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15-07-2014, 03:15 AM
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Rick had an answer to that. Quickly he reversed his position, crouching his ass above his mother’s face. His balls dangled over her lips as he inserted his cock between her tits from above. This way, he was facing Dan.

“Ah,” said Dan, rubbing his cock and kneeling down. “Very smart of you, boy.”

He aimed his hard cock at Jenny’s slit and plunged forward. The woman moaned when she felt his cock thrusting inside her.

Dan settled into a rhythm straight away, holding Jenny’s legs wide apart with his hands under her knees.

“Oh my god, fuck with me, fuck me, yes, yes,” she whimpered, lifting her hips when she felt his cock slamming into her and letting them fall down when he pulled out almost to the tip. He fucked her in movements that were opposite to her son’s; he slammed in when her son pulled his cock back in her cleavage and pulled out when her son’s cock stuffed in between her tits.

Beside them, Vicky, more inflamed at the sight of Jenny getting a double hammering, increased the tempo with which he was fucking his mother’s tits. He glanced down sweat pouring off his face and momentarily pulled her tits apart to watch his cock glide back and forth in the deep valley. As he did this, he let his fingers pinch her erect nipples and she moaned. She let one of her hand slip off his ass and she stuffed a couple of fingers in her cunt, moving them in and out in time with his movements.

“Goddamn it,” Vicky hollered, “I can’t take it any more, mom, I’m going to shoot now!”

Eve immediately began to slide her entire body on the floor. “Yes, sonny, yes, come now, baby, come, ma wants your sweet spunk all over her tits, honey, come, baby,” she panted.

His body quivered and he shoved her tits together again, plunging it forward one last time.

“Ugghhh, oh shit, oh, aahhhh…” he mumbled as he felt his cock expand and contract in a series of spasms. He shut his eyes and his chest heaved when his juices shot out from the tip of his cock, hitting her chin. Then, she was frantically raising her head and bending towards her tits to try and catch his spunk in her mouth.

The effect on Rick was contagious. “Suck my balls, mom, suck them for me, oh god yes, lick them, mom, I’m going to come, mom!”

His come shot out over her belly and immediately he pulled backward and raised himself up to allow his shuddering cock to dangle right above her contorted face. He slumped down, letting his cock stuff her mouth, beginning to fuck it gently. She tried to swallow his come, at the same time slamming her hips up against Dan’s. His cock had speeded up almost unconsciously for the sight of the two boys shooting off their juices had aroused him like never before.

As the weary boys slumped to the floor, Dan continued to pump into Jenny’s pussy. She wrapped her long legs around his back as he plowed in and out of her slit. They were both gasping now and a couple of minutes later, he was crying out that he was coming.

His hips shivered as he plunged into her and held the position. Eve could tell by the way he stretched his legs and toes that he was coming inside her cunt. Jenny’s frantic moan signaled her climax too.

Meanwhile, Vicky’s tongue was weaving trails up and down his mother’s thighs, making her gasp when he reached her cunt. She wailed aloud when he shoved his tongue forward, up into the tender pink flesh of her cunt.

Realizing that only Eve had still to attain her orgasm, he was doing his best to make her reach it. His tongue lapped steadily. It started down at the bottom and worked its way up to her clit. It scraped right across the top of the sensitive nub.

She gritted her teeth in response and waited for the fireworks.

“Oh god, yes, yes, eat me, I love that, ah yes, like that, yes,” she moaned.

Finally, his hot and nimble tongue traced the inner walls of her pussy and then probed in and out of it.

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15-07-2014, 03:15 AM
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She had to let go of his head as her entire body began to shake and writhe uncontrollably with passion. Her pussy shuddered with wave after wave of pleasure and she had to grip his head with her thighs when her climax hit her.

Dan was lying on his back on the floor, watching his wife pleasured by their son. His own cock was wet with Jenny’s juices.

He began to smile. Well, well.

There was one last thing he still had to do. He straggled over to the chair, lifted the phone off the hook and began to punch the number.

Big Mac was furious. He was also very, very humiliated.

He looked around the room and saw that Rena was now lying across the bed; her head dangling down one edge. Her thighs were bent at the knees and spread apart. She was using both her hands to get herself off. Her eyes were fixed on the monitor, while she slipped one finger in and out of her cunt and rubbed her clit with the fingers of the other hand.

He rose and walked to her. Without any finesse, he reached down and pressed her cheek till her mouth opened. He slammed his cock in her mouth.

“Suck it now, bitch, suck it hard and make me come! You bitch, you bitches, all fucking bitches, suck, suck, yes, yes.”

As she sucked his cock, he bent down and bodily hauled her waist off the bed. She squealed with pleasure, her mouth still sucking on his cock as she felt her legs go up in the air and then settling down on his shoulders.

In this inverted position, she moaned when she felt his mouth on her cunt.

“You want this, huh, you want this?” he said harshly in between kissing her cunt and sucking on it. “Yeah. All you bitches need is this! Cocks in their mouths, cocks in their cunts and cocks fucking their tits! Take it then, take this, and get your mouth fucked you whore slut!”

She was surprised at his reaction, but nevertheless, his tongue now probing the depths of her soaking pussy felt exciting and she allowed his cock to gag her as it invaded her throat.

She suddenly saw their reflection in the mirror and it set off her orgasm. She was actually upside down on this big burly man who held her by her ass so effortlessly as he tongued her and rammed his cock in and out of her mouth!

She increased suction when she felt her orgasm hit her. He continued pumping his cock in and out of her mouth relentlessly, using it as though it was a cunt. He was uttering obscenities that she could barely make out.

And then the phone rang.

He had to hide.

He had to seek.

He had done both and now he had found!

“Mac? That you?” he asked when he heard the harsh hello.

“Fuck you, Dan, you sick sonofabitch! You perverse incest!”

Dan chuckled. “I know you are fucking with Rena now,” he spoke softly into the phone. “Go on, pal, do it and say cheese! You are on tape!”

There was a pause.

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15-07-2014, 03:16 AM
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“So? What’s the big deal? I don’t care if the world knows that I fuck with this bitch! It’s not like letting your kid fuck your wife and joining them, you sick perverted incestuous bastard!”

“You don’t care if the world knows, Mac?” Dan chuckled again.

“Why the fuck should I? She is only a fucking slut trying to earn a buck or two!”

“Nix, nix, Mac. I suggest you go and ask your old man about Rena. You will learn what you never knew.”

“What the fuck are you trying to tell me you incestuous piece of shit?”

“Only this, Mac. You don’t know it ‘cos your parents never really told you. You see, your mom was fucking her brother and you better believe me. And she got pregnant with guess who?” Dan chuckled again. “Yeah, you guessed it you bastard! Rena is your sister!”

The End

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18-07-2014, 05:50 AM
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Reply plz if u like this story

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