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Hide N Seek
15-07-2014, 03:07 AM
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Dan was startled when the cell phone vibrated. He hurried quietly to the bedroom.


"Rena here. We are leaving now. Probably an hour for us to reach the office."


He crept back to the chair. By experience, he knew that the kid would have another go.

Six months since Rick was introduced to them. Four months since he started working at the store. And during these four months, Eve and Rick fucked almost four days a week. And each time, the kid had shown amazing stamina and powers of recuperation. On almost every occasion, save for their first time and the rare quickies, he had managed to come at least four times in a row.

Much had changed between Dan and Eve too. She now seemed to be more aggressive than ever. It was almost as if she was a different person altogether.

She had become a goddamned nymphomaniac!

Dan watched as she now lay on top of Rick, her warm flesh smothering him with its sensuousness, those heavy, large tits dangling over his face.

Her warm and wet tongue licked its way around his sensitive male nipples. She kissed and nibbled at them, alternating between the two. He shivered with desire and finally, clasping her ass cheeks, tugged her upward over his face.

She eased her cunt over his eager mouth with a deep sigh of anticipation, and he licked eagerly and lustily from her pouting cunt lips, relishing the drops of her juice that trickled out. He finally slipped his tongue into her cunt.

His tongue, snaking inside of her, seemed to ignite her nerve endings there and her body rippled with tremors.

"Oh my god, you suck me so good," she cried out, twisting around, desperate for his cock.

Dan watched as they settled into the sixty-nine. She pushed her cunt deeper into his face and her lips closed over his glans. She spent considerable time sucking only the glans while his tongue dallied inside her cunt.

When she finally slid his cock in her mouth, his response was to switch over to her stiff, engorged clit. He parted his legs and then clamped them around her neck. Her head began to bob up and down as she intensified her sucking.

It was exquisite bliss for him and he would have happily wanted them to pleasure each other till the end. But she had different ideas.

She twisted around again, releasing his stiff dick from her mouth while pulling her cunt off his face. She straddled him, grabbing his cock and stuffing it inside her cunt.

"I want to fuck you," she hissed through clenched teeth and he was only glad to let her.

They moved together with rhythmic movements. He felt the bulging vein on the underside of his throbbing cock rub against her stiff clit. She rocked and squirmed, her tits jiggling and wailed, signifying yet another climax. Her cunt clasped, caressed and urged him on to lift his hips and smack back into her. He let his hands lift up over her hips to capture her dangling tits as she came violently.

His body stiffened taut and he knew he was about to come. So did she. She pulled out from him and spun around, grabbing his pulsating cock and shoved it in her mouth, refusing to relinquish it till all his juice had pumped out into her mouth.

Neither did he want her to let go. He looked down and watched some of his juice dribble out from the corner of her mouth.

Dan decided not to jerk off this time. He watched till the couple went slack with exhaustion.
He could hear their ragged breathing till he walked to the window. After he climbed out, he could hear them no more.

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15-07-2014, 03:07 AM
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Hide N Seek Ch. 02

Neither Dan nor his wife and her lover knew that Rick could perhaps have continued for yet another hour. Dan had disappeared through the window about half an hour after he got the call from Rena. That meant that Vicky would be home in perhaps another forty-five minutes.

And after Dan left, the shrill ring of the phone startled Eve. She had been lying beside Rick, fondling his balls while he nibbled her tits.

It was Vicky on the line.

“Hey ma, Rick still around?”

“Yeah, I-I g-guess,” she stammered, looking at Rick across the room who was hurriedly getting back into his clothes. “Why?”

“I’ve left the office and will be there shortly. Tell the guy to hang on, will you?”

“Sure thing, son,” she replied, more composed now.

Rick had found her gown and her undergarments and handed them over to her as she cradled the phone.

“He’ll be here shortly,” she said, accepting them and his open mouthed kiss. She pushed him away.

“Till the next time, stud. We better be careful. You look flustered and so do I. Let’s get composed before he comes, ok?”

“Let me put the bra for you,” he said and she smiled allowing him to do the honors.

What none of them knew was what Vicky was up to. He had called to make sure that his pal had not left home.

Vicky got in his mother’s car and gunned the engine, glancing at his watch. He could maybe squeeze an hour, he thought. Rick’s sis would be at the college now. And Mrs. Mason would be alone at their old building.

He felt the stirring in his loins as he thought about Rick’s mother and their affair. He accelerated the car.


“Where’s Vicky?” he asked, lowering himself on his overstuffed chair behind the huge desk.

“Left just a few minutes ago,” came the answer from the speaker.

“Get your ass in here, Rena,” his voice was hoarse.

“Right-o,” she muttered and the intercom went dead.

Dan was into photography and was responsible for getting a number of aspiring models on the front page of some of the best magazines. Many of these models had made it to the films and that had only enhanced his reputation. His profile shoots were known to be among the best in the country.

Rena, at nineteen, was an aspiring model all right. She had the right attitude and of course the right face and body. She was a friend’s friend and had eagerly accepted the job at his office when he had promised to make a profile of her when the time was right.

Dan knew that he could have made her profile and she could probably have been on the cover of the magazines a long time ago. But, this thing between Eve and Rick had made him keep that decision in abeyance. Not that Eve denied any more sex with him. Hell, she was insatiable. But having watched his mature wife fucking a young stud, had done things to his ego and he thought that fucking a young girl would be just as exciting. It helped that Rena understood.

He watched her from his chair as she entered the office. She walked to the desk, hesitated when she saw the expression on his face, and smiling slowly, tongue flicking over her generous lips, turned back to the door. She locked it and turned to him again.

She was all too familiar with her boss’s desires and wants. Deftly, she unbuttoned her blouse, his eyes boring into his. The bra she was wearing was a skimpy black lace affair, made to expose the top of her tits. She pulled her tits out of the bra after unhooking it, licked her lips again and said,


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15-07-2014, 03:07 AM
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He came up from behind the desk and grabbed her shoulders. She opened her mouth when he kissed her and began to suck on his tongue. He tugged at the pins holding her silky brown hair in a bun (he liked that style because he loved her slender, swan like neck) and her long dark curls fell over her shoulders. She wriggled in his grasp when he licked her ears and the side of her neck.

He drew back to tug his shirt up over his shoulders, exposing his chest. Then, kissing her again, this time accepting her tongue in his mouth, he allowed her nimble fingers to unbutton his trousers and tug his zip down. He kicked away his pants and groaned when he felt her hand squeezing his erect cock twitching inside his gym shorts.

She was aware of his hard cock pressed against her crotch and her naked tits rubbing his naked chest. She was also aware that her cunt was dripping.

His mouth slid down hers and onto her tits, biting until her nipples turned bright red. He was horny as hell and was glad he hadn’t jacked off when he had watched Eve and Rick in the sixty-nine.

She tried to push her hand inside his shorts to grab his throbbing cock, but he wouldn’t allow her to. Instead, he knelt on the floor, pulling her skirt and the delicate red lace panties off in one swift movement.

His mouth went directly to her pulsing clit and he pressed his tongue against her. They were still in the center of the office. Her hands flew down and went to the back of his head and she raised her head to the ceiling, suppressing a cry.

He pushed her down in the chair opposite his.

“Spread your legs, baby,” he whispered.

Willingly, she obeyed him and gasped when almost immediately, he pushed a finger inside her cunt.

“I’m going to tongue fuck you, baby,” he told her, looking into her eyes.

Still holding his head, she answered, “Oh yes, Dan, shove your tongue in me. Fuck me with your tongue.”

When she had first joined the office and they had started their affair, she wasn’t much of a talker. But Eve’s vocabulary during the time of her sessions with Rick (and recently with him) had fired his imagination. And he had taught her all the necessary words and how to say them. Not that she needed much coaching. She was pretty well versed even though she was barely nineteen. More over she wasn’t a virgin when they had first fucked and she seemed to enjoy their moments as much as he did.

He now massaged her erect clit with his wet tongue and she writhed over him, sinking her hands in his hair. They didn’t have the luxury of being loud and to him it was all the more erotic when they had to whisper to each other.

“Oh Dan, you suck my cunt so good,” she whimpered, grinding her pussy harder against his face.

He swiftly rammed a couple of his fingers in her soaking cunt, simultaneously lowering his head to spread his mouth over her engorged clit.

Her legs bucked and she felt them going weak. She held his shoulders for support as her body shuddered in climax. He kept his face between her legs as she came, letting her juices wash him.

Finally, he stood up, facing her. He pulled her up and off the chair and back to the center of the office. His cock looked enormous inside his shorts and again she reached for the waistband. Again, he stopped her, grabbing her hand.

“Tell me what you want,” he murmured.

“I want your cock,” she breathed.

“Tell me why,” he insisted.

“Because its so big and nice and hard.”

“What do you want to do with my cock?” he asked her, casually reaching up to fondle her heaving tits.

“I want your cock to fuck my mouth and my cunt and everywhere. I want it to shoot its hot juice all over me and inside my mouth.”

“Beg for it first,” he smiled.

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15-07-2014, 03:07 AM
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“Please, Dan, give me your cock. Please,” she implored, her eyes blazing with lust and desire.

“Shove my shorts down my knees,” he ordered huskily.

She reached forward, grabbed the side of his shorts and tugged.

His throbbing, hard cock sprang out. They were standing close to each other and she moaned when she felt the tip of his cock brush her belly just above her cunt.

It was thick and fairly long; it seemed to be longer today.

“First I want you to suck on my mouth before taking my cock in yours,” he hissed.

Her hand clasped his hard on and she leaned into him, her mouth opening, tongue flicking out. She first licked his lips; wet with her juices and then, when he opened his mouth she put her tongue inside, lashing it around. His hands tightened around her heaving tits.

Finally, no longer able to stand it, she fell to her knees, holding his cock by the base and slid it deep in her mouth.

His pelvic rhythm pushed his cock deeper and down her throat. She held his swollen balls, and then pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Lick it up,” he urged her.

Her pink tongue snaked out of her full lips and he shivered when she licked up and down his shaft. She bent it back against his belly and licked the underside. She ducked her head down and gently sucked each of his balls. Saliva was oozing freely from her mouth and when she drew back, a long rope of it extended from his balls to her mouth.

She reached down and put one finger deep in her pussy and sliding it out, rubbed the wet finger over his twitching shaft.

“Oh my god, Rena,” he groaned, reaching down to fondle her firm tits.

She put his cock back into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat and beginning to bob her head up and down.

He hunched lower and began to move his hips to and fro, fucking her mouth, squeezing her tits now, pinching her big nipples.

“Oh yes, Rena, you suck me off so good, oh god, I can’t stand it.” He pushed her mouth away, afraid that he would come.

“Get on your fours now,” he ordered.

Willingly, she complied.

“Lift your ass up higher.”

She did, moaning when his hand frigged her wet cunt, using his fingers to spread her juices. She reached behind her and used her fingers to hold her cunt lips open.

“Put your cock inside me,” she gasped. “Please, please, put your cock inside my cunt, quick, please!”

He held his cock and thrust it inside her. His thrust shoved her body forward and she grabbed the chair, wailing softly as she felt his hard cock inside her, now moving in and out, in and out, going deeper each time. Her fingers let go of her cunt lips now that he had established the rhythm and groped for his balls.

“You like Dan’s cock?” he asked harshly.

“Yes, yes’” she moaned. “Please put Dan’s nice cock in Rena’s little pussy, oh please, hurry!” His hands went down over her back and then came up to cup her dangling tits.

The image of his wife and the kid sprang to his mind and his thrusts became faster. She couldn’t get hold of his balls because he was fucking her so fast now and could only hear the dull slap as they banged her ass cheeks.

Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and thrust a couple of fingers back inside her gaping pussy. She moaned her approval, not realizing that he had done it because he didn’t want to come so soon.

He pushed her flat on her stomach and pulling her legs apart, crouched down till he was seated on her hips.

“Spread wide, baby,” he muttered, aiming his cock back into her cunt.

“Yes, Dan, yes. Fuck me hard, oh yes, I’m almost there,” she cried.

Slowly he thrust in and started to move in and out again, this time slowing his pace. He was going in and out in long, slow strokes. He pushed her, rolling her over to her side and fucked her in that position.

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15-07-2014, 03:07 AM
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When she felt his shaft sliding in like that in the sideways position, she uttered a soft cry and started to climax for the second time.

His hand was around her shoulders and he was playing with her firm tits. He pinched her nipple cruelly when he realized that she was coming. He felt like ripping his cock outside her pussy and spraying his come all over her fragile, pretty body.

Suddenly, he had an inspiration. His mind went back to that day when he had watched Eve and the kid on one occasion making it out in the computer room. There was no one else in the office and the randy couple had the office all to themselves: at least for an hour.

He was, as usual, up in the Central Room, because he had arranged for the rest of the staff to leave for the Head Office to submit their reports.

Of course, what he had seen Eve and Rick do that day, he too had done with Eve later on. But up until that day, though he had known about it, courtesy the stag films, he had never tried it with her. And strangely, fucking his secretary in the warmth of the office, he was determined to do it to her now.


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