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09-07-2014, 09:45 PM
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Chapter 2

Siya could go to him at night one more time, after her sister had slept, before Ramesh returned from his business tour. That night also the same performance was repeated because Abdul did not want her to get scared; also he wanted her to get interested in every act of sex. He was patient and did not undress her fully on the night when she had gone again to his room, a day before her daddy was to return, but he made her suck him off and drain out his cum inside her mouth, which she swallowed without any protests.
Next month, her father as a routine had gone on his business tour for 4 days and that day she was having 5th day of her periods; she had not gone to his room for almost twenty days, so she getting impatient to feel his hands and body next to her. She got wet in her panties every time she remembered all that had happened between them on those two nights when she had gone to his room. She decided to go to his room on the very first night, after the departure of her father on the business tour, and she planned to go, as early as possible, so that she could stay longer with him; and she wanted to give him a surprise by going to him without his prior information. She had managed to get a few sleeping pills from her father's closet, which Ramesh used to take every night; and at night she put a pill in her sister's milk immediately after they finished the dinner. She did not wait till they all had retired to their respective bedrooms. She was out of her room by 11.15 P.M. and on her way to the stairs leading to the roof she checked her mother's bedroom. When she heard rustle of clothes from inside she knew her mother was getting ready for bed. She went up the stairs and gently closing the door behind her after reaching the roof she walked inside his room. She did not bolt the door after reaching the roof because bolting and then unbolting did make a little sound, which she wanted to avoid. It was almost a full moon night and not very cold too. She found the door of his room open. She silently entered the room and finding him laying in his bed in his normal attire at night- a vest and the lungi (wrap around). His eyes were closed but she knew he would not be sleeping so early. He opened his eyes as he sensed obstruction in the moonlight entering his room. He was pleasantly surprised because on earlier occasions they would fix up the meeting and he would be waiting for her. He sat up and pulling her to him, he took her in his arms and started kissing and roaming his hands all over her body. He could not wait to view her naked body in the moonlight so he took off her nightie, bra and panty and for the first time she stood naked before him without an stitch of cloth on her young virgin body. She was feeling very shy and embarrassed standing naked for the first time in front of a man, her hands immediately covered her swollen breasts and she sat down trying to cover her jewel between her folded legs. He got up and pulling her up undressed himself fully, then embracing her tight and placed his lips over her lips and pushed his tongue inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue. His right hand was mauling her breasts while with his left hand he was holding her close to himself. She used to feel his hardened member whenever he embraced her but could not dare touch him despite her desperate desire she did not initiate to touch him. Her prayers were soon accepted when he took her right hand and put it on his throbbing member. It was very hard and very big and when her hand touched it she could feel it throb violently. Since some moonlight was coming inside the room from the open door, she could see for the first time his circumcised cock. She was fascinated with the prospects of getting to explore his body and was fast getting wetter than she ever had been.
"Ooohhhhh... uunnnnnhhhhh", she moaned.
"Aaj dil bahut kar raha tha kya?" (Did you want it very much today?)
"..." She dint reply but her rapidly turning red in her face said it all.
"Bol na..." (Speak up).

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09-07-2014, 09:46 PM
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"uuuhhhhhnnnnnn... Itni jor se mat dabao" (uuuhhhnnnnn... Do not squeeze so hard).
" Kya dabaa raha hoon?" (What am I squeezing?), He asked mischieviously.
"Dhatt... mujhe nahi pata" (Hushh... I do not know), she said hiding her face in his hairy chest.
He lowered his face and clamped his mouth on one of her swollen breasts. He kissed and fondled her breast holding it in one hand and his mouth could almost take half of her breast in mouth. He bit it a little harder while squeezing it roughly, which made the teen cry with pain and pleasure; his other hand was caressing all over her ass-cheeks.
" aaaaaiiiiiiii... dheere... e... e... ee" (aaaaiiii... gently... y... y)
He increased the pressure of his teeth on her soft flesh to leave reddish mark of his teeth on her breast.
" Kya kar rahe ho? Kitna dard ho rahaa hai, tumhen kya pataa." (What are you doing? How much it's paining, you do not know), she scolded lovingly.
He shifted his mouth to her another breasts and was kissing, biting, kneading it hard before his hand moved to the one his mouth was until a few minutes back. She was going mad with excitement; the pain would always lead to pleasure and she realized that whatever she had heard in her friends'circle about love making was not enough before what she was experiencing.
He laid her on his bed and then lay himself upon her soft and silken body. He was much heavier than her, but she hardly felt his weight crushing her.
"Darwaza band kar do... mujhe sharm aati hai" (Close the door... I feel shy).
He got up and closed the door leaving a little opening to allow a beam of moonlight to enter the room. He joined her in his bed laying himself on his back he pulled her over his naked frame and embraced her tight. She was clinging to him. He parted her legs pushed his hard cock between her thighs through her crack between her ass cheeks; his cock came out between her thighs facing the roof. She could feel it throb and her seeping juices were wetting its stem. He was moving the cock forward and backward between her thighs causing the most pleasurable friction that was getting unbearable for her with every passing minute. Her breasts were crushed against her strong chest and had almost flattened with increasing pressure. His mouth sought her lips again and he started kissing and biting her lips gently. She felt the onset her orgasm hitting her body as she shivered with its intensity. He knew she was ready for the real taste of his cock and would willingly accept his cock inside her virgin pussy. He wanted to take her cherry that night but she was still too scared so he decided to get a blowjob instead. She sat down on the floor, took him in her tiny hands and caressed his wildly throbbing cock. He knew it was going to take only a few minutes when he would be releasing his stored juices, so he pulled her face into his croach and she took him in her mouth licking his cock with her tongue by tracing the stem with it, while her lips sucked him. He held her head in his hands and started moving his cock to and fro in her mouth trying to go deeper in her mouth. Twice she choked on his cock as she was unable to take more than half of it and tears came in her eyes from choking. She felt him throb vigorously in her mouth and she could sense that he was soon to deposit his hot and thick juices inside her mouth. She herself was approaching her orgasm with his toe massaging her pussy lips. In barely three minutes she felt a hot jet of his semen hitting the back of her throat, followed by another and then two more smaller jets. She immediately swallowed before she might choke with her mouth already full with his juices and her own saliva.
Her mind would be occupied most of the time thinking about her meetings with Abdul, her studies suffered a lot. She had her final exams after a month- in April, and she wanted to make a career so she desparately tried to concentrate on her studies. Whenever she tried to study, her body craved for his touches, his caresses, his kisses and even the pain that he caused. After a few days she could concentrate a bit on her studies, but as soon as she saw him, she would get wet. He would wink at her if no one was looking and she felt shy knowing what he meant by his winks. She wanted her exams to get over at the earliest.

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09-07-2014, 09:47 PM
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She finished her exams but was not very satisfied with her preparations. She was always a bright student so wanted to maintain her grades, but she knew this time she might slip down in her class.
After exams as a routine both the girls went to mausaji's house for a few days so that they had a change and also because such visits would help the three sisters in a stronger bond. But Siya didn't want to go there that summer; however when her father insisted that they return after a week or ten days only, she agreed to go. It was for the first time that she had shown unwillingness to go there and everyone was surprised because they knew Siya was a favourite with her mausa and mausi both. During her stay there mausa and mausi found her preferring to sit alone or she would sleep in the days too, which she normally did not do. They thought might be it was because of hormones changing at this age when a girl goes through physical and psychological changes. Both the sisters came back only after 6 daysof stay at mausa's house.
Although Ramesh was home when the two sisters returned, Siya could not suppress her desires and went to his room at night at 1 am after Tripty went to sleep feeling tired after journey. He was asleep in his bed, keeping the door and windows open, as it was pretty hot in April. She just laid herself in his bed and embraced him. He woke up was happy to see her in his own bed. He quickly undressed her, took off his lungi (he wasn't wearing anything else because of warm weather). Soon they both were stark naked and were in each other's arms kissing, caressing, and sucking eack other impatiently.
"Meri yaad aayi?" (Remembered me?), she asked looking into his eyes in the dim light coming from outside.
" Kya mere laude ko dekh kar tumhen pata nahin chalta? Roj raat ko issi tarah khada hokar jhad jaata hai mere haath mein" (Can you not judge it after watching my cock? Every night it gets hard then comes in my hands only), he said smiling and then clamped his mouth on her left breast and started massaging her clitoris with his one hand thumb. She started moaning with pleasure and with one of her hands she pressed his hand that was massaging her most vital organ.
He started pushing one of his fingers inside her pussy and trace along her pussy lips while he continued to rub her clitoris. All of a sudden when he found the clit rather hard, he started pinching and twisting it between his forefinger and the thumb. It was too much for her and she started coming just after two minutes of extreme pleasure he was providing her.
He laid himself over her naked body and started giving her a body massage while he made sure that their genitals were rubbing against each other. He pushed a pillow under her buttocks and this time he concentrated rubbing her pussy lips with his coarse pubic hair. All this time his lips were moving all over her upper body with kisses; her lips, ears, neck, cleavage, breasts, nipples and even arms received licking from his tongue. She was panting with ecstacy and her body was soaked in his sweat. She was trembling with excessive pleasure and could feel his pubic hair scratching her most sensitive parts taking her to one orgasm after another.
He sat up on the bed and with urgency came between her legs. Lifting her both the legs and placing them on his shoulders, he held his cock in his right hand and placed it at the entrance of hole parting the lips with its swollen knob. He rubbed the pre-cum juices along the length of the lips tracing with his hard knob.
"Aaj nahin ruk sakta... aaj to lauda daal kar teri choot ko khol doonga" (Cannot restrain today... today I'll open your pussy with my cock), he groaned.
She opened her eyes, which had closed with excessive ecstacy. She was still scared to go all the way, more so because her father was in the house and she was already in his room for over an hour. She took her right hand between their bodies, held his hard cock and started rubbng it against the inner lips without letting it enter her.
"Please aaj nahin... Papa ghar pe hain... mujhe apne room mein jaldi hi jaana hoga" (Please not today... Papa is home... I shall have to return to my room soon), she pleaded.
"Ek baar chod lene de na" (Let me fuck just once), he tried to pull his cock from her hand's grip.
" Please aaj nahin... lao choos leti hoon" (Please not today... come, let me suck you off).
" Main jhadne wala hoon... chal choot pe ragad ragad kar jhad jaata hoon" (I'm about to come now... okay I shall come on your pussy while rubbing it with my cockhead).
She did not reply, but took away her hand and ran her fingers on his chest lovingly, touching his nipples, caressing them with her fingertips.
He kept on rubbing his cockhead inside the parted lips of her pussy and she cried softly feeling his hardness rubbing her to yet another orgasm. She ground her pussy back and forth, rubbing up and down his cock calling his name again and again.
"Ohhh... oohhh... Abdulmm... uugggnnnnn... Abdulm ruk jao naaaa... hhaaaaa..." (Ooo... oohhh... Abdulm... uuugggnn... Abdul please stop... hhaaaa), her hands went to his hips and pulled him towards herself. For once she wanted to ask him to enter her, but before she could do that he groaned loudly and his come was sprayed between the open lips of her pussy and her pubic hair.

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09-07-2014, 09:51 PM
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" aaaahhhhhhhh... mmmmmm... uuuufffffffffff", and he collapsed over her body. She came once again; it was difficult for her to remember how many times she had come that night.
After he came on her pussy inside the folds of its lips, she took her right hand to feel his semen; she touched it with her fingers and found it thick, white, glue like sticky substance.she rubbed his semen within the folds of her lips and it was very exciting to feel that she could make him so excited even without letting him enter her. After resting for some time he rolled off her body and grabbing one of her breasts he insisted that she suck him off to another orgasm, which she refused teasingly. He was adamant and his cock had not lost his hardness fully so finally she decided not to waste time on teasing anymore. She got up in bed and ran her fingers in his pubic hair, which were wet with their combined juices and were getting coarser as his semen was drying. She bent her head and holding his semi-hard cock looked at the circumcised head and traced it with her tongue tip. She felt it twitch I her hand, she smiled and looked in his eyes. Even in the dim light she could see the effect she was having on him; he groaned and this was a sign that he was enjoying it. She could taste their combined juices on his cock head and it was her first time to taste herself. Her palm was holding his heavy balls and she took her mouth there. She took each ball in her mouth and sucked it while moving her fist up and down on his cock that was regaining its hardness. After sucking both the balls taking them alternately inside her mouth, she came back to his throbbing cock again and making an oval shape of her lips she sank it on his cock, taking it deeper slowly. Her eyes moved towards his and she found his eyes closing and opening with pleasure. His one hand came to hold her head and push it down over his cock. He started pistoning motion with his hips trying to get his thick bulb of cock reach back of her throat. She started moving her lips in rhythm with his motion and took her other hand to caress his balls.
"oohhh jaannnn... mere laude ko poora andar le le" (ooohhh dear take whole of my cock inside).
She worked enthusiastically on his cock trying to milk him as soon as she could so that she could reach her room at the earliest. By now she was a bit worried as it had been almost two hours in his room and it was early morning hours already.
All of a sudden she felt his one hand grab her breast and felt it squeezed hard, pulling her nipple ouwards and twisting it. His other hand reached between her thighs and was squeezing her pussy lips. She bit on his cock gently trying to control her moans and this took him on the verge of his orgasm. He increased the pace of his hip movements and with the result his cock was going in and coming out of her mouth faster.
"uuuuhhhmmmmmmm... aaahhhhhhhh", she moaned.
She felt his cock spasm inside her mouth and soon after jets of boiling come hit her throat, which she swallowed eagerly. Since it was his second orgasm immediately after the first, the quantity of his juices was less than usual. She drank all his juices till he was drained of his last drop. Just as she felt the first jet hitting inside her mouth, she had her next orgasm.
After lying for a few minutes, she got up and started dressing herself up to leave. He got up and held her in tight embrace, kissing her lips, he caressed her ass cheeks and kneaded them pulling her till then uncovered pussy to rub against his softening cock.

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09-07-2014, 09:51 PM
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Chapter 3

Three days after their last meeting, Ramesh received an urgent call from one of his Agents asking him to come down to settle some disputes regarding the products supplied to the dealers in his region, so he had to rush immediately. Siya had not anticipated that she would get another chance of meeting Abdul so soon. She was kind of getting addicted to him; feeling his dark muscled body next to her in his bed was intoxicating. She longed to be in his arms snuggled against his hairy chest, her soft and silky naked body clinging to his hard and giant naked frame with her breasts rubbing against his hairy chest and his cock eager to penetrate her. Her heart was pounding faster with the news of her father going out for at least 3-4 days. Abdul had gone to drop Ramesh at the airport and when he was back by late evening, he found Siya was out in the lawn. They exchanged unspoken words and the meeting for the night was fixed through the slight movements of their heads. Siya was very happy and was looking forward to spend much longer time with him that night.
Abdul had retired to his room. He used to get his dinner from a widow staying just four blocks away, since he did not know cooking. His tea, breakfast and lunch were supplied from Ramesh's house; the maid would deliver it to him. Sunaina and her two daughters had planned to have an early dinner after which Tripty wanted to watch TV for some time as she could not find much to do during her summer vacations. Sunaina said she was a bit tired so would rather go to bed a bit early. Siya was finding it hard to persuade her younger sister to go to sleep early. Both the sisters were very close to each other; they were more friends than sisters. They shared most of their secrets, but Siya could never
think of telling Tripty about her relationship with Abdul; she knew it would be too weird to tell her that she was having sex with their own chauffeur. By 9.30 P.M. Sunaina had gone to her bedroom. Siya unwillingly sat watching TV with her sister for some time, but her eyes were not on TV screen. She was looking somewhere, lost in her thoughts. By 10 P.M. Siya also went inside the bedroom that she shared with her sister. Tripty enjoyed company and she got bored watching the TV programmes alone, so she reluctantly switched off TV and went to the bedroom to chat with Siya. Both of them changed into their nighties and started talking about their friends and boys in their school. Siya got up telling her that she would get warm milk for both of them and will continue their talks for some more time. In the kitchen Siya felt guilty while putting the sleeping pill in her sister's milk, but smiled remembering the saying 'everything is fair in love and war'. She was not sure if it was love with Abdul, but it was some kind of attraction bordering around infatuation.

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