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And I asked Jiju kyon maja aaya apni bahno ka haal sunakar. He was such a shameless man he taunted me but I’m sure with a lot of effort you must have learned one and now your stock is over and you will come back with your bhajans. Dulari coaxed me arre Ragni inhe vo ganga ji vala bhajan suna do and this time I focused only on his sisters and my nanads.

Ganga ji tumhara bhala karen ganga ji ,

arre Ganga ji tumhara bhala karen ganga ji,

Hamre Jiju ke bahana ki buriya, arre gita rani ki buriya,

taalon aisi pokhar aishi,

Jisamen 900 gunden nahyan karen , bur choda Karen maja loota Karen,

Ganga ji tumhara bhala karen ganga ji,

Hamre Jiju ke bahana ki buriya,

arre guddo chhinaariya ki buriya, deg aisi patile aisi,

Jismae 9 ma'n chawal paka kare, barati salle khaya Karen maja loota

arre Ganga ji tumhara bhala karen ganga ji.

(Ohh let Ganga ji bless you and do well to you. Ohh my jiju’s sister’s
cunt ohh Gita slut’s cunt is like a pond, like a pool in which 900
ruffians take bath and they fuck her cunt. Ohh my jiju; s sister pussy ohh Guddo slut’s pussy is like a big vessel like a cooking vessel in which 9 maunds rice is being cooked and all the barati’s eat it and enjoy her pussy.)

Mummy looked at me appreciatively and she with mausi Dulari and my bhabhis everybody joined me, and flow of gallis continued.

Aariya arriya barati salle baithe bich main dulhe raja ji,

Arre dulhe ki behana aare Gita salli phool tode,

phis'lee aur gir paDee bechaaree jee.

Arre unke arre Gita chhinaar ke bhonsade main ghus gayi lakadiyan ji,

Dauda dauda Rajeev bhaiya are apne munhava se khincha lakadiyan ji,

Arre dulhe ki behana aare Guddo chhinaariya phool tode,

phis'lee aur gir paDee bechaaree jee.

Arre unke arre Guddo chhinaar ke bhonsade main ghus gayi lakadiyan ji,

Ek kadam chalen do kadam chalen,

are tisare main ganDia men ghus gayi lakadiyan ji,

Dauda dauda Rajeev bhaiya are apne munhave se khincha lakadiyan ji.

(Baratis are sitting on periphery and groom sits in the center.Ohh
sister of groom Gita goes to pluck flower and she slips. Ohh she slips and falls. In her big pussy enters a piece of wood. Ohh groom rush ohh Rajeev my brother rush and pull out wood from her pussy pull it using your lips. Ohh Guddo slut sister of groom goes to pluck a flower. She slips and falls. In her cunt enters a piece of wood. She moves one step another step and falls again. In her asshole enters a wood. Ohh Rajeev my brother rush and pull out piece of wood)

Jiju looked at me with a newfound respect and saluted me. I crossed my hands just below my twin peaks and pushed them up acknowledging it. Meanwhile a cousin sis of mine came telling about some ‘crisis’ and I passed the baton to Dulari and bhabhi who continued in the same vain. Crisis was that girls were not able to locate jiju’s shoes, which were to be stolen. And when I looked around I found Gita is sitting in a strange pose. Although she was squatting on the ground but her legs were not touching the ground. I told my cousin to go and offer her a chair and I looked at her discreetly. She not only refused the chair but also was suspicious. And when she switched positions I could see that she has very cunningly kept shoes almost inside the skirt. And I devised a plan with my cousins.

One girl was given a glass of water and I made it freezing cold. Two
other girls were to take place just behind her and a cousin brother of
mine was also send on the mission. When water was offered to her she refused but my sis insisted and in confusion tilted the glass and water went not only over her but also inside her top and wetting her boobs. It was so cold she got up in reaction. My cousin brother was ready with towel and started drying her over her boobs. She tried to prevent and meanwhile two girls who were behind her eloped with Jiju’s shoes. And we started teasing her. I quipped hey Gita what you were doing with shoes in your skirt.

Bhabhi said, are Gita rani jute se kya ragaR rahee thee hamen kahatee mombattiyan aur bengan bhij'va detee. and even mummy joined and said,

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09-07-2014, 12:20 AM
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arre hamere itte ladke yahan hain kissi ke sath ye jute ke sath and her protests were lost in our laughter. And after marriage rituals it was time for kohabar and all the sallis and salhaj stoped Jiju’s entry.
First we asked money for his shoes. Bhabhi said,

arre nandoi ji ko paison ki kya kami, ek rat apni bahno ko kothe pe
baitha den aur phir Gita ki capacity to dekho Dulari taunted "arre uski to choot nahin hai poora bhonsada hai." Jiju sang a song and paid 1000 Rs. He said to me,

main dhakka laga kar andar ghus jaunga and I replied in the same way,
’ to kya Gita ki tarah samajh rakha hai bina dhakke ke andar to jayega bhi nahin. His Bhabhis and sisters pushed him and when he entered I did not leave the door. He saw the chance and he not only jostled me but also grabbed my joban. I did not flinch and pushed my boobs in his hand and at the same time my hand grabbed him down there and squeezed him over the pant sending my signals very clearly.

As soon as he entered door was closed and now turn was for my mom, mausi and mami He was too clever as before sitting he checked the place and before bowing he checked if there are sleepers and sandals. However with love I made him eat paan, which was eaten by Cheenu, and drink water, which was also done jutha by Cheenu. He was asked to cool a flame and my mummy and mausi sang:

kar chhinaare ke dudha bati, niche tumahri amma,

upar hamre banni ke papa,

chudvave tumhaari amma choden banni ke papa,

( ohh sluts son try to cool the flame. Down is your mother and on top
is brides father. Your mother is getting fucked and bride’s father is
fucking her.) How could bhabhi be left behind? She joined,

kar chhinaare ke dudha bati, niche tumhari behana upar hamere saiyan,
chodaven tumahri bahna choden hamre saiyan…..

( Ohh sluts son down is your sister and on top is my husband and
bride’s brother. Your sister is getting fucked and my hubby is fucking her). I asked Jiju a paheli,

Chhati se chhati Mile Mile chhed se chhed,

ragda ragdi hoyee to nik'la safed safed.

(When chest meets with chest and hole meets with hole and after some crushing white substance comes out)

He lauhed and said, very easy, what Cheenu and I will do tomorrow
night. All of us laughed. I taunted him, Jiju it only means that like your sis Gita you keep on thinking about only one thing and can not answer something simple, it is nothing but chakki. It has two holes and once wheat is grounded white floor comes out. Jiju was not to concede so easily. He said now you answer questions in our paper,

Samdhin kya dalvati hain aur kya kholti hain when baratis come. Rashmi Bahbhi answered,

dalvane ke liye mala main phool dalvati hain. Jija again asked me ok
salli ji now,

Chandi sa Badan tera phir itni jagah kyon kaalee hai. If answer was
that what I was thinking it was hard for me to give so I showed mock anger and said,

Jake apni bahno se poochhiye na unki bhi to vo jagah, Jiju laughed and said I know what place you are thinking but have you shown that place to me so how I can ask arre badan means face so on your lovely fair moon like face you have black eyes, eyes brows and eye lids and they make your chandi sa face so beautiful.

At the time of vidai, (parting) whole atmosphere changed. Joy,
merriments songs give way to sobs. Cheenu was sobbing and I too could not control my tears we had grown together, she was more than a cousin more than a sister. But Jiju being what he is, told me hey if I sob will you hug me too and including Cheenu everybody broke into laughter. For hugging your only salli you don’t require to sob or an opportunity and I hugged him hard. We looked to Cheenu and I said ,

hey jal to nahin rahi ho. She giggled and said vo promise yaad hai I
said ekdam and I will not leave him bas ek baar aaj tum try kar lo. Gita said,

bhaiya Ragni Bhabhi ko bhi le chaliye. And I promised to come in the
evening during reception. I had checked with Cheenu what she is going to wear for reception and I wore a similar dress to tease her. Jiju asked me to sit close to him and on his one side was Cheenu and on the other side was me. He introduced me to all his friends as bonus. One friend joked, Rajeev what will you unwrap first to night and pinching my cheeks, he answered of course Bonus. And now his hand touched my choli and he commented, hey I’m too eager to know choli ke piche kya hai. Now it was turn of Cheenu to tease me. She said,

arre to khol ke dekh lijiye and if you are bothering about me you have
full permission from my side. I wanted to pay back Cheenu and told my Jiju,

Jiju ye jo Cheenu rani iti chahak rahi hain, usko jyada mat tang
kijiyega. He made face and said,

hey to phir meri suhagraat kya aise hi,. I soothed him and pinching
Cheenu’s cheeks I replied,

mera matlab hai bahoot jyada tang kijiyega. During dinner he was so
caring her personally escorted me.

And when it was to time to go he asked hey kab milega, pointing towards Cheenu I said ,

pahle aaj ye kila to phateh kar lijiye aur phir agli baar jab main
milungi na to mere dono darwaje apke liye khule rahange and I slightly parted my thighs. He hugged me and squeezed my boobs saying,

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09-07-2014, 12:21 AM
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bhool na jana aur phir mana kar dena. I responded to his hug and said,

kis salli ki himmat hai jo mere is handsome Jiju ko mana kar de. I had
to leave by night train so I rushed back. Next day I rang Mom to know
what happened at Cheenu’s suhagrat. She told me Cheenu is in hospital as she requires to be stitched bahoot khoon kharaba ho gaya.

And I too joined in laugher. I asked hey what was the problem did
Cheenu refused or what or he is massive. No, which girl will refuse they are dying to get it in their choot but I think she was not properly wet and more than that yes it appears that he is massive too, gadhe ka jana.

mummy kee baat sun kar mEn khayaalon men kho gaee. kalp'na men apne Ap ko cheenu kee jagah samaj'ne lagee. mEn soch rahee thee ki jeeju Rajeev ke antim inch tak mEn uf naheen kar'tee aur saara ka sara hns'te hns'te jhel jaatee. tabhee tring tring... phone kee ghnTee baj uThee. phone par Rajeev hee tha,

saalee jee kya khabar hai.

Your salli will be meeting you just after three days.

Sirf meeting or mating, he was in his colors.

Ye to Jiju par depend karta hai but please aap mujhe lene a sakte hain Arre he responded warmly sure,

salli ko kya uska jija nahin lega to kya.. Uska Behan chod salla. I
stopped him midway and said,

ok aur kuchh khilaye pilayega bhi ki nahin. He said what about some big cream roll and I immediately got his meaning. I said,

hey mere to munh main pani aa raha hai. He laughed and asked,

kis munh main niche vale ya upar vale I said dono. Two days after I
left by evening train for Lucknow.

I had told attendant to wake me up half an hour before we arrive at
Lucknow. I washed my face, put fresh lipstick and was ready for meeting my Jiju. In a kurta shalwar my high points were clearly seen. And as soon as I alighted from the train he was there with his typical laugh and hugged me very hard saying hey kuchh aur and I laughed and said,

say it Jiju bada ho gaya hai na. Ghar chal ke achchhee tarh naap jokh
kar lijiyega ab 6 din to apke hi hawale hun. He said,

Ragni yahan aakar mEn asmnjas men paR gaya ki yahan do station hai aur tum baRee line par ho ya chhotee line par, I interjected and said,

Jiju ab chhoTee line vaalee aadten chhoR do, ab tum shaadee suda ho
gaye ho. He guffawed and said

hey agar mil jaaye to kya boora hai, I whispered,

kabhi Cheenu ke sath try kiya hai. He said,

vah to vahan haath lagaane se hee chihunk paR'tee hai, par tumhaaree baat alag hai, and he pinched me on heavy erotically swinging hips.

He has brought a Gypsy and when we started he drew me closer saying while driving one hand should be on horn and kept it there. I further came closer and said,

hey you should not start pressing horn in no horn zone. He squeezed my boob and said,

I think you are becoming very horny. My slender fingers started drawing a line on front of his tight jeans where a bulge was appearing. He pinched my tit and asked,

hey what you are looking for. I told Jiju,

you are really forgetful. You had promised me a big Cream roll. He

yes and I planned that but mausi (my mummy he used to call mausi and my chhoTee mausi being Cheenu’s mummy was mummy of course) has warned me that I must bring her daughter without causing any harm. I laughed and said,

and if you cause harm to her, when she reaches home. He too joined in laughter and said,

for that no body has any objection. I squeezed his now fully prominent bulge and said,

Jiju at least your salli will never object to it.

jese hee ham ghar pahoonche chheR chhaaR chal rahee thee. Mummy cheenu kee bua kee cholee men lag'bhag haath Daale kah rahee thee,

’dekho rat bhar apne bhaiya se dabvakar kaisa ho gya hai". Bua was no less. She tried to lift sari of mummy and said,

Bhabhi abhi apka bur ka darshan karati hun ki raat bhar kaise uchhal
kud hui usame.’ Meanwhile they looked at me. I touched bua ji’s feet and she blessed me,

‘jaldi se judavna bacche hon". I said,

no bua ji let me enjoy for some day. Bua ji immediately changed her
blessings and lifting me said,

"ha theek kahti ho, Roj rat main tumharee okhali main musal chale." I
laughed and said,

"Bua ji apna Musal to main layi nahi phir kaise okhali main Musal
chalega." Pointing towards my Jiju Rajeev she said,

"arre ye 6 haath ka Musal to samne khada hai vo kab kaam dega." Bua ne jeeju se kaha,

meri beti se kabhi sun'ne ko na mile ki aaj naga ho gaya. Meanwhile
Dulari bhabhi (maid who was more a relative and was pro in bawdiest songs) came out and hugged me. She said,

itti der main kyon ayi kya mard ke bina raha nahi jaraha tha. Meanwhile Cheenu’s bhabhi (Rashmi, wife of his cousin brother) came and said ,

arre Ragni arre mera mard le leti tumhara variation bhi ho jata.
Indicating towards Rajeev Jiju I said,

nahin bhabhi apka mard apko mubarak hon , main apne liye station se hi intezam kar ke ayi hun. Now she hugged me and pinched my boobs and said,

arre ab lag raha hai ki shadi ka ghar hai. I retorted,

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09-07-2014, 12:23 AM
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kyon bhabhi koi galli dene vala nahin mila tha kya chaliye ab sunati
hun apko jam ke. She said,

main sunane ko tars rahi thi. I said Bhabhi don’t forget in Cheenu’s
marriage what type of gallis I had sung and now I have added to my stock and looking towards Dulari I said,

aaj sari bhabhi logon ki aisi ki taisi hogi isliye apne kaan main ya
phir jahan chaahe vahan tel dal kar rakhen. Dulari laughed and said,

theek hai aaj tumhari sari kholungi bhai ki shadi hai. I said,

Dulari bhauji main to petticoat bhi nahin chhodungi. Meanwhile I saw
young beautiful teen maid. I said hey who she is. Dulari said,

arre ye raghu nau tha na uski bahu, aab yahi naayan ka kam karti hai. I was pleasantly surprised and hey he was so young and he got married. Dulari called her, "Basanti idhar aao, ye tumhari badi nanad hain Ragni didi’. She came and tried to touch my feet but I lifted her and opened her veil to look at her face. I took out 101 Rs from purse and gave it to her. She hesitated but I said,

hey meri chhoTee bhauji hai munh dekhai to karni padegi. Masui goaded her, apni nanad ko jara sham ko kas kar galli sunana. I pinched Basanti’s cheeks and said,

aur kya main isse bakhs dungi. She smiled and said,

arre nanad hain to phir bina gaalee sunaye kaise chhod dungi and
laughingly she went. Mausi chided hey,

Rashmi akhir nanad ko kuchh khilao pilaugi bhi ya sab ki sab meri beti ke pichhe pad gayi akeli dekh kar. Meanwhile Mausa ji came and said hey Ragni, a friend of your husband has come, Mr.Singh he is our neighbour and he has given keys of his suite. So you can keep your things there. It is very close. I said,

theek hai main abhi naha dho ke taiyaar hoke aati hun. Rashmi Bhabhi teased Rajeev,

arre nandoi ji nand ji ko jara theek se nahla dhula dijiyega. I thought
that I will be able to share some time with Jiju but Mausa ji
devastated us by saying Rajeev please after dropping her come immediately we will have to prepare list of persons who will be going in the marriage and all the arrangements for reception too have to be finished.

As we reached the room I opened my suitcase and brought out my lacy sexy bras and panties and put it on the bed. Rajeev was so excited looking at them .I said,

Jiju kaun se pahnu. He smiled and said,

koi nahin. Ok and I put all of them back and brought out my choli. He
picked one with a deep cleavage. I could see his hardness. I said,

now come and nahla do na apne hath se. He said yes I will but if I
don’t reach now Mausa ji will arrive here and sure we listened to his
voice. Rajeev went out laughing. I took bath and got ready. I followed Rajeev’s advice and was without bra and panty with a very low cut choli showing of my cleavage. When I was going on the stairs Rajeev was coming down. He was mesmerized and I dropped my anchal showing my full boobs. He asked hey no and I smiled and said check. He squeezed my boobs slowly and exclaimed VOW. Bhabhi asked,

hey Nandoi ji kya ho gaya and he said kuchh nahin and went away. Entire day we were busy preparing for marriage, arranging boxes, gifts, making lists and jiju too was engaged. During evening some more ladies came and songs started. Soon I saw Rajeev’s mom and Gita coming. I touched his mom’s feet and she blessed me "Khuba masti lo". I hugged Gita who had become more mature she told me now she is in std 12th. I asked about Guddo and she told me that Guddo has got married last month but she will be coming tomorrow to attend marriage.

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09-07-2014, 12:24 AM
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After finishing the chores I too joined ladies. Mummy mausi and mami
were there and so were Rashmi bhabhi and Dulari. Bhabhi was singing some devi song as it is customary that first five songs are devi songs. Then some banna songs started. Mummy and mami started and I too sang a banna in praise of my brother;

Ayo re raghuraj banna ban aayo re, aayo re,

Mathe maur mukaT kan bich kundal,

Dekh sabhe man bhave re, Ayo re raghuraj banna,

Khailen Raja Banre, Sajon par chaupar,

Khelaven rani banri, sajon pe,

Pahalli chall jit gayi rani banari,

Jit gayi rani banre ki hansi

(Ohh here comes my princely charming groom, On his forhead is beautiful headgear and earrings adorn his ear. He is cynosure of all eyes. Ohh my pretty groom, princely groom plays chaupar on nuptial bed. Groom plays and pretty bride is making him play. In the first move and princess bride pretty bride wins. She wins laughter of the face of lovely groom. ) But when I looked at Gita and my bhabhi I felt naughty. I began with a mild one:

Naye Naye palang ke naye chaar paye, Khatolana re,

Mera Jija ki salhaj ne Rashmi bhabhi ne , arre Dulari bhabhi ne,

16 yaar bulaye vo to dona leke aye,

Ladaka rove kahar kahar, palnga hove charar marar,

Bistar pa hove ghasar masar,

Soja beta, naye papa aaye.

( ohh new cot has new four legs. Small pretty cot. Oh salhaj, sister in
law of my jija, my Rashmi Bhabhi has invited 16 boy friends. They come and come with sweets in leaves. Hey baby is crying, cot is cringing, and bed is having murmuring sound. Ohh my baby go to sleep your new papa has come.)

Mom said hey you forgot your sasu ji. I touched her feet and said galti
ho gayi abhi lijiye. Dulari bhabhi responded," hey Ragni bibi jab main
chalu ho jaungi na to apni bachati phirna". I laughed and said,

Mandir main ghi ke diye jalen mandir main,

Main tumse puchhun hey mere jija,

tumhari amma ka karobar kaise chale, mandir main,

Main tumse puchun hey mere Jija,

tumhari behana ka tumhari Gita ka karobar kaise chale,

Aare unke raton ka rojgar kaise chale,

unke jobana ka vyapar kaise chale,. mandir main.

(In the temple ghee lit earthen lamps are lit, in the temple.i ask oh
my Jija how is the business of your mom is doing. I ask ohh my lovely
jija, how is business o your sister, how is nocturnal business of your
sister Gita is going. How is he selling of boobs are going. Lamps are lit
in the temple)

Meanwhile Mausi came and asked hey somebody go and serves Rajeev he has to go. I offered but Bhabhi left and served meal to both Jiju and my brother.

Hey mere Jiju khane jo baithe kone mat baitho kone main lage tatiya,

Arre tumhari amma ke bil main arag samaaye,

sarg samaye ghoda gadi ko pahiya,

Bail ko sing bhains ko chutar, arre meri bua ke sare bhaiya.

Arre tumhari bahna ke bil men arre Gita ke choot main,

arag samaye, sarg samaye ghoda gadi ko pahiya,

Bail ko sing bhans ko chutar, arre mere sare bhaiya.

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