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15-07-2014, 03:05 AM
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He gripped her thighs, his body shuddering and jerking as he felt the juices trickle to a flow.

She rubbed his sperm over her body, concentrating more on rubbing it into her tits and when he finally stopped thrashing around, she pulled herself up the chair and took his cock in her mouth.

"Ah, yes, Eve, my nice little whore, that's so good, lick it up, clean my cock for me," he muttered, his hands now urging her on by pulling the back of her head.

She pulled it out and licked around the shaft, trying to devour as much as she could, the remains of his come.

Satisfied that his cock was cleaned with her saliva, she flopped back onto the chair, pulling him with her. He lay on top her, totally spent, his head reeling as if he was about to faint.

She kissed his mouth and he felt the soft pillows of her tits against his chest.

"Oh Rick," she murmured softly after pulling her mouth away from his. "Whatever am I going to do without you?"

"I'll be away for just a month, Eve. And there's still time for me here till I complete my exams before I leave for the vacation."

She fondled his flaccid cock and kissed his mouth fiercely.

"And I don't want to waste a minute of the time remaining," she told him.

* * * * * *

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15-07-2014, 03:06 AM
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Dan stuffed his cock back inside his pants. He was highly strung up and had almost decided to join his wife and her stud. But something told him that the time was not yet ripe enough.

Would Eve really accept a threesome with him participating? Would she be open to a threesome, period? With or without him?

Eve was a catholic and her upbringing had been pretty orthodox. Of course she hadn't been a virgin when he had met her, but she wasn't really wild enough to suggest that she would be open to such experimentation.

Dan had felt a pang of jealousy when he had first spied on them. After that night when she had watched Rick stroking his cock while watching the porno movie, Dan had caught her looking at Rick with a new interest. So often, when she had watched the kid, Dan had seen the faint blush across her face.

Dan had to admit that the kid was well hung. Rick had a rather large cock; not as fat as his, but definitely longer. What he didn't know was whether the kid knew how to use it.

He had decided to have Rick investigated. He had spoken to an ex-cop who owed him and he didn't have to wait long to get the background on Rick.

Rick's dad had died three years ago. That would mean that he had been barely eighteen when his old man had kicked the bucket. He had drunk himself to death and had left behind him an unhappy widow and two kids. Rick was the elder son; the daughter was two years younger.

As it often happened with such families, Rick had assumed the mantle of the big man in their family. His mother was a receptionist in some hotel and he was searching for work to support not only the family but also to pursue his own career. His sister, Jane, at nineteen was doing her last year at the college. She wanted to major in Economics.

He was studying to be a psychiatrist. But his mother had insisted that he get his graduation before plunging into medicine. And so it was that he continued even after he had passed his qualifying tests.

Rick was also a sportsman. He excelled in football. He was the centre forward of the college team and a hero. And that's where he had met Vicky. Soon, the two had become great friends.

Dan had asked the ex-cop friend of his to investigate Rick's sex life.

"Jeeze man," the friend had told him, "that guys got a following that turns me green. At this moment, he's quite heavily into a girl at the college, name of Claire. She's dynamite. Every weekend she drives him over to the lagoon. You know that place where couples meet in the dark and make out? Though I haven't seen them, a source tells me that they are into it okay!"

For some reason, Dan had asked the ex-cop to quit the investigation.

Dan was aware that Rick knew Eve was eyeing him with more than a passing interest. And Dan knew that Rick was just as interested.

Eve didn't help matters when she began to wear her standard in-house clothes when Rick started to visit Vicky regularly. Her in-house clothes meant little much more than maybe a housedress or some gown. Some times she wore her tight t-shirts and the cut-off jeans.

Though she was forty, she had a body that belonged to a woman ten years younger. She worked out a lot and had maintained her firm and trim figure. Knowing that her tits were on the larger side, she exercised with particular attention to them.

"I don't want them to droop when I get older," she had told him and he had asked her if she was kidding because they were as firm as a teenager's tits.

Dan often sat away and watched Rick trying hard not to stare at Eve's cleavage. All her in-house dresses had plunging necklines designed to expose a fair bit of her tits.

When she wore her gown, one could easily see almost half of her heavy tits whenever she leaned or bent down. In the cut-off jeans, her long and slim legs would be exposed to reveal her muscular thighs.

At such times, Dan could clearly detect the bulge in the kid's trousers.

When Rick had casually mentioned one day that he was searching for a part time job, Eve had immediately offered to help.

"Our store is looking for a handy man and if you don't mind that, maybe I could put in a word, Rick," she had told him over dinner that day.

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15-07-2014, 03:06 AM
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He had jumped at it. And a week later he got the job.

What Rick and Eve didn't know was that the store where she worked as an accountant belonged to a man they all called Big Mac, and Big Mac owed Dan plenty.

No one knew about the close friendship between Dan and Big Mac; not even Dan's own family and they preferred to have it that way.

Big Mac was into drug peddling and Dan had saved his ass once when the cops had sniffed him out. Yes, Big Mac owed him lots, which is how Eve had got the job. She did not know that Dan was responsible for getting that job for her. Neither did she know that her husband was the one who had spoken to Big Mac about Rick.

The day before Rick was to join, Eve had been as excited as the kid. And later on in the night, when she pleaded Dan to "stick it in me from behind, Danny," he was sure that his wife was going to come on strongly at the kid.

Big Mac had a Central Room from where he monitored his employees. He had installed highly sophisticated close-circuit TVs in this room and the controls were out of sight. Big Mac rarely used the room and on Dan's request, he had prohibited anyone, but Dan (and that too secretly) to enter the room.

None in the store knew about the Central Room. It was located in the basement and apart from Big Mac the only other person to have the keys to it was Dan.

Big Mac thought nothing about it when Dan made the unusual request of letting him be alone in the room.

"Nothing to it, pal. It's all yours," he had said.

And so it was that Dan was the first to get in the store before it opened and sat patiently in the Central Room around the bank of TV monitors. He was amazed at the sophistication of the system. He recalled having seen a similar system in a movie called "Sliver" and in fact it was even better than the one that showed Sharon Stone fucking a guy on it.

During the first week that Rick was there, nothing much happened. Dan had asked Rena to look after his office.

Eve's job was ten to six and Rick worked from four to seven, which meant that they were together for just about two hours.

She had arranged it so that Rick had the table facing hers. The gangway between their desks that led to the computer room was narrow. The first indication that Dan had about Eve's seriousness was when she would wait for Rick to come from the computer room. She would then quickly get up from her table with a file in hand and would pretend to walk to the computer room. This meant that they had to edge past each other through the confined space between their desks.

They would have to face each other when they walked past each other and this would mean that their bodies, though briefly, had to brush against each other. This gave Eve plenty of reason to brush her large tits against the boy's chest.

The first week went by pretty much with this routine; Eve finding ways to brush against the kid. Two days after the first week, Eve, her tits mashed against his chest, had paused to talk to him.

"So, Rick, you like it here?"

"Yes, ma'am," he had stammered, aware that the woman's tits were pressed against his chest.

"You sure you don't find it boring?"

It was an unnecessary question, but it allowed her the time to very imperceptibly press her thighs against his.

On the monitor, Dan could clearly see the flush on the kids face.

"I-I am sure," he had smiled.

She had returned to her desk and Rick hurried to the computer room. What happened after that was visible on the other monitor. The kid had rushed to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and had pulled out his erect cock out of his jeans. Dan had watched the boy furiously masturbating till he shot his sperm into the sink.

Fifteen minutes later, when the kid was sitting on his desk, Eve had walked to the bathroom, and pulling her skirt up and her panties down over her knees, fingered herself to an orgasm.

Dan was sure that the ice was about to be broken and the next day, it did.

After a similar conversation between their desks, Rick had rushed to the bathroom. This time, Eve had looked around the office and carefully, followed him.

Rick was in the process of closing the door when Eve walked in.

"Oh, just a minute, Rick. I think I forgot my pen inside. Don't mind?"

"O-oh, n-no, n-not at all," he stammered.

Eve was wearing a jacket over a tight shirt and she had undone the top three buttons. When she leaned over the sink, the boy's eyes nearly popped out because he could see almost half of her enticing cleavage in the mirror. He was standing behind her.

Also, when she leaned, the hem of her skirt rose over her thighs, giving him a glimpse of her panties.

Dan, seated in front of the monitor, could clearly see the bulge between the boy's legs. He zoomed in on the bathroom.

"Oh god, I don't seem to find it," Eve said, pretending to search for the pen. "Would you look around here, please?"

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15-07-2014, 03:06 AM
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He stumbled forward clumsily and bent down to take a closer look at the sink. The gap between their bodies had closed, and when she pushed her buttocks back slightly, he flushed because his throbbing erection was now digging her ass cheeks.

She paused and looked at him through the mirror. He was looking at the mirror as well: only that his eyes were fixed on her cleavage.

He realized that she had stopped all movements and his eyes drifted to hers. Her face was suffused too and it was obvious that it was because of her condition.

"I-I am s-sorry, Mrs. Wilson," he stammered, trying to pull away from her.

She pushed back her hips against his.

"Don't be," she murmured, her voice husky and dripping with desire.

He was trying to look away from her. But the sight of her heavy bulging tits from the top of her shirt was too tempting for him.

Slowly, she turned around, her hands behind her, resting on the sink.

They looked at each other for a long time. Then, she spoke softly,

"Lock that door, Rick. Hurry."

Dan thought that the look on Rick's face was hilarious. The boy was dumbstruck.

"Go on, Rick, lock that door. We don't have much time, do we?" Eve whispered, reaching up with one hand to slowly play with the fourth button of her shirt.

His jaws fell open when she slipped off the button. Her flimsy pink bra was now visible and her tits threatened to tear the garment.

He moved with sudden alacrity. He had to take two steps behind to slam the door shut and shoot the bolt home. Then he walked towards her.

"Mrs. W-Wilson," he began.

"Don't talk," she was breathing heavily as she swiftly undid the last two buttons to allow her shirt to open completely. She pushed it back over her shoulders.

The bra she had worn had a clasp in front and she had to pull her shoulders together to unfasten it. He groaned when he saw her huge tits tumble out, the large pink nipples erect and taut with desire.

"You like?" she teased him, cupping her tits with her hands and pushing them up.

His tongue snaked out of his mouth, licking his dry lips and he nodded.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked him.

With a cry, he leaned forward, burying his face between her tits, his calloused hands gripping them.

She moaned and shivered, pushing her chest out to his face.

"Suck them, Rick," she gasped, "Oh god, I've wanted this for so long."

As his face covered her right tit and his mouth opened over the flesh, she shoved her hands down their bodies and grabbed his bulge.

"Aah," she sighed as he groaned. "Take it out."

He continued to suck her tits as if he had not heard her and so she herself pulled the zip down, desperately pushing her hand inside.

Dan was rubbing his crotch when he saw his wife pull the boy's cock out of his jeans.

"Ah, god, it's so long," she breathed.

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15-07-2014, 03:06 AM
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The boy was sucking on her nipple, pinching the other with his fingers. When he felt the woman's hot hand wrap around his dick, he groaned. With her other hand, she had pulled up her skirt and pushed her panties down to her knees.

"We don't have much time, Rick. Later on, maybe, we will do it properly. All I want now is for you to shove your cock in me. Quick!"

The boy was just as eager. He pushed her against the sink. She spread her legs apart and almost weeping with ecstasy, pushed her hips out, holding his cock in her hand.

He pressed forward, missed, and then drew his hips back. She looked down and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

This time, he slammed forward and his entire length buried itself in her wet cunt.

"Aahhhh," she cried, her hands encircling his shoulders, one hip rising off the floor to wrap around his waist.

He grunted and drew back again.

"Now, now, again, Rick, again," she whispered.

He jerked forward again, his cock impaling her to the hilt.

"Ah, yes," she murmured, "fuck me now, fuck me!"

He seemed to be more inflamed by her use of the forbidden words. Still clutching her tits, his mouth lowered over hers in a french kiss and he plunged in again and again.

It didn't last long for both of them. She was shuddering her climax by the time he had thrust into her the sixth time and he was grunting and groaning, his strokes quickening.

"Come outside, Rick. Not in my cunt!" she warned him.

He ripped his cock out of her cunt and almost immediately; his cock was spewing his come in thick gobs. He clutched her tits, kissing her again as she swiftly jerked his cock to and fro, letting his come spill over her belly.

Neither did it last too long for Dan. He barely had the time to pull his cock out and he was already spurting his semen over the monitor.

Through eyes that were almost half closed, Dan watched the lovers dress up hurriedly.

"Tomorrow, Rick. I'll get off late and I'll drive you home. Maybe you know a discreet place, huh?"

The kid had by now regained his confidence, having had just fucked the woman whom he thought of during his marathon daily masturbation sessions. Claire couldn't meet him on any other days except on Fridays, and that meant he had to spend six days a week jerking off at night.

Ever since he had seen Eve, he had lusted after the woman. He was ashamed that he had such thoughts about his best friend's mother, but hell, Eve was no ordinary mom. She was dynamite. And, he knew now, hotter and wilder than Claire.

"We could go to the lagoon," he had suggested.

She had giggled, buttoning up her shirt. "That place where the kids make it out? I'm too old for that."

He had thought for a while. "My place, then," he had finally said. "I'll get a couple of tickets to the movies for mom and sis and tell them that I'm not likely to come home soon. That will give us at least two hours."

She had leaned forward and planted a wet, open mouth kiss on his lips. "Great. Tomorrow, then."

* * * * * *

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