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Me and My Family
09-07-2014, 03:08 AM
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Me and My Family

Chapter 1

They were three sisters-Siya, Tripty and Sadhana; their father, Ramesh, 41 years, was a businessman and mother, Sunaina, 34 yrs., was a housewife. Siya was the eldest of the three children, then aged around 14 ½ yrs old, next to her was Tripty who was 1 1/2 years younger to her, and the youngest, Sadhana, 10 years, had been adopted by her mausi (mom's elder sister) just 7 months after her birth, who had no child and there was no hope of her bearing one. She lived with her husband about 80 kms away from them. Mausa had a small factory and mausi was a religious, devoted housewife, and she looked after Sadhana very well giving her with all the affection she would have given to her own child. Their love and affection had made Sadhana a rebel in certain sense, as she was very pampered. She was quite attached to both of her elder sisters. Ramesh had an agency of a few pharma companies for the region, so the family was pretty well off. Ramesh was very liberal with his daughters and was of modern thinking and had given his daughters lot of freedom, besides behaving like their friend, as he used to say that daughters should be treated on par with sons. For last 4 years he had been suffering from diabeties and recently had had a heart attack also. He had gone quite weak because of these diseases during past 2 ½ years. Both of the sisters used to go to the same school and they were very close to each other, could discuss and share any and every thing. Sunaina was busy looking after the husband, her two daughters and the domestics.
All the three sisters were fair complexioned, Sunaina was slightly over-weight but she looked very beautiful even after having bore three children and looked at least 5-6 years younger than her age; both sisters were slim, like their father, while Sadhana was plump and looked almost 13-year old with budding small breasts. Siya was 5' 3" and was average looking; but younger sister Tripty had acquired her features from her mother and was very beautiful and stood 5'3" tall, like her elder sister. Siya's breasts were firm, almost like a tennis ball in size, her nipples were dark brown in color, and she wore a 32" brassiere; Tripty's breasts were budding then and were almost like a golf ball in size, she had not started wearing a bra as yet. Siya knew about sex only to the extent she had heard from other girls but was curious about it
Ramesh was not a very social person though he was very good natured and polite in behaviour. His inner circle of friends had only 3 persons- Hari Singh who was a huge man,42 year old, 6'2" robust with big moustaches and was a very big civil contractor in the area. He was his classmate since school days and lived hardly 500 metres away. He was one of the regular visitors to their house besides the two other friends. Hari Singh was a widower and had just one son, Sumer Singh, who was 19 yrs old and a school dropout. Sumer was a local bully and had a few police cases registered against him. He was a strong man, 6' tall and had a cut on his face which he got during a gang fight about two years back. Harbinder Singh (52 yrs) was a Sikh and oldest in the group; he was short, 5'2", and was suffering from a number of diseases. He had taken voluntary retirement from government service and was looking after his vast field where he got agriculture done by contractors; he lived with his wife and two daughters-Surinder Kaur (18 yrs) and Paramjeet Kaur (15 yrs). His wife was a very religious typre and a simple housewife. The third was Masoom Ali, 39 years, was the youngest of the three; he was single by choice and was the only heir of his deceased parents, who left huge assets for him. He loved to crack jokes and live his life to the fullest, loved his drinks and was known to be a big womaniser. He had a good health, was a regular at the local gym, though he was a bit heavier on his 5' 10" frame, but had a very strong body with rippling muscles; both the girls had seen him staring at their mom's breasts and swaying butts whenever he was at their house for a visit. These friends used to meet once a week at least and would play cards and used to have a few drinks as well. Generally these meetings were like families get- togethers, but on rare occassions only the men would meet minus the families.
Ramesh had kept one car for the family and another for his own use for going to office etc, which most of the time he used to drive by himself, but after the attack he disposed of his personal car and employed a muslim driver (chauffeur), Abdul, to take him to his office in the only car with the family. His office was 6 kms from their bungalow. After dropping him the driver would return home so that if anyone of the women had to go, he could drive them and then drop them back. Siya had started learning driving for last 5 months but was still scared to take the car to market or crowded places. The driver was an expert driver and they all, especially Ramesh, liked his driving skill very much.

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09-07-2014, 03:09 AM
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Abdul was 5' 9" tall, medium complexioned, average looking, healthy and muscular man, though for a year he had started showing a little paunch but still was very active and smart. Ramesh was liberal by nature so had allowed Abdul to wear t-shirts etc when off-duty and had given him a room over the garage for his stay; he had even given him loans for constructing house in his native place, which was about 120 -130 kms away.
Siya's classes started at 10 am, while her sister's (TRIPTY) started at 8 am. Tripty would be home by 2 pm, while Siya's classes would end at 4 pm and she would return home by 4.30pm. At that time Siya was in 8th class. One day while playing at school, Siya slipped and sprained her right foot. It was very painful and difficult for her to walk on her own. Her teacher called her home and the driver was sent to pick her up from school. She had to take his help in walking to the car and then from car to the house. He would put his arm around her waist for better support and she would hold him by his shoulder. Doctor had examined her foot and had ruled out fracture, but since she had sprained her foot he advised her to avoid putting load on the foot and walk minimum, for next 10/12 days. From that day Abdul would take her to school holding her for support. On third day when leaving for school she lost her balance while trying to hold him and fell down; he offered to pick her up but she was shy, so refused. He insisted that she better not argue and lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the car. She felt shivers run through her adolescent body. But it felt nice in some strange ways and his touch sent current in her budding youthful body. He had held her with one hand around her knee and wound another around her upper torso; his fingers were close to to the base of her left breast but she did not say anything or object to it, but at school he'd not pick her up as she totally refused to be carried that way. After reaching home he would again pick her up and she didn't resist, but this time his fingers were touching her left breast and in a way pressing into her flesh a little. Next day also she felt his fingers on her breast flesh a little up towards her nipple. She felt strange sensations when she felt male fingers touching her breast flesh, and used to shiver a little for a few seconds when his fingers made some movement on my breast. On the fourth day he picked her up holding her by her hips with her breasts touching his shoulders. He said she would be comfortable this way and that time she felt his fingers in the crack between her ass cheeks, but again did not say anything. Next day also he picked her up the same way but he pressed her ass cheeks while holding her and this was causing increased sensations in her body. And on 7 or 8th day he was once again holding her horizontally again but this time his palm was almost cupping her left breast and the middle finger was touching her nipple.

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09-07-2014, 03:09 AM
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Several times she felt his finger on nipple pressing on it, she felt her panties get a wet spot on her panties when Abdul's fingers touched her breasts. And by now she was enjoying the feel of a male finger on her breast, though initially she thought it was accidental but later she was definite that it was intentional. Since she did not react to the touches, she thought he would never know how much she liked those touches and the sensations caused by them in her budding body. She got better after 10th day and could walk a little; he mischieviously said he missed picking her up and she would go beet red in her face. She asked him why he wanted her to walk with someone's help, but he didn't reply to it, just grinned looking at her.

One day, he reached about 10 minutes late to the school and Siya was waiting for him outside the school. There were some students from a nearly college standing near her were passing lewd comments and were teasing her and some other girls, she ignored them but was feeling embarrassed waiting for the car. Just then she saw her car coming and she felt relaxed; the boys did not stop teasing till the car had stopped near her. Abdul got out of the car and she told him about the boys and their continuous teasing.He got furious and started beating them all, most boys just fled but two of them got good beating from him. She was very impressed with his act of bravery, and liked his strength. In a way she felt strange kind of attraction for him at that time.
"Aaj tum time par aa gaye, varna yeh ladke mujhe pareshan karte rahte" (Today you came in time, otherwise these boys would have continued to tease me), she said.
"Ab kabhi nahi karenge" (Now they will never do).
She looked at him and smled. They drove off silently, but she was recalling the way he had appeared and beaten up the boys to rescue her. She looked at him every two minutes in the viewing mirror from her rear seat. He was calm and composed as if nothing had happened.
About 2 months after this incident Siya had gone to attend a friend's birthday party and by the time it finished it was 10.30pm. She had phoned home so he came to pick her up. As soon as she came out of her friend's house she felt very cold and she cursed herself for not getting any woolens with her as she had thought party would end by 9 since it was winter; and was only in skirt and blouse. He sensed it and pulled out his coat and covered her desite her feeble resistance, for she did not want to wear her servant's clothes. That day he opened the passenger door for her rather than back seat door. She got into the car without saying a word and they drove off. Her house was 3 kms from there so it generally took 10 minutes to cover the distance, but it was foggy night so he was driving at a slower speed. Because of cold there was hardly any traffic on the roads. All of a sudden he touched her cheek asking if she was feeling cold. She was shocked for once but she was already thinking about him and this touch made her shiver with sensations. He smiled and she lowered her eyes but did not reply; he slowed down the car and bending towards her, kissed her on her right cheek.
" Yeh..." (This... ), she wanted to say but did not finish the sentence.
It was so sudden that she did not know how to react for his taking this liberty with her, but she felt shiver run thru her entire body; she felt embarrassed and without saying anything she covered her face with both of her hands. After reaching home he took the car inside the garage while normally he'll drop her near the portico before taking the car in the garage. After switching off the car engine he came to the passenger side and opening the door for her he gently pulled her towards himself and taking her in his arms, he kissed her on her lips and she just kept my eyes closed as if mesmerized by his strong male body.
"Kya kar rahe ho? Koyi dekh lega tab?" (What are you doing? What if someone watches?)
"Andhera hai yahan... koyi nahin dekh sakta" (It's dark here... no one can see.)

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09-07-2014, 03:10 AM
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"Please chhod do mujhe ab", (Please leave me now)
"Bura laga tumhen?" (You didn't like?)
She did not reply in words and closing her eyes she wrapped her arms around his neck to convey the message. He placed his both hands on her ass cheeks and kneaded them while pulling her towards him. His lips were on her lips again, sucking them and then he inserted his tongue inside her mouth and let it play with her tongue. She felt a big swelling rubbing against her dripping pussy and she knew what it was. She trembled by the heat it radiated taking her fast towards her climax. In another minutes she felt her orgasm hitting in her pussy.
After kissing her for another ten minutes, he pulled her harder to bring her still closer to his body, kissed all over her face and then clutching her ass cheeks he traced the crack between them with his fingers. She was very wet in her panties and her teen body was shaking uncontrollably with an unknown pleasure.
" Fir milogi na?" (Won't you meet again?), he asked kissng near her cleavage.
"Haan" (Yes), she said.
" Main tumhen chodna chahta hoon. Jis din se yahan aaya hoon, tumhari choot ko chodne ke liye taras raha hoon" (I want to fuck you. Ever since I came here I have wanted to fuck you), he muttered squeezing her left breast hard and twisting the nipple while pulling it outwards.
She was beet red in her face hearing these crude words from him, but they sent shivers run across her whole body. She pushed him and ran away hiding her face in her hands.

Next morning while taking her to school, he asked her if she was angry with him and she just replied shyly by nodding her head in negative. He asked her to come to garage before dinner for 5 minutes and she hesitantly accepted, as she could not wait to explore what more could be in store for her. That night in garage, he kissed her and even pressed her firm young breasts from over her shirt. She was with him for 10 minutes in the darkness of the garage and allowed him every liberty to let him feel up her breasts by thrusting his hands inside her brassiere while he kissed. That day she kissed him back enthusiastically.
His callous hands roughly massaged her small firm breasts sending shivers from her breasts to her pussy and she enjoyed the pain he caused by squeezing her breasts.

Next week Ramesh went out of the city for three days, as per his normal monthly routine of going on business trip twice a month, so it was easier for her to go to garage after her papa had left in the evening. Both girls shared the same bedroom, so when he asked her to come to his room late at night after her sister had gone to sleep, she did not reply immediately. She told him that she was scared and she thought they had already gone farther than she could have thought; but he was insistent and asked her to be bold. He lived in the room above the garage; there were stairs from inside the garage leading to his room. The room was also accessible from the roof of the house as one of his room 's door opened on the roof. Tripty would be asleep by 11pm so at 11.30 pm after checking that she was sleeping Siya got out of their bed tiptoed and moved up the stairs leading to the roof. She opened the door very gently. She was shaking violently and was sweating in the cold winter night but was too excited to think rationally. She moved towards his room door, which was kept open for her. He was waiting for her in lungi (wrap around) and baniyan (vests) only. As soon as she entered the room, he gathered her in his arms and was kissing and fondling all over feeling victorious at seducing his employer's teen-aged daughter. He laid her on in bed and slipped into it under the quilt, next to her.
She was in a trance; never had she imagined a man's touch could be so exciting and pleasurable. She was trying to protest feebly but her body responded positively to his advances. He then took his hand inside her nightie to grab her breasts from over her bra
and soon had slipped her cups upwards to grab her naked breasts in his rough hands.He laid himself fully over her teen body and pulling off his lungi he started rubbing her cunt from over her panties with his hard and throbbing cock.

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09-07-2014, 03:11 AM
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After a few minutes, slipping off her, he lay down next to her, and cuddled close, for just a minute. He started kissing her neck, her ears, her face - not ready for it to end. His hands were roaming all over her, stroking, fondling and squeezing. Her small but firm breasts received his special attention. As he squeezed one and played with the nipple between his fingers and thumb, he was sucking hungrily on the other nipple. Both nipples were quickly swollen and hard. He swapped sides and continued to raise her excitement level.
While he was massaging, pinching and kneading her breasts, all she could do was moan. Her body shivered vigorously when his hands touched her naked breasts and she could feel something seeping out of her virgin cunt; she knew she had had her first orgasm with a male without his touching her virgin hole. It was much more pleasurable that she had ever imagined.
"Please ab chhod do... jyada mat karo... dard ho raha hai."(Please leave me now... Don't do more. It is paining.), She whispered.
"Jee chahta hai aaj tumhen chudai ka mazaa bhi de doon" (I want to give you the pleasures of fucking today, he said chewing on her nipples, "Ruk jao na aaj raat aaram se chodunga tumhen. Thoda dard hoga lekin main jaanta hoon tum bardasht kar logi" (Please stay tonight, I shall fuck fuck you tonight gently. It will pain a little but I think you can bear it).
"Ab jane do please..." (Now let me go pleae).
"Mera lund khada hai meri jaan" (My cock is hard, my dear), he said squeezing her left breast.
"Aaj nahin... fir kabhi" (Not today... some other time), she mumbled unconsciously, then realizing what she had said she went red in her face, which he could not see in the darkness of his room.
She too wanted to remain lying in his bed till morning to allow him to explore her fully and take her to the new heights of extreme pleasure; but was afraid all this time about losing her virginity on her first night itself, so she decided to control her desires. Abdul was an expert in these matters; he did not want to take her cherry that very night because he knew that all he had to do is drive her excitement and desire to a level when she could not refuse him and would be willing to offer her teen body to be ravished the way he wanted.
"Hmm...", he hissed. He took her right hand and pulling it towards his groin, placed it on his throbbing cock. Involuntarily her fingers wrapped around it as she felt a strong current pass across her entire body. She slowly started caressing it and then moving her fist up and down over its length.
He put his left hand over her panties while his mouth sucked her small breasts biting gently on her nipples alternately. He did not go beyond gently massaging her cunt lips, first through her panties and later by inserting his hand inside it. His 7 inces cock throbbed wildly as he touched her cunt lips. He could feel her silky pubic hair on her mound. He was against shaving a pussy; it excited him to watch a pussy with hair on the mound because it felt more erotic when his ample growth of hair mingled with female's and the friction excited him very much. His touch and massage on her cunt-lips and his rubbing her hardened clitoris soon brought her to her second orgasm of the night. He was on the verge of coming himself and he wanted to feel and watch her come with excitement; he got up and raising her nightie he sat on her chest and rubbed his flaring purple cock-head on and around her breasts, into the valley between her young breasts and hard nipples. He shot his load on her breasts and then brought his cock-head over her lips and forced it inside her mouth to let her savour the taste of his cum. The last few drops of cum were deposited inside her mouth on her tongue. He insisted that she swallow his cum. She had her third orgasm then.

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