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Me and My Family
09-07-2014, 09:52 PM
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In half an hour Tripty announced that she was feeling sleepy and before it was 11 P.M. she was sound asleep. Both the sisters did not wear brassiere at night under their nightie. Siya decided that she would not put on her bra, as she would have to ultimately take it off when she was with Abdul. She called out Tripty's name 2-3 times and when she was sure that her sister was sleeping, she put on her slippers and switching off the night lamp, she slipped out of her bedroom. She tiptoed towards the stairs and on her way checked her mother's bedroom. There was no sound from inside which meant her mother had gone to sleep. It was just past 11 P.M.; she was sure that luck was favouring her tonight because both her mom and sister were sleeping and her father had gone out so she would be able to stay with him for a few hours without any fear.
She gently unbolted the door to the roof and just pulled the door shut. She saw his door open and knew he was waiting for her. She smiled feeling the dampness in her pussy with anticipation. He was lying on the bed wide-awake. He sat up in the bed when she entered his room. It was semi-dark inside the room. Some light was always there when his door opening in the roof was open. She saw only a thin sheet covering the lower half of him and he was naked above his waist. She could see the tent like formation in the sheet and knew he was hard already. He stretched his hands to reach her and pulled her on his lap. She could feel his hard cock as she fell on his lap; her ass cheeks rested on his stiff pole. She was wet now and was waiting for him to undress her so that she could feel his naked body transferring his heat in her body.
"Please darwaza band kar do, mujhe sharm aati hai"(Please shut the door, I feel shy), she pleaded.
"Aaj teri sari sharm door karni hai. Ek baar mera Lund poora choot mein jaate hi phir kabhi sharm nahin lagegi" (Today I shall remove your shyness for ever. Once my cock enters fully, you shall never feel shy in future), he muttered.
He sat me on the bed and threw the thin cloth sheet from his lower half that was covering his vibrant cock, and got up to close the door without shutting it close so that a very dim light could filter in to make things visible. He moved towards me waving his mast and came closer to me till his cock waved just inches before my lips. I looked up in his eyes, knowing well what he was expecting, but I was still a bit shy to take initiative.

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09-07-2014, 09:52 PM
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"Mera lund choos na meri jaan. Issey acchi tarah chikna kar de jissey isskey teri kori aur chhoti si choot mein jaane se tujhe dard kam ho" (Suck my cock, my dear, make it so wet that it hurts you the least while entering your small virgin cunt), he hissed.
His crude open words caused a sensation in whole of my body; they excited me more when he used them. I held his cock in my righ hand and my left hand reached for his hanging balls. I brought my mouth close to the cockhead and touch it with my tongue tip. He shivered with sensation. I traced around the bulb with my tongue then licked the underside of the stem a few times. I did it all by instinct and from his moans I could know that what I was doing was pleasurable to him. I then opened my mouth and took the soft and smooth bulb inside my mouth and started sucking on it; but soon I was pushing my lips over the throbbing shaft pulling him deeper inside the mouth. I continued to run my tongue around the sensitive cockhead. He pulled up my nightie and taking it off over my head threw it aside. I was naked above my waist. He took both my round firm breasts in his hands and squeezing them hard he pulled their nipples and pinched them hard.
"aaahhhh... aaaiiiiiiiii... uuuhhhmmmm... aaaaiiiii', I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure.
He started thrusting his hard cock in and out of my mouth, trying to force his cock deeper in my mouth than I had taken and at times I used to choke on it. He was massaging my breasts, mauling them hard. I decided to take my panties off so that he would know I was ready for anything he wanted.
I heard a sound because my ears were alert all the time. I guessed it was the sound of the door from stairs that I had shut behind me but left unbolted from roof side. I froze and pulled my mouth away from his cock.
" Maine koyi aawaz suni hai... shayad Tripty theek se soyi nahi ho jab main tumhare paas aane ke liye chali thi aur mere peeche chupchap aa gayi ho" ( I heard some sound... possibly Tripty was not sound asleep when I left my room for here and may be she followed me here stealthily), Siya was a bit uneasy because she knew Tripty will hate it that she did not tell about the new relationship between her and Abdul. She was confident that in no case the matter would be reported to the parents, which was a big solace.
"Ruko, main dekhta hoon" (Wait, let me see).
He peeped out of the small opening between his door and the doorframe. she was so confused that in the darkness she could not find my panties. She was shocked when she saw Abdul opening the door and stepping out on the roof stark naked; he half shut the door leaving ample light filtering in in the room. She had already moved to the other corner of his room that was comparatively darker. She had her nightie in her hands but did not find time to put it on.

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09-07-2014, 09:53 PM
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She was waited in silence till she heard some voices but she could not decipher the conversation or the person who was there on the roof with him. She was very shocked and annoyed with Abdul for stepping out of the room to face Tripty stark naked with his cock bobbing. When she hear them kissing she moved noiselessly towards the half shut door and tried to peep out to find out what they were doing.
She could not believe her eyes when she saw her mother Sunaina in tight embrace with Abdul. She was kissing him wildly with her arms around his neck and his both hands had pulled up Sunaina's nightie over her butts where his hands were roaming and kneading her ample ass cheeks. Siya was dumbfounded; she could not believe that her mother was having extra-marital relations with him, while he was looking for new pastures in the family itself. She hated her mother but nevertheless it excited her to watch her mother and him engaged in sex. Her mother was making enough noise while kissing him feverishly. After a few minutes she saw her mother's one hand reaching between them and soon it was pumping his already swollen cock.
" Aaj to tum lagta hai mera intezar kar rahe the... chalo kamre mein chalet hain" (It seems today you were waiting for me... come let us go in the room), she tried to pull him towards his room and I froze with fear.
" Nahin, yaheen chat ke farsh par hi chudai karunga. Tum aaj ek mahine baad chudwaane aayi ho. Kya mere laude ka swaad pasand nahin aata?" (No, shall fuck you here on the floor of the roof itself, you have come today after a month. Do you not like the taste of my cock?), he teased.
" Yeh sawaal tumne pichhle chheh mahinon mein toh nahin poochha. Aana chah kar bhi mauka nahin mila, lekin aaj to rahaa nahin gaya... neend bhi nahin aa rahi thi. Donon ladkiyan so gayi hain isliye aaj mauka tha aur chali aayi tumhare paas"(you never asked this question during last six months. I wanted to come, but did not get an opportunity, but today I could not control... was not getting sleep. Both the girls are sleeping in their room so found the opportunity and came to you), she continued, "yaad nahin hai jab ladkiyaan apni mausi ke paas gayi thi tab Ramesh ke sone ke baad aayi thi, aur jab who bhi do din ke liye baahar chale gaye the toh poori do raaten tumne mere bistar mein gujari thi"(don't you remember that when the girls had gone to their mausi then after Ramesh had gone to sleep I had come to you; and when he had to go out for two days, you had spent both the nights fully in my bed).
"Yaad hai meri rani, lekin mera dil itne se nahin bharta na... main toh hardam tumhari choot mein lund daale pada rehna chahta hoon" ( I do remember my dear, but it's not enough... I want keep my cock in you all the time)
"Chalo, chalo, jhoote... ab kamre mein chalo mujhe bhi tumhare lund ki garmi leni hai" (liar... come let us go to your room I also want to feel the heat of your cock).

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09-07-2014, 09:53 PM
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I could not believe my ears, I could never imagine mom to use such a slang word. I recalled Abdul had started asking me to use the dirtiest words just as he would use, but I could never gather enough courage or I thought such words would ever come out of my mouth. I was shivering when I heard mom insist on coming inside the room. I moved back to the darkest corner of the room and hid myself behing two chairs lying in that corner; I had lost the hearing power for next few minutes. I was trembling with fear and prayed that he never gets her here in the room. I saw the door opening and started sweating with extreme fear and shame. He pulled up a blanket from the wardrobe and went back on the roof leaving the door azar.
I heaved a sigh of relief but still was not comfortable. I waited behind the two chairs for next five minutes early, undecided what I should do; and then I once again regained my hearing power when I heard the sound mother made while kissing. I moved back behind the door and started watching the action on the roof. During these few minutes my own pussy juices had dried up out of fear. I saw the blanket was spread over the floor very close to the door, may be he expected me to watch and hear them properly, and my mom was start naked on her knees in front of him; her nightie was lying abandoned on the roof and she was sucking him wildly with her hands on his butts pulling him while her head moved to and fro on his rigid shaft. This scene brought fresh juices in my pussy. His hands were holding her face and he was madly pumping his cock inside her mouth.
"Bas ab nahin raha jaata. Ab daalo apne lund ko andar" (Now I cannot wait. Now put the cock inside me), saying this she laid herself on the blanket and spread her legs to welcome him between them.
He soon took position between her spread legs and aiming his cock at the entrance pushed the cockhead inside her well-lubricated cunt. He bent forward and took her right nipple in his mouth and stretching his legs outwards he raised his hips a little and then rammed all of his cock deep inside mom's waiting pussy.
"aaahhhh... aaahhhh... uuuhhhmmmm... chodo jor jor se ab" (aaahhh... aaahhhh... uuuhhmmmm... now fuck me harder), she said putting her hands on his butts and pulling him down...
" Itne dinon baad mili ho aaj phir se tumhari choot ke chhed ko chauda kar doonga. Tum bhi choot ko uchhaal uchhaal kar chudwao" (You have come after a long time, I shall once again widen your cunt hole. You also move your hips in rhythm), he said lifting his mouth from her nipple that he was chewing and sucking. He went back to her another breast and started biting its flesh gently her moand grew a bit louder.

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09-07-2014, 09:55 PM
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"Main bhi toh ye hi chahti hoon" (I too want the same), she replied kissing his shoulder blades. He continued his in and out motion in her cunt and she was trying to embrace him tighter-using both her hands she had wrapped them around his waist.
" Mere Raja tumhara pora lund andar tak nahin jaa rahaa" (My dear your cock is not able deeper inside me), saying this she raised her hips and wrapped them around his hips and was pressing them hard to feel him deeper. It became difficult for him to slide the cock in her cunt comfortably. He told her that he was unable to pull out enough of his shaft out before pushing it back in because of her legs' pressure on his butts.
"Lekin mujhe tumhare poore laude ka swaad toh mil hi nahin rahaa"(But I am not able to taste your entire cock), she complained.
"Hmmmm... phir tu kutiya ban jaa... apne ghutne aur hathon per... Main peechhe se aakar tujhe kutte ki tarah chodunga" (Hmm... Then you be like a bitch... on your fours... I shall come behind you and fuck you like a dog).
She probably wanted it; she pushed him away and swiftly went on her fours on the blanket. She raised her round and heavy and waited impatiently for him to thrust his cock all the way in one swift and hard push. He did not disappoint her. He came behind her and traced the crack between her ass cheeks from her cunt lips to her anus.
" Aaaahhhh... ccceeeeeee... ooohhhh... aahhhh; ab lauda daalo na jaldi se... choot khujla rahi hai tumhare mote lund ke liye" (Aahhh... ccceeee... aaaahhhh; now push the cock in immediately... my cunt is itching for your thick cock).
He traced his cock between the crack for a few more minutes and his pre-cum had made the crack slippery. For once he thought of putting it in her ass to make her cry with pain (He had done it a few days back when Ramesh had to go for two days and both the daughters were at their mausi's house; but she could not bear to stand even half of his cock in her ass so he had to pull it out and push it back inside her pussy where he finally came), but he knew that it was night and he would need enough lubrication to penetrate her ass and they were in the open so if she could not control her cries then others in the house may hear it.
He bent over her raised hips; clutching her hanging breasts he manoeuvred his hips to bring his cock-head at the entrance of her very wet pussy. He raised his hips, kneaded her breasts and sent his entire cock in her with a very hard push.
"Oouuuuiiiii... itni jor se? mujhe thodi geeli toh ho jane dete" (Oouuuuiii... so hard. You should have allowed me to get wet enough), she said looking in his direction, "koyi baat nahin an chodo jor se poora lund daal kar" (No problem. Now fuck me hard with your entire cock).
He started pounding her, clutching her breasts, kneading, pinching and massaging them. He was fucking mom so hard that she could not bear the pain in her knees caused by hard floor under the sheer blanket and she laid on her stomach parting her legs to enable him to keep thrusting.
"Main hone wali hoon... uuuuhhhh... maza aa gaya chudai mein" ( I am ready to come... uuuhhh... enjoyed the fucking), she started moaning with excessive pleasure. He went on giving her deep thrust lying over her. In just two more minutes her mom came, but he waited for her climax to subside then turned her over on her back and pulled her legs up, bent them to the sides of her which resulted in her cunt getting raised almost 6 inches above the blanket. He almost laid over her after inserting his throbbing cock inside her pussy, the posture made her pussy tight but her juices helped him in pumping her with ease. Siya was very hot watching them and she started rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts. She wanted to throw her mother away and take her place under him, but she dare not come out. For once she was tempted to insert her finger inside her burning cunt but she decided against it; she thought it was criminal to lose cherry to a finger. She would rather wait some more. She soon reached her climax touching her sensitive clitoris and slumped there on the floor, excited and exhausted, resting her head against the wall with her eyes closed.

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