially used to tease
Cheenu about it. Neelu didi had very high (or should I say long and thick) standards in her mind. She got also somebody who, ‘exceeded’ her expectations, engagement was done but poor chap had to go to US for some course and it delayed her marriage by two years and only last month she was married and was now on extended honeymoon.

Cheenu’s marriage was fixed a few months before mine and I was thinking I will this time not spare my Jiju. However, due to some problems in stars she could be married only one and half month after my marraige, after I came back from a month long honeymoon. And thus I went virgin to my hubby.

And talking of hubby bell rang and when Iopened the door it was my
hubby. He looked at me and said hey don’t have long face I have some good news for you so smile my darling. Mummy has rang me up in the office saying that marriage rituals will start after 3 days and as Cheenu and Neelu can not come you have to be there at least two days before marriage day. I had discussed with my boss and as dates of visit of foreign delegation is coinciding with marriage date I may not go but you can go and I will come during reception and bring you back. I know how close every body is I would have loved to be there, by that time smile has started forming on my face. And see I have got a confirmed ticket by AC 2 for evening train for day after tomorrow. Only problem is that train arrives there in the morning so I will have to tell somebody to pick you up or you can ask Mausiji to sent somebody.

I did not reveal to him that there is somebody too eager to pick me up but I said yes I will tell mausaji and somebody will come to pick me up and now a days everybody understands urgencies of job so at east if I can go to attend ceremonies and you can join us during reception it is more than enough. He further added that you know our friend Mr. Singh, he has a one room set right next to Mausaji's house and he insists that you stay there and I will suggest if you don’t at least just put your luggage shaady ke gahr main to vasie hi jagah ki jarrorat padti hai. And more it turned out to be a good day for us . You know that scheme where one can have one credit card free for once spouse. Today a card came on my company card in your name so go ahead and splurge for marriage.

I felt so happy I couldn’t tell. I was only thinking when I went to
kitchen to bring food that how happy Jiju will be after, listening that it
is only 48 hours which separate us. As soon my huuby went back to
office I started planning what I will wear for marriage. I decided that let me see what I wore during Cheenu’s marriage and this time it should be different and I would like to me it as sexy and bold as possible.

I picked up Cheenu’s wedding album and started looking into it. And
first picture itself made me loose breath. In the first picture itself,
Rajeev my Jiju Cheenu’s husband was looking so dashing, so handsome I was almost hypnotized He was gazing intently at my boobs and at that time they were 34c, proud, hard and being shown in a traditional choli with very deep cleavage, and backless. Chunri, which was assigned the task to hide them, was in my hands.

Then there were pictures of dinner I was feeding him with my henna
filled hands, I was singing lewdest gallis and teasing him and in one
picture I was blocking his way to kohabar, and recalling what he did with me there almost made my boobs hard. But I think as I said earlier I must narrate it properly.


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09-07-2014, 12:15 AM
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I had come back from honeymoon and everybody was teasing me esp. my mausis and cousins. And in turn I was teasing Cheenu and I was joined by two of her Bhabhis, Madhu Bhabhi and Rashmi Bhabhi (wife of his two cousins who had come to attend marriage). However when it came to singing gallis I also being nanad was targeted with choicest abuses. I have heard that Rajeev my Jiju is very extrovert bold and her family is also like my nanihal very open or rather more so. When Barat came a sehra was read from Brides side and some teasing songs were sung by mausi and mummy.

However, groom and his relatives including Samadhi (his father) distributed a paper, which teased us. There were some very bawdy questions like questions from Samdhin were,

baratiyon ke Liye Samdhin kya dalwati hain, Samdhin ko chadhane ke liye baans chahiye aur do aage se aur do piche se, and what will happen tomorrow when door will be shut and bride will be inside. It was especially distributed to all females of bride side. But I found mummy mausi and mami were enjoying it like anything. I went to Jiju and introduced myself but before I could began he hold my hands and said yes I knew You are my chhoTee most favourite and prettiest salli ho. See as you came this side, light has dimmed,

aap ke aane se shamma main rosh'nee bhi na rahi. His words were almost melting me. As soon animal was over, he came to and walked me to a corner and started chatting. Most of the time unashamedly he was looking at my boobs and to encourage him I took away my Chunri and was playing with it. He said,

salli ji lekin mujhe Ap'se yah shikaayat hamEsha rahegee. Ap'ne mera
haq maar diya hai. meree chhoTee saalee hokar mere se pah'le baazee maar lee. I giggled,

I know but how can I make amends for it. It was in the stars but you
can still cash your check whenever you want akhir salli to hun apki. He really felt happy and said sacchi I said han but using his lingo I said but there is punishment for premature withdrawal. He laughed loudly. Meanwhile his friends came and joined us.

I said, Jiju apne dosto se to intro karvaiye. Sure and before he could
say anything they all said yes we know that she is your only salli but
one said giggling but salli bahoot mast hai. Jiju frowned but I said,

arre salli ko salli to bolange. And everybody joined in merry making.
He told me name of everybody and introduced with her cousins and all female relatives and I remembered names of all of them to be used later. I went away for some chores and when I came back he was taking dinner but none of his friends or relatives were around. I snatched plate from his hand and exclaimed,

Jiju abbhi bhi ap'na haath hee istemaal kar rahe ho.He laughed and said

abhi bibi to nahin hai paas main to hath se hi kam chalana padega’. I
showed mock anger and said,

‘hey Jiju Ap mere men aur cheenu men farq kar rahe hEn

to phir ek'lauti chhoTee salli hone ka fayda kya hua’. And I started
feeding him using my own hands. When the lost morsel was left I took it to his mouth but splashed it on his handsome cheek, saying,

ki apni beahn aur meri nand se chatva chatva kar saff kara lijiyega.
However, he took me to ice-cream stall and this time he fed me. To be careful I insisted that he use spoon so that he cannot pay me back with same coin. But he had some other trick. When it was almost finished he took a big scoop and intending that he is taking to his mouth suddenly bend and poured it in my deep cleavage. There was no body in that corner. He said,

kyon salli ji saaf kar dun but I turned to ensure that it comes out of
my choli and even loosened the string and suddenly he almost saw my boobs. I became angry and said,

main apse gussa hun but he took me to paan stall aur apne hath se paan khilaya and I also gave pan to him with my hands, saying ok pata pati ho gayi. After some time groom came to mandap for marriage. I had changed to a tight shalwar kurta. He had seen my cleavage and I wanted to flaunt heights of my twin peaks. Yes I was wearing dupata but it was clinging to neck. I took a position close to my Jiju and started singing. Cheenu’s bhabhi was playing the dholak. I started with appetizer some welcome songs.

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09-07-2014, 12:17 AM
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Swagat main gaalee sunaon meri sakhiyan swagat main gaalee sunao,

Banne ke mathe pe tika nahin hai, tikuli aur bindi lagao,

sunao meri skahiyan swagat main gaalee sunao,

Banne ke hath main ghadiyan nahin , kangan aur choodi pahanao,

Pahnaon meri sakhiyan swagat main gaalee sunao ,

Banne ke pair main mauje nahin hai,

Payal aur bichuen pahanao sunaon meri skahiyan swagat main gaalee

Banne ke tan pe shirt nahin usko to arre usko to sari pahanao,

sunaon meri skahiyan swagat main gaalee sunao.

banne ke sine pe baniyan nahin hai, usko to aare usko to choli pahnao,

pahanao meri sakhiyan swagat main gaalee sunao,

Banne ke pass men pant nahin hai isko to saaya pahanao ,

Arre isko to saya pahanao, sunaon meri skahiyan swagat main gaalee

Banne ke sang main randi nahin hai aree iski to to behana nachaao.

(Let us sing a song of abuse to welcome oh my friends, let us sing a
welcome song. Groom does not have tika on forhead, put a tikuli and
bindi. Groom does not have a watch in his wrist put bangles in his hand. Make him wear bangles my friends and sing welcome song of abuse. groom does not have socks in his feet put toe rings and anklets in his feet my friends, sing a song tow welcome him. groom is not having a shirt on his body let hi wear sari. He does not have a chest let us put a bra on him. Groom does not have a pant oh my friends make him wear a saya and sing songs of abuse.oh my friends groom has not brought dancer a prostitute call sister of groom who will act as one. )

Meanwhile father of Jiju and other male relatives had come. Hs father
had big moustache. My mom said, aare Samdhin ko to kuch suna do and when I offered her to start all of them said,

nahin aaj tumhi sunao. And Jiju turned back towards me and said,
hey salli stock khatm ho gaya kya . I said,
arre apni bahno ko to aane dijiye asli vali unke liye rakhi hain. I
wanted to sing to both to Jiju and his father so I started and mummy mausi and bhabhi were repeating my lines as if an answer to question:

Munchho vale samdhi ka pare bana, hariyala bana sahzada bana,
Banne ke sar pe sheh'ra sohe sheh'ra sohe are log kahen,

Aare log kahen Maaliya ka jana,

Munchho vale samdhi ka pyara bana, hariyala bana sahzada banna,

Banne ke kanon men kundal sohe, arre log kahen, sunara ka jana ,

munchho vale samdhi ka pyara bana, hariyala bana sahzada banna

Banne ke tan pe suit sohe aare log kahe bajaajava jana,

munchho vale samdhi ka pyara bana, hariyala bana sahzada bana

Bane ke paon main juta sohe juta sohe arre log khaen mochi ka jana,

(Then his father interjected arre barat main mama bhi aye hain and
mummy nooded to me and I added)

banne ke sang main Mama ji aaye mama ji arre log kahen Mama ka jana.

(and there was laughter all around. Where Rajeev used to live it was
known as dhobi vaalee galee)

Dhobi ki galee se hoke aaya hai bana,

are Dhobi ki galli se hoke aaya hai bana

are log kahe arre log kahen ( and sing very loudly)

Arre log kahen Gadhe ka jana,

munchho vale samdhi ka pyara bana, hariyala bana sahzada bana.

(Oh lovely groom son of moustache father. He dons a headgear of flower and ho everybody says gardener sires him. He wears beautiful earrings and everybody says gold smith is his father. Oh my lovely groom my charming groom son of moustache samdhi. Groom wears a handsome suit and ohh everybody says cloths merchant has fathered him. Ohh, charming groom, lovely groom. He has a good pair of shoes adorning his feet and everybody says that cobbler is his father. His maternal uncle has come in Barat and ohh see what everybody is saying, his mama is his father. He has come through watermen’s lane and everybody says he is sired by donkey)

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09-07-2014, 12:18 AM
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Mami said aare Dulhe ki Bua ko kyon baksh diya vo bhi to pakii chhinaar hain and I started another galli welcoming Barratis, Jiju was surprised at my stock and gave me thumbs up sign and I started welcoming his father, uncles and mama,’

Moti jhalke lali besariyan main moti jhalke,

Banne ke papa angan me aaye , Jija ke chacha angan main aaye,

Aane ko aadar , Baithan ko kursi,

Pine ko pani , khane ko khana aur sang sone ko,

Arre sang sone ko unke papa ke unke chacha ke sang maja lene ko,

Dulhe ki Bua raji re, maja lene ko (and his Mama laughed.)

Moti jhalke lali besariyan main moti jhalke,

Banne ke maama, aare hamre Jiju ke mama angne men aaye,

Aane ko aadar , Baithan ko kursi,

Pine ko pani , khane ko khana aur sang sone ko,

Aare Sang sone ko dulhe ki amma raji re.

(My pearl is shining in my nose ring ohh my pearl is shining. Groom’s
father has come in my courtyard, welcome to him. Chair is offered to sit and food is offered too. But he will sleep with whom.ohh for sleeping with groom’s father and uncles and for enjoying with them Bua of groom is eager she will sleep with them. Mama of groom my jija comes and I welcome him offering chair to sit and water and food to eat but who will sleep with him.ohh mother of groom is too glad to sleep to enjoy night with him)

(Meanwhile jiju’s two cousin sisters, Gita and Guddo walked in and my
Bhabhi interjected arre jara apne ghar valon ka bhee to phayada karvao and I changed course)

Bhaiya Hamere angno main aaye Banne ka sala angan main aaye,

Aane ko aadar , Baithan ko kursi,

Pine ko pani , khane ko khaana aur sang sone ko,

Sang sone ko maja lene ko Tang uthaane ko,

Gita aur guddo rani raji re arre hamre bhaiya ke sang,

guddo aur Gita chhinaariya raji re.

(My brother has come to courtyard. I respect him and offer chair to sit
and water to drink. I give him food to eat but who will sleep with him.
Sister of groom, Gita and Guddo are eager to sleep and enjoy with him. They are willing to raise their legs and to get fucked. Gita and Guddo sluts are ready and willing.)

Baratis were taking it in right spirit. Guddo and Gita raised their
hands to be identified but they complained, Ragni bhabhi, play back singing nahin chalega and add some more spice. Jiju also joined them and said,

hey aisi galli to bhajan aisi lag rahi hai. Dulari a maid who was more
a relative and used to treat Cheenu and me as nanad wanted to join with the choicest of gallis but Jiju said,

pahle salli haar man lain ki inhe nahin aati. But my mom was not to
concede and she said,

theek hai Chal Ragni jara aaj kas ke suna de. My bhabhi and mami also goaded me to come with the bawdiest of songs, but badi mausi said,

sirf apni nandon ko hi nahin hamari smdhan ko bhi. And I began with
new zest with a traditional galli:

Chal mere ghode chane ke khet main chane ke khet main,

chane chane ke khet main, boya tha ganaa,

banne ki amma ko bua ko, aare banne ke mami ko legaya panDa,

Dabave dono jobana arre dabave dono jobana chane ke khet main,

chane ke khet main, chane ke khet main padi thi ghunchi,

Arre banne ki Jija ki bahna ko Roma rani ko le gaya mochi,

Arre roma ki dabave dono choonchi chane ke khet main,

chane ke khet main, padi thi rai, chane ke khet main ,

are banne ki bahna ko gita salli ko le gaya nai,

rat bhar kare chudai chane ke khet main,,

chane ke khet main, pada tha roda, chane ke khet main,

aare Banne ki bahna ko Guddo chhinaariya ko le gaya ghoda

arre Guddo rani ghont rahin launda chane ke khet main.

(Oh my horse comes to gram’s field. In the field was sugarcane. Mom and aunties of groom eloped with pundit who is squeezing their boobs.ohh my horse come to gram’s field where there is ghunchi. Sister of jija of groom, Roma is getting her tits squeezed. There was rye in grams’ field, and a barber has taken groom’s sister, a barber is fucking gita. There was a pebble in gram’s field, ohh my horse come to gram; field. Guddo slut, groom’s sister is being fucked by a horse she is devouring horse’s cock.)

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