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15-07-2014, 03:04 AM
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The wall, which was now wet with the splash of Dan's cum, wasn't so lucky. That was the thought that ran through his mind as he continued to jerk on his cock, which was copiously oozing out his come.

By the time that he had parked the car a few blocks off and crept to the windowsill, his wife was already in the throes of her orgasm, gripping the boy with her thighs.

Dan was no dumbass. From the moment he had noticed the way that Eve had eyed the boy when Vicky had introduced him to them for the first time, he knew that she had the hots for him. That was over six months ago. And when she had offered him the job at her store, he knew that she wanted to get into his pants.

He remembered the first time how she had peeped through their son's bedroom when the kids were watching a porno tape at night. He had pretended to be asleep when she had silently got off their bed and crept out of the bedroom.

He had followed her silently, hiding himself in the shadows. She had hesitated outside Vicky's bedroom and looking around guiltily, had slowly opened the door just a crack.

He was behind her, quite a distance away, but close enough to see the TV glowing in the dark bedroom. Vicky and Rick were watching the tape that his son had 'removed' from his dad's collection. It was an orgy flick and Dan, though far away, could see the boys masturbating as they watched a busty porno starlet surrounded with huge cocks.

Eve had quietly slipped down on her knees and Dan could see her hands bury between her legs.

Dan had felt his cock rear up as he watched his wife play with herself. She was wearing a short nightie and had the flimsy garment bunched around her waist. He had craned his neck and was sure that like him, she too was in a position from where she couldn't possibly see Vicky's cock. All that she could see was the huge cock that belonged to Rick.

The two boys didn't touch each other. Neither was there any embarrassment between them as each masturbated himself casually.

Dan had rubbed his hard on through his pajamas. He was sure that it was not the film on the TV, but the sight of Rick's naked cock that was turning on Eve because the angle of her head was towards the boy, not towards the TV. Besides, she had watched the tape with him a number of times.

Dan had silently walked back to his bedroom and pulled the blanket over him, minutes before she had entered. He still feigned sleep as she got in beside him.

He had been sleeping with his back to her but could see her figure in the mirror. She was breathing pretty heavily and he could see the rise and fall of her large tits.

She had waited for perhaps ten minutes by which time he had willed his cock to go soft. And then, she had rolled over and put her arms around his waist.

He had still pretended to be asleep when her hand had crept around his hips and was stroking his cock over the pajamas. She was grinding her tits and pussy against his back when he had pretended to come awake.


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15-07-2014, 03:05 AM
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"Honey," she had whispered into his ears. "I had a dream, a hot dream where you were fucking the brains off me. Look, I'm wet!"

He had allowed her to seize his hand and carry it to her pussy. Her nightie was up around her waist and her legs were wide open when his hand pressed against her cunt. She was right. Her cunt was sloppy wet.

After a long time she had fucked him with a passion that amazed him. It had been ages since he had seen her as horny as she had been that night. She had always been sexually aggressive: ever since he had fucked her the first time after they had started dating. But since the last couple of years she had seemed to become quite passive by her standards.

After literally ripping his pajamas open, she had straddled him, guiding his cock inside her moist pussy. She had groaned and moaned and cried out as his cock pummeled her. She had grabbed his hands and carried them to her naked tits, urging him to squeeze them as she rode him.

Not satisfied with her first orgasm, which had begun from the second his cock had impaled her, she had rolled over onto her fours and pleaded him to fuck her from behind.

He remembered having felt totally fucked out that night.

He had wanted to come out with it; face up to the truth. But, hell, he had never really enjoyed the fucking as much as what she had started giving him since that night. And so he had decided to play the hiding game.

If she could do this to him after having just seen Rick's cock, he started to wonder what she could do after she would feel the boy's cock fucking her. And he had begun his game.

* * * * * *

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15-07-2014, 03:05 AM
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He punched the buttons on his cell phone.

"Yes, Dan?"

"Rena. Where are the two of you now?"

"Still searching for the chip. After that, we are going to the Pizza Hut."

"Great. Give me a tinkle when you leave the joint, ok?"

"Sure, Dan."

He pushed the cell back into his pocket after switching it to the vibrator mode and quietly, without making any noise he unlocked the rear door and let himself in.

He had to be really careful when he crept up the stairs because Eve and Rick were lying on the floor, not more than a few yards away. It helped that they were facing the other way. Even then, he had been very quiet.

Dan knew that their bedroom was tucked away in the corner and it would be impossible for them to see him up there. Even then, he made sure that the curtains covered the receptacle that he created after placing his high backed chair in the corner.

From here, he had a clear view of the living room. Even if they happened to glance up, he was sure they wouldn't be able to see him. Besides, he made sure that in case of any emergency, he could slip out of the window and down the pipe into the garage before Eve could have the time to come to the room.

Carefully, he pulled out his semi-turgid cock and peered down.

* * * * * *

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15-07-2014, 03:05 AM
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They were lying on the floor. They were now completely naked.

At forty, Eve was still a knock out.

At twenty-one, Rick was a very strong young man indeed.

They were facing each other and he was sucking on her tits as she fondled his cock.

"Ah, Rick, that feels so good. Suck on them baby, suck harder. Yes, yes, like that, baby, like that."

Rick slid down and grasped her boobs with his hands.

"These are so big, Eve, so big and so soft. God, I love them."

"Then go ahead and lick them, baby," she said.

He dipped his head and let his tongue run over her large and erect nipples. Her grip on his cock tightened and she jerked up hard on it as he now began to lick her cleavage.

"Ah yes, baby, lick me there, make them wet, honey, ah yes."

He put his mouth on one nipple and sucked it in, kneading the other tit. As she masturbated his cock, he bent his knee and pushed it up between her legs. She parted her legs, allowing his knee to rub her cunt and then draped one leg over his hip.

After having thoroughly licked her cleavage till it was dripping with his saliva and with his hands were continually milking her tits, he now licked furiously, first, the left nipple and then the right.

The rhythm of her hand on his cock was erratic: she would frantically begin to jerk it to and fro and then suddenly she would stop all movements. He knew that whenever he licked her right nipple, she would go wild. Long ago he had realized that her right nipple was strangely more responsive to his tongue and made her hornier.

Finally, he slid one hand down her body, past her quivering thighs till his fingers were brushing against her tender cunt. She was sloppy wet and her juices were dribbling down her leg.

"Oh god," she cried out, thrusting her thighs against his fingers. "Oh my god, do me, you big bastard, do me!"

He stroked her and she was as soft as velvet. He smiled to himself as he took one nipple between his teeth and gently trailed one finger along her slit until she shuddered and cried out in a mini-orgasm. She began to tremble.

He brought his hand up, smeared with her juices and rubbed it against her lips. She opened her mouth and ducked her head down to take the finger inside, sucking on it just the same way she had sucked on his cock earlier.

He raised his head and looking in her eyes, pulled his finger out and carried it into his own mouth.

"Hmmm, Eve, you are so pungent and so delicious and so sweet," he told her in a husky voice.

"Don't play with me, please," she whimpered, rolling over to lie on her back on the floor, her legs spread wide apart. "Please, Rick, I need that big cock inside me now!"

He looked down at her glistening pussy. The lips were swollen with desire and her huge titties were heaving up and down with the exertion of her having to breathe with her mouth open. Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead and on her chin.

He pulled himself up and grabbing the woman, rolled her over on her stomach.

"Oh yes, Rick, fuck me from behind, oh my god, yes, just like that day at the store, rip my cunt with your cock, fuck me like a dog," she panted.

She looked over her shoulder, a strained smile on her lips, face reflecting raw desire. She brought her knees underneath her, lifting and wiggling her ass.

He straggled around till he was positioned behind her. He reached out one hand and massaged her cunt, making her moan.

Holding his cock in hand, he placed it at the entrance to her cunt. She was still wiggling and the tip of his shaft brushed her firm ass cheeks. He held her hips still and suddenly shoved his cock into her, groaning aloud, relishing the marvelously soft, smooth and velvety texture of her cunt. She gasped, sucking her breath in and pushing her ass back at him.

"Oh god, you fill me up so," she murmured, thrilling the feel of his length pushing inside her.

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15-07-2014, 03:05 AM
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He drew back, and crawling closer between her legs, plunged his cock forward, this time penetrating her to her depths, buried to the hilt.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck me, oh yes, deeper, yes, shove it in, oh Jeeze, this is so good, ugghhh..."

He rammed his cock into her with hard, powerful strokes, each stroke evoking a cry from her contorted lips and making a smacking sound as his flesh slapped against hers.

"Take it, you bitch," he gasped. "Take my cock inside your slut cunt."

She whined and whimpered now, as he settled into rhythm, plunging in and out of her cunt. She clenched her thighs spasmodically, aware that her juices were now streaming down her thighs, which were wide apart.

He slid his palms up over her ass cheeks and caressed her silky back before taking hold of her swaying tits.

He pinched the aroused nipples, rolling the turgid buds between his fingers. His hard cock was still driving in and out of her cunt with thrusts that were driving her out of her mind.

He felt her cunt muscles clench his cock and then spasm violently and knew that she was having yet another orgasm.

"Oh, Jeeze, oh god, oh you beautiful boy, more, more, oh yes, fuck that cock inside my cunt, fuck your whore, oh yes, ooohh..."

With her juices now flowing out freely, there was a subtle change in the noises that their flesh made as they met each other. There was an additional wet and liquid-like sound and he could feel his cock swimming in her hot juices.

He let go of one tit and pushed his hand down, rubbing it over her leaking cunt. He brought the wet finger up and as he continued to pummel her, slid it in her mouth.

She sucked his wet finger into her mouth. The boy was amazing and she knew it. He had driven her over the edge twice by lapping her cunt earlier and now she already had gushed two more times. He fucked like one of those porno studs she watched on her husband's tapes. And god, she loved it.

She moaned her disapproval when he suddenly drew his cock outside her cunt. There was a plopping sound when he did that. But when he pushed her over onto her back and towards the chair, she felt the familiar tingle of being aroused yet again.

Oh god, this hunk was insatiable!

She allowed him to push her onto the chair, the same chair that she had occupied when he had licked her cunt. She felt her back hit the chair's backrest and his hands were on the top and the inside of her thighs. He yanked them apart till knees were draped over the arms of the chair.

He stared at her cunt, now stretched wide open. The tiny patch of her pubic hair was matted with her juice and there was plenty more of the stuff running down her thighs. Her eyes blazed with lust as she stared at his huge cock, so wet with her juices.

He leaned forward and grabbed her melons, twisting them cruelly.

"Ah, ugghhh, oh, oh, yes, squeeze them harder, baby, harder. And give me that cock again," she implored.

This time he didn't need to guide his cock inside her. Her cunt was open all the way and so lubricated with her juices, that when he plunged forward, his cock slipped in easily, burying itself to the hilt.

He slid a pillow below her ass and began to ram into her. She knew that this was for him. She also knew that while he was at it, he would give her another orgasm and she lay back on the chair, her hands over his, urging them to knead her swollen tits.

His face was a picture of intense concentration as he plunged his cock in and out. Where previously he had used those long strokes, he now switched to fucking her with short and rapid strokes.

Watching his face, she felt her cunt spasm again and incredibly, she had come yet another time, her body jerking against his spasmodically. He felt his balls tingle, signaling his own climax.

"Oh shit, Eve, you bitch, you whore, my big slut, I'm going to come now," he roared.

"Yes, yes, baby, come, come, hurry, honey, hurry," she began to thrust her hips up and down, assisting him.

With a resounding cry, he finally pulled out of her cunt. Her hands flew down to grab his twitching cock and she desperately tugged at it.

He exploded, thrusting his hips forward. His juice blasted out from the tip of his cock and she shuddered as it landed on her belly. She slipped down the chair so that the next salvo splashed her heaving tits and then she aimed his throbbing cock to let the rest of his juice hit her face in a continuous volley.

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