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Coimbatore Masala
16-07-2014, 11:51 PM
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Coimbatore Masala

I am Dannyz .I am 27 years old I am residing in Coimbatore. I would like to share my sex experience with my sexy neighbor - Kanchan. This happened when I was in my first year of my college. This is still continuing now also. She is fair in complexion, with an apt body. Believe me or not, even after being a mother of three she is lot more sexier than women of her age. She is a mother of a son and two daughters. Her son is of my age, the eldest. They became our tenant when I was studying in my ninth std. had a craze for her since the day I saw her in only her petticoat and her bra changing her dress in their bedroom usually go to their place to get the magazines(movie, stardust).It was for the same reason I had gone there the other day, finding no one in the front room I went in to check. It was then I saw her in that pos. excused her and left out. The picture stilled remained in my mind.
I used to think of her while I masturbate. Ever since I saw her I was mad about her. It was one fine day when the whole started. As usual I went to their place to get the magazine. But instead of regular one I found an adult Hindi magazine under the books. I saw around to find nobody. Since she was taking her bath and her children had left to their native country due to holidays she was alone. I think she was reading the book and had left it on the table under the books to take a bath. I quietly took the book and left to my room. I read the book. It was full of erotic stories by now I was in full swing.
I knew she was alone at her place. Uncle would be returning only by nine in the evening. It was 2 O'clock in the afternoon. I went in as usual she greeted me in. I told her I had come to return the book saying so I gave the book in her hand. She took it and on seeing it she hid the book. I told it's a nice book and had she read it. She said it belonged to her husband. I insisted whether she had any other such book for which she blushed. I went near her and caught her hand and told that I had such books in English with pictures and in case if she needs it I can give it to her. She replied no saying that she never reads such books. But I gave the books, which I had to her and said I will come in the evening. That evening with full of hope of lying I went to her place. To my expectation she was reading the book in her bedroom. I slowly crept behind her back and asked wasn’t it great. She was surprised and stood up. I saw that she was fully aroused after reading the book. I slowly caught her by her hips and pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She first hesitated She tried to push me away & said that what I was doing was wrong but started to give in. Now I slowly moved my hands over her breast and started to massage it. She gave little moans. She clung to me.
Now I took her in front of the large mirror in their bedroom and turned her around .I caught her from the back. My fully erect penis was brushing her buttocks. I told her to look in the mirror. I moved my hands over her breast from behind. I pulled down her pallu down. She was standing with her blouse heaving and her breast was ready to come out. I removed off her saree, she was now standing with only her blouse and petticoat. She watched me massage her boobs and at the same time my penis was brushing her buttocks. She was now totally in my control. I slowly removed off her blouse and her petticoat. She was standing naked in front of the mirror and I was massaging her boobs. I slowly moved her to the bed and asked her to sit in the bed. She was sitting on the bed and my penis was now pointing straight to her face . I asked her to take it in her mouth. She slowly removed my pant zip and pulled out my penis. She took the whole length of my penis inside her mouth. She gave me a mind-blowing blowjob.
Her boobs were brushing against my thighs. The Two lovely hills were just waiting to be sucked. I just fell upon them and pumped them madly with my hands. She gave me a smile and said' it's all yours.  Take it'. I kept sucking and licking her boobs for almost half-an-hour. I asked her to lie on the bed. I asked her to put two pillos under her head so that her head was raised a bit. I put my cock against her mouth and asked her to lick it first. Then with a sudden bang I thrust it deep into her cunt. aaaaaa...hhhh.. She gave a loud scream. As I kept pumping, I was kissing her lovely pink lips. For about an hour, I kept pumping and pumping and then loaded all my cum deep in her mouth She again gave a loud moan ooohhh....I just lay on her boobs for sometime.
After a while I told her that I wanted to fuck her in her asshole. She was a little hesitant but I turned her back and pushed my cock, in her small asshole. It was really tight but I insisted on fucking her from behind. So, I kept pumping and pumping till I was about to cum. As I was ready for it, I turned her and shot right in her mouth. She then kept licking my cock and was relishing it. We lay down for sometime. She insisted that she should leave since her hubby might come back. But I said it was just 7 o'clock and is a lot of time for him to come back. By now my cock was fully erect again. I asked here to spread her legs. I inserted my cock into her cunt and started fucking her first slowly and then I increased my pace. She began giving out moans aaaaaa...hhhh...aaaaaa...hhhh.. ouchhhhhhh .For another half-an-hour I kept fucking her and I shot my whole load of my cum into her pussy. She was completely wet. I lay on her boobs sucking it for sometime & was smooching her. It was around 7.45 by now. She got dressed up and myself also. I gave her deep long smooch and kept caressing her breast for some time. Since that day we have sex at least twice or thrice a week.
These days we even watch blue films while having sex at her place.

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