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21-07-2014, 12:34 AM
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Threesome With Ayesha And Azra

its me Fardeen again with another great experience of mine. This real life experience which I m going to share with you, happend between me and my sexy bhabhi (cousin’s wife) who is the best friend of my cousin Azra too. As in my previous story (MY SWEET COUSIN AZRA), I told u about my Sexual experiences with my cousin sister Azra in detail.

Now let me describe Aysha, my Bhabhi. She is the wife of my cousin brother (Son of my eldest uncle). She is the childhood friend of my cousin Azra too as I told you before and this is the main reason why she got married to my cousin brother because he once saw her in our home and then he proposed her and they got married almost 4 years back. They still don’t have any child yet. Anyway, lets just talk about Aysha because she is the main part of this story, lets look at her 1st, Aysha, just like Azra, is 1 or may be 2 years elder to me but unlike Azra, she looked like a school girl due to her physique, she still looks like the same, a pocket Venus, just been made for the game of love. She is hardly 4 feet 8 inches tall, slim body. Her breasts are 32” with C cups/24/34. She is a real shy girl unlike my cousin Azra who is a bit bold and out spoken but latter I found out that how horny she was with all her shyness.

This incident happened almost a year back.

Once when me and Azra was busy in fucking in the absence of her husband at her place, Azra was lying under me with both her legs apart and I was fucking her with slow steady strokes. Suddenly she asked me in between her sweet moans.

Fardi, ik baat pochoon, sach sach batao gai? I licked her neck and said, haan jaanoo pocho na, then she said, sach sach batana, tumko Aysha kaise lagti hai?…………………. I got shocked because I wasn’t expecting such question, but some sexy stuff from her. Then I said, yeh tum kaise baaten kar rahe ho aaj Uzi jaan? She didn’t reply me and said Aysha ko chodo gai fardi? I just shouted, Have you gone mad Uzi?????????.

She said, no I m serious, tum batao, kya chodo gai ussko? I couldn’t say a single word and went lost in Aysha’s thoughts, to be very honest, I always wanted to fuck her because she was a real stunner. At the same time, Me and Azra, both were very near to our orgasms plus the thought of fucking Aysha made me mad, I just started moving myself like a steam engine between Azra’s legs. She also went out of control with lust and grabbed my hips in her legs and started moaning and shouting like, aaaahhhhhhhhhh haan chodo meri jaan Fardi, aur zooooooooor se chooooddddoooooo na please, main chootne wali hoon, please make me cummmmmmmmm ….. aaahhhhhhhhgggggghhhhhh. Thinking about my stunning Bhabhi Aysha while fucking my lovely cousin Azra was enough for me to hit a thunderous orgasm, I just took Azra’s left nipple in my mouth, sucked as hard as I could and then suddenly we both started cumming heavily. I never felt such heavy orgasm since long as I made her pussy overflow and her bed sheet went all wet with our love juices. I lift my self up a bit, saw my now a bit soft cock which is still buried deep inside her pussy, then I saw her, she was smiling with lot of love in her eyes, I smiled at her back and then collapsed on her body. We both were breathing heavily.

I rested my head on Azra’s breasts. She was moving her fingers in my hairs slowly. Then suddenly she asked me in a deep voice. Tumne jawab nahi diya Fardi? I asked, kaisa jawab Uzi? she said, bakwas nahi karo, maine pocha tha na tumse keh kya tum Aysha ko chodo gai?????????????.

I said, kya tum pagal ho gaye ho Uzi? Aysha humari bhabhi hai aur tumhari best friend bhi to hai and I think she is very strict and shy girl, she wont allow me to do it, waise mujhe koi ietraz nahi hai. Then Azra started laughing and then suddenly said, u rascal, I knew it that u always had an eye on her, so just don’t worry about her, ussi ne mujhe kaha hai keh Fardi se pochna keh kya woh mujhe bhi ussi terhaan se chod sakta hai jaise keh who tumko chod ta hai……………….. I went totally shocked after listening this stuff. I said in a bit shaky voice. Uzi, tumne ussko bata diya kya sab kuch humare bare main? Yes, she said, everything and she always get so excited after listening our love making stories and sometimes finger fuck herself or sometimes we made lesbian sex.

Azra, my sexy elder cousin sister, lying nude under me with my semi erect cock, still buried in her sweet pussy telling me the most secret love affair she had with another sexy women which even I came to know few moments ago. This scene made me real mad and my cock started getting harder and harder in her wet furnace. She too felt my cock regaining its length and size in her. She took my head from her right breast which I had just started licking slowly, gave me a sexy smile and put her lips on mine. Out tongues met and I started moving my hips slowly. This went to another hardcore fuck. I then made her in all fours and started fucking her in her pussy in doggie style. She was shouting like hell and me, after just listening abut my another dream girl Aysha, my cute bhabhi’s wish, went mad with lust and started fucking my cousin Azra with the maximum pace, my lower abdomen was hitting her big round ass very hard and creating a very sexy sound of thup thup. We both were so excited after talking about Aysha that we couldn’t last so long and first she started cumming heavily, after feeling her cunt getting wet, my cock responded immediately and started shooting its load deep inside her Womb. Azra suddenly collapsed on bed and I my self followed her and dropped my body on her.

After few minutes, we got up, moved to washroom and made ourselves clean. We then dressed up and Azra started talking about Aysha bhabhi again. She said She told aysha about our relationship when Aysha was about to get married with our cousin and was a bit afraid of wedding night and sex stuff. Aysha first didn’t like it but then after listening our stories, she stated to like it, She was a bit shocked to listen about our oral sex. Azra then made her naked and licked her pussy and introduced her to the real world of sex. She then continued this until she got married to our cousin and even they have few encounters after her wedding. Azra told me that Aysha is not happy with our cousin, her husband because he was not so interested in sex as he was quite a mature guy about 41, 42 years old, and a busy businessman and didn’t have much time. Whenever he felt like doing something exciting, he just took off her shalwar, insert, jerk and shoot his load in 1 or 2 minutes and went to sleep immediately.

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21-07-2014, 12:35 AM
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This act of him always made Aysha unsatisfied and horny. And onece when both friends met last time, Azra told her about our recent encounter, and then suddenly Aysha said if Fardi can satisfy her 2, she would me more then happy. On the other hand I, myself was so excited after listening it and despite of having 2 orgasms one after another in less then 2 hours, wanted to screw Aysha’s sweet little pussy as soon as possible. After realizing my condition, Azra said she will fixed up a meeting between me and Aysha soon as she said Aysha too was so restless and wanted to satisfy herself badly. After having tea with Azra, I came back to my place as her husband was about to come and I didn’t want to create any problem in my relationship with Azra.

After just 2 days, I got a phone call from Azra on my mobile, I can still remember, it was one fine Friday afternoon. After the formal exchange of words, I immediately asked about Aysha, she started laughing and said, Don’t worry Fardi jaan, Today, I called you only for this purpose, Infect Bahijaan (our elder cousin brother, we call him Bahijaan as he is the eldest among all of us) has left for Islamabad last night and will not come back till Sunday night. So you can go to her place and enjoy.

After listen this, I felt a great shiver in my spine and just forgot about anything. Only one thing was in my mind, Aysha and her lovely and sexy petite body. After saying bye to Azra, I made my plan, took an early off from my office and went to my place. First I took bath, dressed up in an expensive black suite as I knew Aysha love black color. I then went to her Luxury apartment very close to the seaside and ring the doorbell. When the door opened, I couldn’t even say hello to her, there she was, my sweet and innocent little bhabhi, standing on the door and was looking towards me.

She was dressed in a nice tight Shalwar Kameez. She had put on some makeup on her; her long sexy black hairs were tide up perfectly on her head. I say hello to her and she called me in. I felt that she looked a bit confused but at the same time she was shy too. After little casual exchange of words, I asked her. Bhabhi, Bahijaan kahaan hain???? She then said, Woh to kal raat Islamabad gaye hain, Sunday ko wapas aane ka keh gaye the. I then started talking with her but she was looking quite confused that she wasn’t be able to reply me properly, I then thought I should teased her a bit and said, Oh Bhabi main to iss liye aaya tha beause mujhe Bahijaan se bohat zaroori kaam thaa, I think ab main chalta hoon, But she said immediately, Noway Fardi, tum kaheen nahi ja rahe, just sit here, main tumhare liye soft drink lati hoon and before listening my reply, she gave me a shy smile and went towards her kitchen. On the other hand I was in real shock because she never call me with my nickname but today she just called me with my nickname.

I then thought I should take initiative because this shy girl won’t say anything from her mouth ever. When she came back, we started talking and Aysha was showing some boldness. Then our conversation shifted towards my cousin Azra. I suddenly asked her.

Bhabhi, tumne jo kuch Azra se kaha tha kya woh sach hai? kya tum waqai main woh sab kuch chahti ho jo tumne Azra se kaha tha?

Her face color immediately went red and she bowed her head. Her eyes were looking the ground and on the other hand I was looking this great little 4 feet 8 inches tall Venus and my Blood pressure was started raising slowly and I went towards her. She was looking like a new shy bride, like a fresh rose. The sweet smell of her perfume was driving me more and more horny. I put my hands on her shoulders and took her up, we then went inside her bedroom and I asked her.

Bhabhi, meri teraf daikho aur batao keh are you still interested in that?

She just looked at me, gave me the most beautiful and shy smile I have ever seen and said Suno Fardi, please mujhe aainda se Bhabhi na kehna, Just call me Aysha and blushed red. Then she made me sit on her master bed and went to close all the doors and windows. When she came back I suddenly embraced her and crushed her body against mine. Her soft body felt so good. We got to the bed embracing each other and also kissing. We rolled on our backs and we were rubbing our faces with each other. Finally I was over her and was feeling her face and hair with my hands.

I was looking into her eyes and was thinking how lucky I was to have my innocent Bhabhi under me. I took her Dupatta off and her tight small sized breasts were in front of me under her Kameez. She didn't wear a bra. Her nipples were outlined in the material. They looked so nice. I got down and placed my head on her breasts. I rubbed that slowly all over her breast area. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I kept going down rubbing my head on her chest, belly and lower abdomen. Then my head rested on her cunt. I rubbed my face on her lower genital area over her Silky Shalwar. She tightened her thighs and crushed my face in between them. I rubbed her thighs with my face while disrobing the knot of her Shalwar.

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21-07-2014, 12:35 AM
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I felt pain down my body. My erected shaft was trying to dig hole in my pants but I loved my sweet bhabhi Aysha so much and wanted to go slow and make her first one with me the most pleasurable one for her. The knot was opened and I pulled her Shalwar down and threw it away. What I saw was amazing. She had the sexiest legs, milky white, not so long as she was so petite but perfectly in shape with not a single hair on it, she was the picture of youthful fitness. Her waist was so tiny and I could see how white her flesh was under her clothes. Her stomach was very firm, almost hard and flat, but so sexy looking as I watched her breathing, the muscles in her tummy gently moving up and down. I looked at her deep little belly button and I wanted so much to be able to lean down, to press my warm lips against her soft body. I threw off her wet sweet smelling panty and looked at her the beautiful shaved pussy. The lips were a bit thick and were shining as a result of her juices dripping in excitement but her pussy was so small like her physique.

Gently I slid my hand down her tiny flat belly, my finger sliding into that clit and in an instant I felt the warmth, the wetness and the tightness of her little pussy as she found herself `preparing' for her new lover. She gasped aloud as she felt my finger slide just a fraction of an inch into her pussy, rubbing into her, touching her clitoris. She told me that her husband had never even put one finger in her sweet hole, as when ever he wanted to make sex, he just took off her Shalwar and Started fucking straight, he never even paid attention towards her cute little breasts. I was thinking like, how lucky I was!!! I was the first male on earth who sucked those beautiful breasts and licked those sharp pointed nipples, as her dumbo husband wasn’t at all interested in it. I then kissed her juicy pussy, wowwwwwwww, man she taste really great, unlike Azra, she was a bit salty but her pussy aroma was much more stronger n musky then my cousin Azra. I slowly parted her labia with my lips and slowly started sucking her inner pussy lips. She then started moaning and shouting like uuummmmm haan Fardi please chooso na meray hole ko, I then asked her.

Aysha darling, tumhare iss hole ko kya kehte ho tum????

She was a bit shy and said I don’t know….. I then put my lips on her clit and started sucking her clit slowly then faster, in between I told her, Meri payari se Bhabhi, tumhare iss hole ko Choot kehte hain samjheen? Kya kehte hain meri payari Bhabhi jaan? She then shouted, haan haan, iss ko choot kehte hain, chato meri choot ko, kha jao iss ko pora ka pora, tumhare Bahijaan ne to kabhi iss ko teek se daikha bhi nahi, na mard kaheen ka,……………….1 minute se zayada chod bhi nahi sakta. Please aur payar karo meri choot ko, sara juice pi jao isska. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please do it Fardi, ohhh faster.

Then when I pressed her clit with my teeth, she shouted like anything and came straight in my mouth, Man, I never even thought a female can cum like that, her cunt was literally spraying her pussy juices on my face and I managed to drank almost half if it, the rest was spread all over her upper thighs and on the bed sheet. I then again put my lips on her honey pot and kissed my way up, across her breasts area again, until I was nuzzling her neck. She grabbed my head and pressed her lips against mine. I responded avidly by embracing her and began exploring her lips with my tongue. She tasted her own love juices in my mouth and got shivered with excitement. I then moved my lips to her neck and that ran my tongue to her ears and nibbled on her lobes. She was still breathing quite heavily due to her last thunderous orgasm and moaning and kept taking off my pant. I helped her and soon I took off all me clothing's. My iron hard cock swung open.

She held that and began slowly stroking it. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. I looked at those. Again I saw her erected nipples outlined in her Qameez. My mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose buds. I slowly started to unfasten the back zipper of her Qameez and finally got it undone. Her chest was revealed in all its glory. Aysha looked so sexy, just a little shorter than average, with such a beautiful body, very tiny and petite, yet with very cute firm breasts and there was no doubt as to how beautiful her body really was. I could see her small, dark, hard nipples and the sight of them made me awfully excited. She gently opened her mouth, letting me slip my tongue into her hot mouth.

My tongue was switching back and forth against hers, until with a soft sigh, she squirmed close to me, wrapping both her arms around my strong shoulders, pulling me as close to her as possible. Doing that, pulled my belly up against her, and I sighed as I felt my hard cock was rubbing hard against the area deeply between her legs, making her feel sooo sexy, that she quickly spread her legs apart in order to get that hardness even better against her. And within a minute, both us were grinding our genitals together. My hands reached down under the soft rounded globes of her beautiful tight buttocks, pulling her harder against my hard cock, which I now ground back and forth against her own responding, tingling pussy lips as I wanted to make her feel much better.

I put my hands on her whole tit and squeezed carefully. She rolled over and gently reaching over, grabbed my hot cock in both hands, almost dropping it because it was so hot and hard, but she managed to hang onto it. When I felt her touch on my manhood, I almost jumped as if from an electrical shock, but then her soft, warm little hands cuddled my cock in them. She was looking at it as a small child looks at a new thing. She gasped when she saw how my cock head looked, and started rubbing my cock head slowly. At that time I was so excited that I felt I can cum in few minutes, so I slowly took off my cock from her small soft hands and spread he legs wide. I came between her tiny waxed legs and put myself on her body. I whispered in her ears, Bhabhi jaan, are you ready? she was very tense and she was breathing fast in fear and anticipation of what she was going to do. It’s none other then but a big sin but she couldn’t help herself and slowly said, Go ahead Fardi, please put this hot rod inside me, aur mujhe khoob chodo.

Then I rubbed her tight little pussy against my cock. It looked far too big for this tiny cunt and I didn't believe her smooth and hairless cunt could stretch wide enough for me to enter her. Lifting the little Venus up, I placed my cock head at the opening of her vagina. Then I pushed it a few inches and my cock slipped away. Now I could see and feel her pussy lips opening to the tip of my Cock. Aysha started breathing heavily when she could feel her cunt being opened and I pushed until the head of the penis was inside her. Aysha screamed quite loud. My cock started to ache already and Aysha started to let out small moans. I asked her if she is enjoying, and between her moans she managed to say that she loved it. Thus I continued to push my cock and it slowly pressed into her little hot pussy. Her moans increased and tears started running down from her eyes. Her vagina was opening more and more to accept my cock and the pressure on it was intense.

My cock was now inserted in the narrowest canal I have ever felt and she was completely filled. I started moving slowly inside her and when Aysha felt the movements within her pussy she started moaning loudly. I repeatedly moved my cock in and out, pressing it into her extremely narrow vagina opening. For each move I pushed her hard and when she felt the tip of the penis pushed against her vagina bottom she let out a loud scream. I watched her tiny pussy lips rubbing back and forth over the shaft and for each movement they moved down a little bit more. My darling sexy Bhabhi Aysha had her vagina being rammed more and more.

She was saying lot of incredible words like, aaaahhhhhaannn please chodo mujhe , rukna mat my love just make me cum, tumhare bahijaan ne aaj tak mujhe yeh pleasure nahi diya, please for heaven sake make me cum, make me feel like a complete woman, aur zoor se dhake maro, chodo mujheeee , haaaaaaaa, uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me hard like a bitch. Yeeeeesssssssssssssssssss I m your bitch, please aaj jitna dil chahe mujhe chodo, chodte raho , ruko mat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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21-07-2014, 12:36 AM
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She was saying lot of incredible words like, aaaahhhhhaannn please chodo mujhe , rukna mat my love just make me cum, tumhare bahijaan ne aaj tak mujhe yeh pleasure nahi diya, please for heaven sake make me cum, make me feel like a complete woman, aur zoor se dhake maro, chodo mujheeee , haaaaaaaa, uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me hard like a bitch. Yeeeeesssssssssssssssssss I m your bitch, please aaj jitna dil chahe mujhe chodo, chodte raho , ruko mat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In a few strokes she gave a loud moan and had her second orgasm of the day. It was even more intense then the first one, The hot splashes of her juices on my cock felt so good. She was moaning continuously while still getting penetrated by me. The expression of her face was enough for me. I could take no longer. My climax was approaching, making me move faster. I could sense it building up and before even thinking about taking any precautionary measures, finally I pressed myself hard towards her, feeling a tremendous release as I filled the tight cunt of my loving Aysha Bhabhi with a big load of semen. She could feel her tight love canal being flooded and she moaned when she felt the sperm flowing into her vagina.

We lay there for a long time tightly embraced together, still naked and our genitals glued together. We were quite breathless in the next few minutes but then started to regain our breaths. She slowly raised her right hand and started moving her fingers in my hairs and said slowly, Thank you Fardi, you made me a real woman but at the same time a bitch. She then started laughing and hugged me tightly. She then started talking in a husky voice.

Please Fardi, mujhe promise karo, tum aise he humesha mujhe chodo gai jab main tumko bulaon gi. Please darling aaj se pehlay maine kabhi itna pleasure sex main feel nahi kiya. Azra bhi meri choot ko chaat ti hai but who pleasure maine kabhi feel nahi kiya. Promise me you always make me feel such pleasure. I promise you Fardi, whenever you want me, I will be there for you, I love you so much fardi. You are the man who makes me a feel like a real woman. She was saying stuff like that and then I said, Aysha, we didn’t take any precaution, what if you will get pregnant then? She smiled and said, then you will become my baby’s Uncle and Dad simultaneously. We both started laughing and hugged each other tightly. After few minutes, we again got horny. She made me lye on the bed and came upon me. My cock was semi hard, she stroked it for few seconds and then put herself on my shaft while sitting on me face to face. She was so light in weight that I felt like a little girl about 13, 14 years of age was sitting on me. She then started her too and fro motions slowly.

I felt my cock getting harder inside her vagina and she was started fucking me with quite a fast pace. Then suddenly a stunning idea came in my mind, I thought I should fuck her in standing position, she was so tiny so it wasn’t so difficult for me, I got up slowly, took her in my arms and went towards the big mirror of her dressing table. There she was, in my arms, her legs were tighty pressed on my back, I grabbed her tight butts in my hands and started moving her up and down on my shaft and at the same time we both were watching ourselves in that big mirror, it was a bit hard for me though to fuck her like that but it was so pleasurable that I couldn’t think abut changing into another position, she was moaning loudly, so I was, then after few minutes, we both again started cuming, this time together, it was a great experience for me to fuck a woman in standing position. We then collapsed on her jumbo bed and went to a deep sleep. She then woke me up after about an hour and I started to dress up.

She then told me that my cousin Azra just called her up and she have told her everything. I asked her about Azra’s reaction and Aysha told me that she was so excited after listening it. Suddenly an idea came in my mind and I said. Hay aysha, why don’t we call Azra here tomorrow, we 3 can enjoy in the same bed. She was so excited that she immediately said yes. On the other hand, I was excited too after thinking about the incoming threesome, which I had always dreamed...

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21-07-2014, 12:36 AM
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Aysha, My Sexy Bhabhi

Ever since Azra gave me that idea of having a 3some, I became really excited and restless because I never had a 3some in my life and the thoughts of having such fun were making me crazy day by day. As I knew that both the ladies love me a lot, I was really quite desperate to share the bed with them. I then called Azra and asked her to fix up such meting as soon as possible. After almost 3 weeks, suddenly Aysha bhabhi called me one day in my office and told me that her husband (my cousin brother) was leaving for a foreign trip as usual and will be back after 10 days. She told me that she had already told this to Azra and she will be there at her place too. Aysha told me to come in afternoon.

I was so much excited that I hardly passed my time in office and as soon as the clock hit 5. I hurriedly finished my work and went to Aysha’s place and push the door bell. In about no time, she opened the door and man I went speechless after watching her, she was looking so dam sexy in Red sleeveless t-shirt and blue jeans. Before any neighbor see us, She hurrily grabbed my hand and moved me inside and closed the door. When she was closing the locks, I saw her round tight buttocks and her thin waist. I couldn’t control myself and put my hands on her belly. She closed the door in the mean time, but remained at the same position. I took my time and went on rubbing one hand on her belly and other on her neck and face from behind. She moved her hand to the back and placed it on my pelvis area. My pant was rock hard and bulging in that region. Then slowly I moved her towards me. She closed her eyes. I felt her warm lips touching mine. We went on with a long passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, my hands were rubbing her waist and hips. Then she guided me to her bedroom, pushed me on the bed and jumped on me. Wowwwwwwwww man what a scene it was, Aysha, my sweet and tiny, just 4 feet 8 inches tall Bhabhi was sitting on my belly and was busy in opening my shirts button. She took my shirt off in no time and then started kissing on my neck and chest immediately.

Any experience man can imagine, how do u feel when a hot stunning beauty kiss you there on your neck and chest. My cock was so hard in my pant that I felt a little bit pain. After few minutes, She smiled and got off from me. I asked her, Where is Azra? She replyed. Abhi nahi aaye, aati he ho gi, kyoun main nahi hoon kya yahaan, jab tak who nahi aati, hum ik round pora kar laite hain, what do u think? and gave me a smile like a little beautiful vampire who was ready to drink the last drop of my blood. She then slowly took off her Red t-shirt and what a stunning scene it was, she was wearing a Red lacy bra inside her t-shirt. Then she slowly and like a professional stripteaser, took off her blue skin fitting jeans. I was surprised again because she had a Red matching panties inside her jeans.

Now she was looking so hot and sexy in her red undergarments. I knew that she had prepared herself quite nicely for the up coming night. I was still lying on her jumbo bed, my blood pressure was rising after watching her in such sexy condition, I couldn’t help myself and spread my arms in the air, she couldn’t wait for even a single moment and jumped on me, I caught her in my arms and started kissing her like a mad man. I was so sex hungry because I couldn’t fuck anyone since the past coupe of weeks and I was so horny that time that I tore open her red lacy bra immediately and started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard and bigger as a result of over excitement. Soon we both became naked. She was still sitting on me and when I tried to put my hand on her pussy, she grabbed my hand suddenly, I in surprise asked her, kya hua, rok kyoun diya mujhe jaanu?

She again gave me that mystery smile and said, “I have planed lots of things for today, Lets go for a bath together first. Azra kay aane se pehlay." My eyes lit up. I knew it that this was going to be a hot experience for both of us. She slowly stood up from me and we both entered the bathroom.

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