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My Maiden Aunt
13-07-2014, 01:29 AM
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My Maiden Aunt - Shaheen

After my parents got divorced, I lived with Mom. She had a good job
and apparently was well paid because we never seemed to lack for any
necessities. She got a recent promotion, though, and now she has to
travel quite a bit. Although she seems to really like her job,
having to leave me alone bothers her a whole lot. I'll have to hand
it to Mom-- she's very conscientious and seems to worry considerably
about being a good parent. More than anything else, she worries that
I won't get proper care during those times she has to be out of
town. That I'm fifteen years old and consider myself a person well
able to take care of himself doesn't make any impression on her at
all. No matter how much I plead and argue my maturity, she simply
will not agree to leaving me alone by myself overnight. When those
occasions arise that she has to be gone, she arranges for me to stay
with Aunt Shaheen and Grandpa. I stayed there at night couple of
times before school was out, but now that summer's here, I stay all
day and all night. This time I've been here a couple of days, and
will probably stay a few more before Mom gets back. Aunt Shaheen is
Mom's sister. She is several years younger than Mom, so she can't be
too old, but Mom once referred to her as a maiden aunt. When I asked
what that meant, Mom said it meant that she had never married, and
since she was stuck on the farm taking care of Grandpa, probably
never would marry. I said that I thought "maiden" meant "virgin" and
Mom said, kind of half-laughing, that with Aunt Shaheen's limited
opportunities it probably did. That puzzled me because I couldn't
see where marriage and virginity had anything to do with each other.
I sure didn't want to get married, but that didn't keep me from
wanting to stop being a virgin. I certainly wasn't a virgin by
choice.I just had never had an opportunity to make it with a girl.
My virginity was a condition I hoped to change the very first chance
I got. When that time might come, I had no idea. I had never even
felt up a girl, much less done anything else. Thus far, the closest
I had come to a pussy was the Playboy centerfold. Aunt Shaheen and
Grandpa live on Grandpa's farm just outside of town. It only takes
about fifteen minutes to get there, so having to stay at their place
isn't that much of a problem. The main difficulty is that they have
only two bedrooms and I have to sleep with Aunt Shaheen in her big
double bed. I have my own bedroom at home, and getting used to
sleeping with someone else wasn't easy, particularly when that
someone else was a pretty girl like Aunt Shaheen. Although I
complained about having to go to Aunt Shaheen's, I really didn't
mind it that much. Grandpa kept beer in the refrigerator, and
sometimes he would let me drink a bottle when he did.

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13-07-2014, 01:29 AM
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Aunt Shaheen
would fuss, but Grandpa would tell her to leave us alone, that we
are about "men's business." Of course, that would make me feel ten
feet tall. Even though she put on a show, Aunt Shaheen wasn't really
concerned about it and never told Mom. Despite her mock scolding
about my drinking beer, Aunt Shaheen and I became good friends. She
insisted that I call her simply "Shaheen," that "Aunt Shaheen" was
way too formal. She laughed, her face turning a little red, and said
if we were going to sleep in the same bed, we should at least be on
a first-name basis. With respect to sleeping in the same bed, I have
to admit that the arrangement was beginning to cause me a problem.
The problem is that being in bed with Shaheen makes me terribly
horny. (Not that it takes much, anyway. Being horny is a steady-
state condition for me.) I was very much aware that right next to me
was a female, a girl who had big breasts and a pussy. Shaheen
usually dressed in bulky loose-fitting clothes --even her night
clothes were heavy material--so I could only guess at what those
parts of her anatomy might look like. Even so, knowing that all that
separated her probably virgin pussy from my definitely virgin cock
was just a few inches of bed space made me ultra-sensitive to our
sleeping arrange- ments. I went to sleep many a night with a hard-on
and had erotic dreams about girls. To make it worse, the girls in my
dreams looked like Shaheen. Although the extra travel involved with
staying at Shaheen's place during school time was a little
inconvenient--she had to take me to school and pick me up--staying
there in the summer was a real treat. Even though all of us still
referred to it as "the farm," it really wasn't one anymore. Grandpa
quit farming years ago, and now it was simply pasture land he leased
out for grazing a few head of cattle. Shaheen had a little vegetable
garden, but other than that it was just a lot of open space. For a
boy of fifteen, though, it is a wonderland. There are lots of areas
that I still haven't explored, and staying there in summer gives me
opportunity to just roam around, laze in the shade, and generally
goof off. Shaheen is a great lover of the outdoors, and sometimes
when the weather is especially nice, she goes to extra trouble to
carry all the food out to the big picnic table under the oak tree so
we can eat in the wide-open. It's always a lot of fun, the three of
us laughing and making a festive occasion out it. That is, until
Grandpa gets sleepy and decides it's his nap time. He always takes a
nap after lunch, and even the fun of eating outdoors doesn't deter
him from his daily schedule. He always put in a good two hours of
log sawing, and thunder, lightning, or even a earthquake couldn't
wake him until he has his nap out. He sleeps just as soundly at
night, too. Shaheen said that on several occasions she had tried to
wake him, but it was next to impossible. One morning when I was in
the kitchen with Shaheen, she asked me if I had ever been down to
the creek at the far end of the farm. I had never explored that part
of the farm and had no idea there was a creek there. I told that I
hadn't but now that I knew it was there I would go explore that part
of the farm. She said that she had an even better idea--that the two
of us would carry a lunch basket and have a picnic there. She
indicated that Grandpa wasn't up to walking that far, but she would
feed him his lunch and while he was taking his nap we would go there
and have our picnic. That sounded great to me. It combined two of my
favorite things--exploring and eating--and I waited impatiently for
lunch time to finally get there. Shortly before noon, Shaheen called
to me and said she was just about ready. I went back into the
kitchen and found Shaheen and Grandpa there. I was more than a
little surprised by what else I found--Shaheen dressed in a pair of
shorts and a tee shirt. Seeing her dressed like that, I was
mystified about why she hid herself in such full, baggy clothes.

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13-07-2014, 01:30 AM
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She had a super figure: long-legged, slender-waisted and big-boobed. I
couldn't keep my eyes off her and my cock twitched in my pants at
the sight. Shaheen set out lunch for Grandpa and told him to have a
nice nap afterward, that she and I were going down to the creek and
have a picnic. He didn't pay much attention, just told us "kids" to
have a good time. Shaheen pointed to the picnic basket and said that
a big strong guy like me should be the one to carry it. Since
Shaheen knew the way, she took the lead and I followed. Walking
closely behind her, I couldn't help but notice the way her rear end
twisted and the cheeks of her ass moved as she walked. Her shorts
were really short-shorts, and after she had walked a little way,
they worked upward on her ass so that the bottoms of her ass cheeks
showed. I could see the edge of her white panties peeking out from
under the shorts, and the sight worked on me like waving a red flag
excites a bull. I had been excited from seeing some of Shaheen's
hidden charms revealed, but getting a peek of panties made my cock
get rock-solid hard and bulge out the front of my pants. I was
relieved that I was behind her so that she couldn't see the effect
she was having on me. By the time we finally arrived at our
destination, I was in a pretty bad state. First, I was about as
horny as I had ever been in my entire life. Having watched Shaheen's
firm ass as it squirmed and twisted for the last twenty minutes had
my cock throbbing and aching. My horniness, though, was almost
secondary to my frustration. The realization that the ass I had been
watching, indeed the whole of Shaheen's beautiful body, lay beside
me each night, so close yet so far away and untouchable, made me
gnash my teeth. I couldn't help but groan and give a big sigh of
anguish. The place where Shaheen had taken us was really nice. The
creek had a limestone bed and was surrounded by grass that was
almost like a lawn. Big oak trees shaded a lot of the area and made
it so quiet and restful that I could easily see why Shaheen
considered it a good place for a picnic. At one time, someone had
dammed the creek so as to make a pond, and even though part of the
dam had washed away, there was still a nice-sized pool. The water
looked cool and clear, ideal for swimming. Shaheen spread a
tablecloth and laid out the food from the basket.

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13-07-2014, 01:30 AM
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Seeing and
smelling the food made me realize how hungry I was, and I dove in
with relish. Shaheen seemed to have a good appetite, too, and
between the two of us we quickly disposed of the picnic lunch.
Feeling full and relaxed, I stretched out on the grass and gazed up
at the sky. Shaheen laid down beside me, and together we just lay
there silent, enjoying the peace and quiet of the warm afternoon. I
shifted positions a little, and when I did my hand came into contact
with Shaheen's. She didn't move her's so I left my hand where it
was. It may have been just an accidental touch, but it was
electrifying to me. Seeing Shaheen in her scanty clothes had caused
me to become infatuated with her woman's mature body, and being able
to touch her, even if only with a mere touching of fingers, sent
little shivers through me. After a while I sat up and looked at the
water in the pool. "That sure looks like a good place to swim," I
said. Shaheen said, "Yes, it is. When your mother and uncles and I
were kids we used swim here real often. I was the littlest of all,
so about all I got to do was stick my feet in. We all went skinny-
dipping, back then." "You went swimming naked?" I asked. "Yeah, we
sure did," Shaheen said with kind of an embarrassed laugh. "None of
us owned a bathing suit." "Was it fun? Swimming, I mean." "Oh, yes.
Course, we didn't keep it up too long. After we got old enough to
know what the difference between girls and boys meant we had to
"Do you ever go swimming now?" I asked.
"Well, sometimes I still sneak out here and take a dip."
"You skinny-dip?" Shaheen laughed, her face flushing just a little,
and said, "Yeah. I still don't own a bathing suit."
"I sure would like for us to go swimming right now," I said. "Well,
I've already told you I don't have a bathing suit and you don't have
one, either, so I guess we're just out of luck." "We could go skinny-
dipping, like you say you do." Shaheen's face turned red and she
said, "Riaz, I sure know the difference between girls and boys now,
and a good-looking boy like you surely does, so we couldn't do
that." Undaunted and still practically panting to see more of
Shaheen's body, I said, "We could swim in our underwear. That
wouldn't show any more than a bathing suit does." Shaheen's eyes
kind of narrowed and I could tell she was thinking about my
suggestion. Finally, she said, "Well, maybe we could. You're right,
the way bathing suits are today, our underwear would cover more than
they do. Okay, we'll do it. But not a word about it to your mother.
She'd skin me alive if she knew we did such a thing." I took my hand
and made like I was zipping my mouth. "Not a word. You have my
solemn oath." Having made up her mind, she was almost like a kid,
eager to get on with it. She stood up and pulled the tee-shirt over
head and unbuttoned the waist of her shorts. The shorts were tight
and she had to wriggle her hips to get them off. Seeing her there in
her panties and bra, her hips squirming like that made me forget
that I was supposed to be undressing too. Shaheen saw me staring and
said, "Now cut that out, Riaz. I'm already a little embarrassed--
don't make it any worse." I pulled off my shirt and started lowering
my pants so that I would be dressed in just my Jockey shorts. I
realized then that I had a real problem. My cock was hard and
throbbing and my state of arousal would be obvious to Shaheen.
Turning my back, I managed to cram the rod down into the crotch of
my shorts so at least I didn't look like I had a tennis ball stuck
in my shorts. Some bulge still showed, but maybe Shaheen would just
think I was well developed. Half way presentable, I ran down to the
water and waded in. Being in first would give me a change to look at
Shaheen without appearing to be staring. I turned around and watched
Shaheen as she carefully inched her way to the water, wincing a
little as the rocks hurt her feet. It was a good thing I had my cock
tucked in secure because just watching her coming toward me, white
panties and bra on, would have turned the front of my shorts into a
tent. "Come on in, the water's just great,"

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13-07-2014, 01:30 AM
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I said. Talking to her
required me to face her, and that's exactly what I wanted to do.
This was the first time I had ever seen a girl in her underwear, and
even though I couldn't see any more than I could have if she had on
a bathing suit, just the thought of it's being underwear excited me
beyond any point I had been before then. Shaheen waded out a little
way and sat down in the water, sub- merging herself to a level that
her breasts were just at the water line. They bobbed up and down, as
if they were floating on the surface, and my hands itched to reach
out and feel them, to discover for the first time what it felt like
to put my hand on a girl's flesh. I knew, though, that doing that
would probably make her more than a little angry, and that she would
want to get out right then. All I wanted was to stay there with her
as long as possible, drinking in the sight of her creamy skin and
revelling in the idea that I was so close to an almost-nude girl. I
dog-paddled over to her and sat in the water alongside her. She had
a smile on her face and I knew that she was having fun. I said, "I
can see why you like this place--it's a super swimming hole. Is it
deeper in the middle?" Shaheen said, "Yeah, quite a bit. Come on,
I'll show you." She paddled out a ways and stood up, the water
almost up to her neck. I came out by her and stood, too. We were so
close that when she turned toward me her breast brushed my arm, its
firm weight pressing against it. She didn't seem to pay any
attention, and I was very happy about that. She said, "It's even
deeper than this right out here," and stepped toward the middle of
the pond. Suddenly, she went completely under, her head disappearing
under the surface. Instinctively, I reached out for her, my arms and
hands extended, to pull her back up. I ducked under the water and
grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her up. When I did, she
fell back against me and my hands slipped around to her front, each
hand cupping one of her round, firm breasts. I couldn't help myself--
I squeezed and kneaded them, gently massaging them through the
fabric of her bra. Shaheen went stiff in my arms, her body
straightening out so that she stood full erect. Her hands came up
and covered mine and for just a few moments we remained frozen in
that position. She turned around then, dislodging my hands from her
breasts, and said, "Wow, I guess I stepped in a hole there. Thanks
for being so quick and pulling me up. I'd better get back in the
shallow water where I'll be safe." Shaheen paddled into shallow
water and sat down, her legs apart and extended in front of her. The
water came up to only the tops of her thighs and it was so clear and
clean that I could see all the way to the bottom. The bottom,
though, wasn't what I was looking at. Shaheen's panties, which had
been opaque when dry, were completely transparent now that they were
wet. I could clearly see the full extent of her swatch of black
pubic hair and even distinguish the top of the cleft that ran down
the middle of that dark triangle. My breath caught in my throat and
I became dry-mouthed. I had longed to see a girl's pussy, and now I
was getting at least a partial look at Shaheen's. My cock worked its
way out of its tucked position and completely bulged out the front
of my shorts. I immediately turned around and went back out to
deeper water where I could readjust my cock without Shaheen being
able to tell what I was doing. Once again presentable, I came back
to her and sat next to her. I couldn't tear my eyes off of Shaheen's
sexual area. Since she was beside me, she couldn't see how my eyes
bored into the space between her thighs. I was so distracted by the
sight that I couldn't even carry on a decent conversation, just
saying "Uh-huh" and "Yeah" to whatever she said. After a while, she
stood up and said that it was getting late and she needed to get
home to start supper. Even though I tried to turn my eyes away in
time, she caught them zeroing in on her crotch.

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